March 22, 2012

Musician Battles Stage IV Colon Cancer


Wade Hayes, the country musician best known for his No. 1 hit "Old Enough to Know Better," spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. His intestine had collapsed in on itself -- a condition called intussusception. Intussusception blocks food and liquid from passing through the intestine and cuts off the blood supply to the rest of the digestive tract, according to the Mayo Clinic. Normally found in children, it's rare in adults unless caused by an underlying condition. For Hayes, that underlying condition was stage IV colon cancer… "Oftentimes, [colorectal cancer] has no symptoms," says Dr. Paul Limburg, a gastrointestinal cancer prevention specialist at the Mayo Clinic who has not treated Hayes. "The most important message is that people really should understand that screening should be done regularly. It could make a substantial difference in the number of lives saved."


CNN by Jacque Wilson   3/22/12

Tags: Cancer, Celebrity Patients, Colorectal Cancer, Dr. Paul Limburg, GI, intussusception, Wade Hayes

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