August 22, 2013

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich



August 23, 2013

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Karl Oestreich, manager enterprise media relations
4 daily cups of coffee bad for men? Dr. Nancy Snyderman questions study

But before you reach for another cup or three, it's worth noting a new study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings says men age 55 and under who drink 28 cups of coffee a week – 4 cups a day – have an increased risk of death. Researchers tracked over 43,000 people with interviews, medical exams and questionnaires.  But on TODAY Friday Dr. Nancy Snyderman poked a few holes in the research, explaining that participants in the study had worse cardiovascular disease and weren’t taking care of themselves. 

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CNN New Day
To Drink or Not to Drink Coffee
Many people around the world start their “New Day” with a cup of joe. Though before you take another sip, watch CNN's Elizabeth Cohen report on a new study that suggests coffee drinkers may need to limit what they’re guzzling down.  Though it seems whether the brown stuff helps or hurts you depends on which scientist is brewing the beans… Dr. Scott Wright, a Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, says the stimulant from coffee could cause irregular heart rhythms as well as increase your chance of getting gastrointestinal cancer.

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Previous Coverage: Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights, Aug. 16,2013

Context: Nearly 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in America. Drinking large amounts of coffee may be bad for under-55s, according to a new study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. A study of more than 40,000 individuals found a statistically significant 21% increased mortality in those drinking more than 28 cups of coffee a week and death from all causes, with a greater than 50% increased mortality risk in both men and women younger than 55 years of age. Investigators warn that younger people in particular may need to avoid heavy coffee consumption. No adverse effects were found in heavy coffee drinkers aged over 55.

News Release: More Than 28 Cups of Coffee a Week May Endanger Health in Under-55s

Public Affairs Contact: Nick Hanson

NBC Latino
VIDEO: Get your family off the couch! How to exercise for health

Recently in a speech to the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), First Lady Michelle Obama remarked that food is love but we are loving our children to death.  She is absolutely right. Yet, unhealthy food habits are not the only contributing factor. Lack of exercise is contributing to this obesity epidemic and poor overall health. Dr. Joe Sirven shares tips for keeping active and getting your family off the couch.

Reach: NBC Latino is an English-language wesbite aimed at Hispanics featuring news and general interest information.

Context: Joseph Sirven, M.D., is chair of neurology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Dr. Sirven’s research pertains to all facets of the diagnosis and management of seizures and epilepsy.

Public Affairs Contact: Jim McVeigh

Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
Boston Sci, Icon Venture Partners join Mayo startup accelerator
by Katharine Grayson

Medical-device giant Boston Scientific Corp. and venture capital firm Icon Venture Partners will each open offices at Mayo Clinic's business accelerator in Rochester. Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo on Monday announced several new tenants for the building, which opened March 1. Others newcomers include gene-imaging company Imanis Life Sciences and California-based ClearVision Consulting.

Circulation: The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal is published by American City Business Journals which owns more than 40 other local business newspapers.

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Context: The Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator has already filled all offices, with Boston Scientific, Clear Vision Consulting, Icon Venture Partners and Imanis Life Sciences as the newest tenants. It also has started a publicly available website as a resource for people considering entrepreneurship. In addition, the Accelerator will become a venue for special events and discussion groups led by business leaders. The Accelerator opened just five months ago and has 16 tenants, including start-up companies and venture capitalists. Three MBA students also have been housed in the Accelerator to work with the start-ups. All offices are rented on a month-to-month basis. Besides offices, the Accelerator has shared work spaces, some still available for leasing.

News Release: Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator Announces New Tenants, Website, Special Events

Public Affairs Contact: Brian Kilen

A medical approach that focuses on doing less than everything

How would you feel if your doctor told you he wanted to treat you less, instead of more?  Dr. Victor Montori, a mayo Clinic researcher, has been pushing a concept he calls "minimally disruptive medicine." He defined it in a Wall Street Journal interview as "health care designed to achieve the goals of patients while imposing the smallest possible footprint on their lives."

Reach: Minnesota Public Radio operates 43 stations and serves virtually all of Minnesota and parts of the surrounding states. MPR has more than 100,000 members and more than 900,000 listeners each week, which is the largest audience of any regional public radio network.

Context: The research of Victor Montori, M.D., takes place in the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Montori is interested in how knowledge is produced, disseminated and taken up in practice — and how this leads to optimal health care delivery and patient outcomes. Dr. Montori also serves as director of the Health Care Delivery Research Program in the Mayo Clinic Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery.

Public Affairs Contact: Bob Nellis, Shelly Plutowski

Star Tribune
Southern Minnesota could be poised for economic transformation
by Jennifer Brooks

Fueled by Mayo Clinic’s dramatic expansion plans in Rochester, southeast Minnesota is poised to become a linchpin in the state’s efforts to revitalize its medical economy. Billions of dollars in new development in Rochester — along with the doubling of a cancer research center in Austin — has Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration eyeing a dramatic transformation of the area, creating an even tighter link between Mayo, the Twin Cities’ medical and research facilities and the private sector. The plan could, at some point, include high-speed rail between the Twin Cities and Rochester and a host of other amenities.

Circulation: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

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Blog Launched to Open DMC Dialogue

Austin Daily Herald
Hormel Institute, Mayo could incite economic transformation in southeast Minnesota

Context: Destination Medical Center (DMC), an economic development initiative designed to secure Mayo Clinic and Minnesota’s future as a global medical destination, passed on May 20 as part of the Minnesota Legislature’s tax bill. It will help fund the public infrastructure required to keep pace with an estimated $5 billion private investment by Mayo Clinic and other private entities over the next 20 years.

Destination Medical Center Website

Public Affairs Contacts: Bryan Anderson, Karl Oestreich

Jacksonville Business Journal
Mayo will establish cutting-edge clinic in Jacksonville with $5 million gift
by Ashley Gurbal Kritzer

A $5 million gift to Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus will be used to establish an Individualized Medicine Clinic on the campus, greatly accelerating its personalized initiative. The donation, from Dan and Cecilia Carmichael of Amelia Island, must be used at the Jacksonville campus. Cecilia Carmichael was treated for breast cancer there in 2008.

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Jacksonville Business Journal
Mayo Clinic doc digs into depths of rare diseases
by Ashley Gurbel Kritzer

The $5 million donation to Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus will enable Dr. Douglas Riegert-Johnson to expand his specialty: Digging into the depths of the human body to diagnose rare diseases.

Circulation:  The Jacksonville Business Journal is one of 61 newspapers published by American City Business Journals.

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Florida Times-Union
$5 million gift helps Mayo Clinic establish a Center of Individualized Medicine in

WJXT Money Matters, GenomeWeb

Context: You have a serious medical condition, but conventional tests fail to find an answer. You have no diagnosis and no effective treatment. What do you do? Mayo Clinic has always been a destination for patients seeking answers. Now, Mayo is taking that concept to the next level with the public launch of its Individualized Medicine Clinic at its Florida campus. To help Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers usher in a new age of medicine that uses technologies like whole genome sequencing to find solutions for patients, Amelia Island, Fla., residents and philanthropists Cecilia and Dan Carmichael have donated $5 million to Mayo.

News Release: Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine Helps Treat Complex Cancers, Solve Medical Mysteries

Public Affairs Contact: Kevin Punsky

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