March 18, 2012

Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Alzheimer’s?


Bronwen Zilmer has three generations of Alzheimer's disease in her family. She hopes not to be the fourth. Her great-grandmother and grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. Her father's illness was diagnosed at 56, and he died at 63. She's now 35. After her father's death, the Highland Village, Texas, resident and mother of two began running half marathons, taking fish-oil supplements and eating more fish in hopes of avoiding the memory-robbing illness…Dr. David Knopman, a medical doctor and professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., echoes the view. He says people should strive for a lifetime of brain-healthy habits rather than seek out a quick fix later in life.


BND by Melissa Repko  3/18/12

Tags: alzheimers, Dr. David Knopman, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Neurology

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