March 2, 2012

A Machine That Sniffs Out Cancer


… Metabolomx, a 12-person outfit in Mountain View, Calif., now appears on the fast track—insofar as such a thing exists in the heavily regulated medical field—to bringing a cancer-sniffing device to market… “The new machine is a big improvement and has really got me excited,” says Dr. James Jett, a professor of medicine at National Jewish Health hospital in Denver and one of the world’s leading lung cancer experts. This month, Jett will join Mazzone in launching a new lung cancer study using data from the revamped machine. (The Mayo Clinic may soon join the study.)

Bloomberg Businessweek, 03/01/2012

Tags: Cancer, cancer-sniffing device, Denver, Dr. James Jett, Lung Cancer, Metabolomx, Mountain View California, National Jewish Health hospital, Research

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