March 22, 2012

CARD App Helps Patients Avoid Products With Irritating Chemicals


A dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic wanted to make it easier for patients to find products that didn't contain chemicals that irritated their skin, patients that included his own dad.  The result is a smartphone app that puts that information right at patients' fingertips…Now an app called CARD is making it easier.  CARD is short for Contact Allergen Replacement Database.   It was developed by Dr. James Yiannias of the Mayo Clinic. "CARD does the thinking for you," said Yiannias.  "It's basically a shopping list of skin care products that you can use based upon what it is that your dermatologist has said that you're allergic to."


WDIV Detroit  3/22/12

Tags: CARD, Dermatology, Dr. James Yiannias, Innovation (Center of), Medical Apps, Technology

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