April 24, 2013

Mayo Clinic and Acorda Therapeutics Announce Initiation of Phase 1 Trial of Remyelinating Antibody in People with Multiple Sclerosis

By Logan Lafferty

Mayo Clinic and Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOR) today announced that the first patient has been enrolled in the first clinical trial of rHIgM22, a remyelinating antibody being studied for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)… "This remyelinating antibody, if successful in clinical trials and approved, would be a novel approach to treating people with chronic neurologic deficits from multiple sclerosis or other similar conditions, " said Moses Rodriguez, M.D., a neurologist specializing in MS at the Mayo Clinic, whose team initially identified rHIgM22. "We are excited that this Mayo discovery is now being evaluated in people with MS to determine its therapeutic potential."


Wall Street Journal

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