June 15, 2012

Mayo Clinic’s Brain Bank Drives Big Research Finds


Dr. Dennis Dickson holds half of a human brain in his hand, studying it as a graduate student reads the medical history of the 68-year-old man whose thoughts, words and movements the organ once controlled. The man’s doctors suspected he had multiple system atrophy, a rare neurodegenerative disease often confused for the more-common Parkinson’s disease. The only way to know for sure is a brain autopsy, which Dickson, a professor at Mayo Clinic    Mayo Clinic Latest from The Business Journals Healthiest Employers: Salo/Oberon/NumberWorksCooperative effort: Arizona Sun Corridor plan’s success depends on all working togetherMedica expands in-network access to Mayo Follow this company Florida in Jacksonville, performs on a weekly basis. In this case, Dickson thinks the doctors were probably right, given the severe atrophy of the brain ...

Additional coverage: Jacksonville Business Journal, Toronto Telegraph,


Jacksonville Business Journal by Ashley Kritzer

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