September 7, 2012

Mayo, TGen Close in on Personalized Gene Therapy


The right drug for the right person at the right time. The pioneers of medicine's Genetic Age have long predicted that personalized drug treatments are inevitable as technology improves and costs plummet. Although genetic medicine so far has produced more hype than substance, there are signs that medical treatments based on an individual's genes are tantalizingly close for someā€¦"It is always about the outcomes," said Dr. Mitesh Borad, a Mayo oncologist who is treating several cancer patients under the program. "You want some good anecdotes where you can say, 'Look, it does work in a subset of people, though maybe not in every single patient.' "

Additional coverage: Tucson Citizen, Arizona Central


Arizona Republic by Ken Alltucker

Tags: Arizona Republic, Dr. Mitesh Borad, genetic medicine, Genomics, oncology, personalized drug treatments

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