April 18, 2013

Revamped Mayo deal appears set

By Logan Lafferty

It was hardly a secret that the Mayo Clinic’s plan to create a “destination medical center” in Rochester was never going to make it through the House Taxes Committee as originally conceived. ..“Everyone wanted to vote for it when it was free, because that’s how it was being pitched to people,” Lenczewski said. “If you believe you can get a new Jaguar for 5 cents, I’m sure you’re for it.” But under a retooled proposal that Lenczewski introduced Monday as part of the omnibus tax bill, the cost to the state would be lowered significantly and made more transparent. Her proposal also increases the share of the $6 billion project that local taxpayers and Mayo would need to put forth.

Additional Coverage: Twin Cities Daily Planet


Finance & Commerce by Paul Demko

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