March 14, 2012

Study: Sleep Deprivation Linked to Eating More Calories


Being sleep deprived may make you eat more than usual, according to a new study. When researchers compared people allowed to sleep as much as they wished with those who slept just two-thirds of their normal time, they found that sleep deprivation was linked to eating more calories. "When people were sleep deprived, they ate an extra 549 calories per day," says researcher Andrew Calvin, MD, MPH, a fellow in cardiovascular disease and assistant professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

Additional coverage: UPI, Washington Post, Times of India, Zee News, ABC News, US News & World Report, HealthDay, Huffington Post, NBC10 (NY), International Business Times UK, WJLA Va., Globe News Wire


WebMD by Kathleen Doheny 3/14/12

Tags: Andrew Calvin, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Research, Wellness

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