May 24, 2012

Can Sugar Make You Stupid? “High Concern” in Wake of Rat Study


We all know sugary diets can sabotage a waistline. Now it turns out they might make brains flabby too. Sweet drinks scrambled the memories and stunted learning in lab rats in a new study—leading to "thigh concern" over what sugary diets may do to people, according to neuroscientist Fernando Gomez-Pinilla.…The next task for the team "is to determine whether the long-term effects of a poor diet are reversible," said physiologist Jill Barnes at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who did not take part in this research.


National Geographic by Charles Choi

Tags: Dr. Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, Dr. Jill Barnes, Mayo Clinic Rochester, National Geographic, Research, sugar, Wellness

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