April 18, 2013

The Return of the Tourniquet

By Logan Lafferty

What we learned from war led to lives saved in Boston by Lydia Depillis, The military first started to come around on tourniquets in the 1990s, when special forces in Somalia found that using them correctly saved several lives…Now, tourniquets are gradually making their way back into civilian emergency medicine as well. Mayo Clinic Trauma Center medical director Donald Jenkins, who retired from a 24-year career in the Air Force in 2008 and now heads the National Trauma Institute, estimates that a little over half of ambulances now carry tourniquets and properly train staff to use them.  "After decades of preaching that tourniquets are evil, you could see how it would take time for something like this to sink in," Jenkins says. "Tourniquets saved lives in this Boston bombing, and it's going to increase the use of them elsewhere."


New Republic

Tags: Boston bombing, Dr. Donald Jenkins, Mayo Clinic Trauma Center, National Trauma Institute, New Republic, Patient Care, tourniquet

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