January 30, 2013

HarvardxDesign: Q&A with the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Gerry Greaney and Molly McMahon

By Logan Lafferty

Since its inception in 2008, the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation has become the poster child for internal innovation practices. The Center for Innovation focuses on engaging all of the stakeholders in the healthcare system, from doctors to patients to staff, and introducing the design process as a means of taking healthcare to the next level. We had the chance to sit down with the Center for Innovation's Gerry Greaney and Molly McMahon to talk about how design is reshaping healthcare.

Core77 by Dave Seliger

Tags: Core77, Gerry Greaney, healthcare system, Innovation (Center of), internal innovation, Mayo Clinic Health System, Molly McMahon, stakeholders

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