April 5, 2012

The Post’s View: Waking Up to Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco


BIG-LEAGUE BASEBALL’S season has begun with a rule change for players, who will no longer spit, squirt and dribble tobacco juice as they conduct televised interviews, sign autographs or appear at team-sponsored events…Like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which makes it addictive. While it may not be quite as lethal as cigarettes, it does raise the risk of cancer, heart disease and gum disease, among other ailments. According to the Mayo Clinic, “You can call chewing tobacco by whatever name you want — smokeless tobacco, spit tobacco, chew, snuff, pinch or dip — but don’t call it harmless.”



Washington Post by Editorial Board    4/5/12

Tags: Alcohol and Tobacco, baseball, nicotine, smokeless tobacco

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