April 23, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s Upmarket Move

By Logan Lafferty

The Mayo Clinic has big plans to join other top-flight medical centers in an expensive fight for well-heeled patients, but it faces a problem: Its sleepy hometown needs a face-lift. Mayo, the biggest private employer in Minnesota, is proposing to invest $3 billion to $3.5 billion over 20 years to transform its already big operation here into a "destination medical center."…Mayo is in danger of falling behind such rivals in more attractive and accessible cities, said Bradly Narr, Mayo's head of anesthesiology and medical director of the planned expansion. Mayo Chief Executive John Noseworthy "gets the daylights beat out of him by the trustees because there are no four- or five-star hotels" in Rochester, he said.


Wall Street Journal by Jack Nicas

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