April 19, 2012

Hospital Drug Theft Doubles from 2005


Drug thefts double at state hospitals and nursing homes, according to a report put together by a health official and law enforcement group. The Controlled Substance Diversion Coalition says drug thefts have increased from 24 in 2005 to 52 in 2010. Hospitals already have several preventative measures in place, with officials at Mayo Clinic Health System saying the numbers are up because they're catching theft more often. Regional Director of Pharmacy Services at Mayo Clinic Health System - Mankato Perry Sweeten says, "We use technologies to track controlled substances from the time they enter the pharmacy to the time they get to our patients, and then we use these technologies to write reports and track and prevent drug diversion."… As for prevention, Mayo Clinic Health System has strong measures in place, requiring workers that have access to controlled substances to sign in with their fingerprint before the drawer opens, and monitor the drugs with barcodes, in an effort to save money, and to protect patients from themselves.



KEYC Mankato    4/19/12

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