April 29, 2012

Hospitals Rush to Provide Costly Proton Beam Therapy


Technological advances are a major factor in rising U.S. health-care spending. Often, they lead to better care for patients. But now, nonprofit hospitals and private investors across the country are spending fortunes to build a wave of expensive, high-tech proton-beam cancer treatment centers before researchers have established that the treatment works better than cheaper alternatives for many types of cancer. …Further afield, Scripps Health in San Diego is in a partnership with private investors for a $225 million center that is under construction. The Mayo Clinic started construction last year on two proton centers, one in its home state of Minnesota and another in Arizona. Total cost is $370 million.



Philadelphia Inquirer by Harold Brubaker   4/29/12

Tags: Cancer, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Mayo Clinic Rochester, proton beam therapy, Scripps Health, Technology

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