May 3, 2012

Threshold Pharmaceuticals’ TH-302


Before AACR, the company announced top-line results from a Phase IIb trial of Lilly’s Gemzar (gemcitabine)  TH-302, a hypoxia-activated prodrug, in front-line pancreatic cancer showing a statistically significant 2.0 month improvement in PFS with the combination (5.6 months vs. 3.6 months for Gemzar alone, p=0.005, HR 061). TheMitesh Borad, MD, an oncologist from the Mayo Clinic Arizona, said the patients in the trial had mostly advanced pancreatic cancer, and they were generally in their mid-60s, which is a little younger than the mean age for pancreatic patients (which is ~10 years younger) but in line with typical pancreatic trial patients. That is, patients in pancreatic cancer trials tend to be younger than pancreatic patients overall.


AACR Newsletter

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