April 5, 2013

The Anaerobic Alternative

By Logan Lafferty

Following the success of Cooper's book, scientists jumped on the bandwagon and started testing all sorts of aerobic exercises to see if they helped reduce the risk of disease and prolonged life. In the meantime, strength training was banished to the wasteland of muscleheads, grunting through sets…Still, cautions Dr. Edward Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic's Sports Medicine Center, there are "four pillars" of fitness: aerobic capacity, strength, range of motion, and stability. "Trying to combine all of them into one [as many of Reyes's workouts do] means you lose out on something," he says. "You can't squat your max while standing on a physio ball, and you won't build cardiovascular stamina doing core strength exercises. That's not to say there's no cardiovascular benefit to lifting weights, but the literature points to the idea that strength training can't supplant aerobic exercise."


Men’s Journal

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