May 22, 2012

Type-II Diabetes is Becoming an Epidemic in Teens


It's being referred to as an epidemic in children across the U.S. Nearly one in four U.S. teens has diabetes or will soon if they're unable to get their blood sugar levels under control. The CDC released a study today that shows the number of young people being diagnosed with type two diabetes dramatically increased over the last decade. And more than half of all overweight and obese teenagers had at least one other cardiovascular risk factor, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Registered Dietitian Diane Dressel says the main cause is lifestyle choices. "It's more dangerous because when kids develop it early they tend to have more nerve damage and end up with greater risk factors as they get older." says Diane Dressel with Mayo Clinic Health System.


WEAU Eau Claire by Megan Lowry

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