June 12, 2012

J&J Diabetes Drug Seen Challenging Merck’s Market Leader


The spotlight is now on J&J’s canagliflozin, which is designed to expel excess sugar from the body, something that doesn’t normally occur until after glucose rises to critical levels. The pill may reach pharmacies next year, competing with Merck & Co.’s $3.3 billion market leader Januvia…“Using a side effect of uncontrolled diabetes as a primary mode of treatment is unconventional, to say the least,” said Adrian Vella, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, by telephone. “We still need to understand how severe and how frequent the potential side effects associated with these medications are.”


Bloomberg by Michelle Fay Cortez

Tags: Bloomberg, canagliflozin, Dr. Adrian Vella, Endocrinology / Diabetes, glucose medication, Januvia, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Pharmacology

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