March 22, 2012

The Case For Delaying Implementation Of The ICD-10 Coding System


American health care has a love-hate relationship with the venerable International Classification of Diseases (ICD),” begins a commentary released yesterday as a Web First by Health Affairs. Since 1977 the United States has relied on the ICD, Ninth Revision, for both research and billing, and has planned to adopt the ICD, Tenth Revision (ICD-10-CM), this coming October, well behind many other countries. Recognizing that many providers are ill prepared for this major overhaul, the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently announced that her department would explore postponing mandatory compliance. “Some industry groups reacted with dismay, and many providers with relief,” note Christopher Chute of the Mayo Clinic and coauthors. With medical practices now adjusting to the “meaningful use” of electronic health records, “simultaneously requiring the full adoption of ICD-10-CM imposes an unsustainable burden on many.”


Health Affairs Blog by Chris Fleming   3/22/12

Tags: Christopher Chute, electronic health records, Industry News & Competitive Intelligence, International Classification of Diseases, Kathleen Sebelius

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