July 26, 2012

Group Asks FDA to Provide Clearer Painkiller Guidelines


A group of pain experts and health officials are asking the Food and Drug Administration to provide clearer guidance to physicians on how to use extended-release painkillers and to limit claims pharmaceutical companies can make about the high-dosage medications. If approved, drug companies would be blocked from marketing their powerful painkillers as remedies for more common aches and pains…An "increasing body of medical literature suggests that long-term use of opioids may be neither safe nor effective for many patients," according to the citizen's petition, which was signed by more than three dozen leading pain-addiction experts and prominent health officials from the New York City department of health, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

Additional coverage: Channel 6 News NY, American News Report, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, MedPage Today


Wall Street Journal by Timothy Martin

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