June 22, 2012

5 Tips for Safe Summer Swimming


Don't drink pool water: "A swimming pool is basically a community bathtub without the shampoo," said Dr. Thomas Boyce, a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at the Mayo Clinic Children's Center. "Chlorine does not kill germs instantly and, in fact, does not kill cryptosporidium at all, which is a common germ that causes water-associated gastrointestinal illness." If that doesn't deter you from quenching your thirst in the pool, consider this: the water may also be laced with poop…Boyce advises parents to take kids on bathroom breaks often, change their diapers in the bathroom, not poolside, and wash toddlers' bottoms with soap and water before they enter the water. But in case those tips don't reach everyone, take your water breaks poolside.


Yahoo! News by Natalie Wolchover

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