July 12, 2012

Brain-Damaged Emma Finds a Voice With Grassroots IPad App


Emma Edwards, 26, has no control over the fine motor muscles in her hands, which stay tightly and awkwardly clenched. She also can’t talk, walk or move her arms more than 20 inches at a time. Edwards, who suffered brain damage in 2001, can write e- mails, though, and she’s revisiting a favorite pastime, sketching, for the first time in a decade, thanks to her iPad and software applications that can cost as little as $7.…Emma underwent a series of operations and last year sank into major depression, according to Tammy Vos-Draper, her occupational therapist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. An iPad from her mother and a $6.99 art application Vos-Draper found on iTunes helped pull her out of it, along with programs like e- mail and Facebook, the therapist said.

Additional coverage: BusinessWeek, San Francisco Chronicle


Bloomberg by Michelle Fay Cortez

Tags: iPad, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Neurology, Tammy Vos-Draper, Technology

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