April 8, 2012

Five Questions: Neurologist Charles H. Adler on the Yips


The golf course is in pristine condition, there's nary a breeze, and you're about to sink a birdie on the 18th green. But just as the putter is about to meet the ball, your wrist jerks involuntarily — sending your round white nemesis 3 inches too far to the left…Known as "the yips," this infuriating twitch has caused many a golfer to increase what would otherwise have been a perfectly respectable handicap…But the way Mayo Clinic neurologist Charles H. Adler sees it, the yips might not be psychological at all; in fact, they may have their roots in the nervous system…Adler, who works at Mayo's Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center in Scottsdale, Ariz., explained why he thinks researchers are getting closer to finding a cure.

Additional coverage: FOX 40 Calif



LA Times by Jessica Ogilvie   4/8/12


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