November 22, 2013

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich



November 22, 2013

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Bloomberg In The Loop:
What's the True Cost of U.S. Healthcare?

John Noseworthy, M.D., Mayo Clinic president and CEO, discusses the cost of U.S. healthcare with Betty Liu Bloomberg's The Year Ahead: 2014 conference at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Reach: Bloomberg has 2,300 media professionals in 146 bureaus across 72 countries. Bloomberg delivers its content across more than 400 publications, over 310 million households worldwide through Bloomberg Television and 500,000 in the New York metro area and 18.5 million subscribers through satellite radio.

Context: John Noseworthy, M.D. is Mayo Clinic President and CEO. Dr. Noseworthy participated this week in the Bloomberg Business Summit Panel on “The Real Price of Health Care” at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Public Affairs Contact: Sharon Theimer

Wall Street Journal
Mayo Clinic CEO: Health-Care Law Off to Rough Start

Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy talks to the WSJ’s Sara Murray about why Obamacare isn’t about guaranteeing better health care quality and how their company keeps employees healthy.

Circulation: The Wall Street Journal, a US-based newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, is second in newspaper circulation in America with an average circulation of 2.23 million copies on week days. Its website has more than 4.3 million unique visitors each month.

Context: John Noseworthy, M.D. is Mayo Clinic President and CEO. Dr. Noseworthy participated in The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council this past week in Washington, D.C.  where top global CEOs gathered for a series of meetings. Dr. Noseworthy co-chaired the Health Care Innovation Task Force.

Public Affairs Contacts: Traci Klein, Chris Gade

FOX Business
ObamaCare too focused on insurance
, rather than quality of care?

Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy on the need to improve quality of care under ObamaCare.

Reach: has more than 13 million unique visitors each month. The Willis Report is hosted by Gerri Willis and airs from 6 p.m. & 9 p.m. ET on the Fox Business Network. FBN is headquartered in News Corporation's studios in midtown Manhattan with bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Washington, D.C. and London.

Context: John Noseworthy, M.D. is Mayo Clinic President and CEO.

Public Affairs Contacts: Bryan Anderson, Chris Gade

Wall Street Journal
Special Report: The Hospital Room of the Future
by Barbara Sadick

The hospital room may be due for a checkup. Doctors and nurses, architects and designers all say the room setting has an important but largely neglected role to play in the delivery of quality care and outcomes…"With all the knowledge we've gained," says Dr. Douglas Wood, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, "we can increasingly create an environment in the hospital to minimize the transmission of bacteria, increase the circulation of air, and reduce pain, discomfort and poor clinical outcomes." Full Health Care Report.

Circulation: The Wall Street Journal, a US-based newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, is second in newspaper circulation in America with an average circulation of 2.23 million copies on week days. Its website has more than 4.3 million unique visitors each month.

Public Affairs Contact: Duska Anastasijevic

Pioneer Press
St. Paul gave to them, so John Nasseff and Helene Houle gave it right back
by Maja Beckstrom

…He has contributed more than $10 million to Mayo Clinic, primarily to support neurosurgery research. Like many of his donations, it can be traced to a personal connection. Long before he amassed his fortune -- while he was still riding the bus to work -- Nasseff's then 16-year-old son Art complained of headaches. After a local doctor brushed them off, Nasseff took the boy to Mayo, where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Nasseff was grateful to the young surgeon, Burton Onofrio.

Reach: The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a daily circulation of 208,280 and its Sunday newspaper circulation is 284,507. Its website had approximately 20.4 million page views (March 2013). Mobile page views on smartphones and tablet computers totaled more than 11.4 million in March 2013.

Public Affairs Contact: Karl Oestreich

Additional Mayo Clinic News Highlights This Week:

Stars and Stripes, World class neurosurgeon-turned-sailor strives to 'become a great man' by Matt Millham, Growing up in a Korean fishing village was idyllic, said Kendall Lee. He swam every day, caught fish from the sea and ate them for dinner. It was a small place, he said, just 300 or so friendly people. His dad was a pharmacist, his grandfather a fisherman. They were not, by local standards, poor…After finishing his education seven years ago, Lee was snapped up by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., one of the world’s premier hospitals and research institutions and started up its neural engineering laboratory, which he directs.

CNBC, Turnaround towns: How Orlando and Phoenix are making a comeback by Robin Micheli… he city of Phoenix is also "thinking much more holistically now," says its mayor, Greg Stanton, after the recession and housing crisis brought its unemployment levels up to a high of 10.6 percent in 2010. To right itself and thrive going forward, the city has built on the gains in health-care jobs the city continued to experience even through the recession by investing in its biosciences sector and higher education. For example, it has partnered with the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University on a new hub that will allow medical research and patient care to expand and commercialize. It has also established sustainability as a priority and put its weight behind global trade. Additional Coverage: NBC News

KAAL, Special Report: Growing Up Mayo by Katie Eldred, 150 years ago the Mayo Clinic was started by the Mayo family and the history of Rochester was forever changed. The name Mayo is now famous across the globe, but what was it like to grow up a mayo in Rochester… Walking through the large museum like Mayowood Mansion, it's hard to imagine it full of people and life…Maria and Charlie and their other siblings and cousins had the run of the mansion. But as the sons and daughters of Charlie W Mayo and the grandchildren of Charlie H Mayo, the founders of Mayo Clinic, there was another place that was very important to the family.

Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, What UnitedHealth, Mayo can do with 130M patient records by Katharine Grayson, Data miners at Optum Labs, a research venture launched by UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Mayo Clinic, are busy analyzing millions of patient records to evaluate health procedures and search for innovative practices. What are they finding?

Florida Times-Union, Mayo, UF to share Alzheimer's grant, Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida, the University of Florida in Gainesville, and the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle have received a $7.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to take a new and more expanded approach to identifying drug targets to treat and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Southland Times New Zealand, Getting active is essential for health, Albert Einstein is widely revered for his scientific equations but perhaps it's time we all heeded his simple theory for keeping good health: "Life is like a bicycle. To maintain your balance, you must keep moving."… Dr. James Levine, codirector of the Mayo Clinic/Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative says "there is a debate about whether it is the chair or the knife and fork that have caused the increase in obesity rates" globally. Levine says food intake has remained relatively stable in the past 150 years while obesity rates have shot up, with a progressive decline in energy expenditure.

Hospital Management, Colorado hospital joins Mayo Clinic Care Network, Aspen Valley Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital located in Colorado, has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, giving the facility's physicians and staff access to Mayo's research and expertise under the goal of improving local healthcare… Mayo Clinic vice president and Arizona CEO Dr. Wyatt Decker said: "It's a pleasure to formalise this relationship with Aspen Valley Hospital."

Aspen Times, Aspen Valley Hospital, Mayo Clinic announce collaboration, Aspen Valley Hospital and the distinguished Mayo Clinic are joining forces, officials with both health-care entities announced at a news conference on Monday. The 25-bed hospital recently was selected to be a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, which gives the facility’s physicians and staff access to Mayo’s research and expertise under the goal of improving local health care. Aspen Valley Hospital is the network’s first Colorado member. Launched in 2011, the Mayo Clinic Care Network now has members in 12 states, plus Puerto Rico and Mexico. Additional Coverage: Aspen Daily News, Denver Business Journal

Fairmont Sentinel, Cold, flu season hits by Meg Alexander, Cold season is upon us, and flu season is right around the corner…The flu shot is another source of confusion for many patients, according to Dr. Timothy Slama, a family medicine physician at Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont. “The flu shot might cause me to get the flu” is one fear Slama hears countless times each year, which is often voiced by someone who got a flu shot and a day later got the flu.

Chicago Tribune (Reuters), Minnesota Twins – TeamReport, After 10 seasons and six All-Star appearances, Joe Mauer is no longer the Minnesota Twins' catcher…Mauer, who sustained concussions and other injuries during his career, is making the move to decrease chances of future injuries. The Twins said they and Mauer made the decision after consulting with doctors from Mayo Clinic and team doctors.

MPR, More MNsure options available in Rochester area by Elizabeth Baier, Residents of Olmsted and Dodge counties now have several new health insurance options on MNsure, the state's online health insurance marketplace. Three weeks after announcing that Medica would offer seven new health insurance plans in the Rochester area, consumers can now compare the plans on the online marketplace…Insurance companies have stayed out of the Rochester market largely because Mayo Clinic sets prices in the region, and they're higher than anywhere else in Minnesota. Mayo officials say their costs are expensive because the clinic treats patients with complex illnesses.

MPRSome Minnesota physicians eschew new cholesterol guidelines by Lorna Benson…Physicians at Mayo Clinic in Rochester won't be using the risk calculator either, until the debate over its accuracy is settled. Dr. Randy Thomas, director of the Cardiovascular Health Clinic at Mayo Clinic, said his team also found inaccuracies in the assessment tool when they plugged in some test cases. "Right now, until that's clarified, our policy at the Mayo Clinic is that we will continue to use our previous risk calculator tool," Thomas said. "But I think we have to hold judgment somewhat until we know more of the details [of how it was developed]." Additional Coverage: MinnPost

Reuters, Heart guidelines authors defend method of calculating risk by Ransdell Pierson, Top cardiologists who devised new U.S. guidelines for reducing risk of heart disease strenuously defended their risk-calculation tool from criticism that it greatly overestimates health risks and the need to be treated with cholesterol lowering statin drugs…r. Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a cardiologist with the Mayo Clinic who was not involved in the guidelines, said he hopes Ridker will provide the guidelines committee his data soon and that AHA and ACC will provide their joint response without delay. "The main concern is the credibility of the guidelines, regardless if the claims are valid or not," Lopez-Jiminez said. Additional coverage: CNBC

Parents magazine, Talking to Kids About Tragic News Stories by Heather Walsh, One morning, my son Jack, 8, wandered into the living room just as a story about an antigay protest in Paris that had gotten out of control came on the news. "Mom, why are those police hitting people with bats?" he asked. I didn't know where to start so I turned off the TV…"Before you jump into the conversation, find out exactly what she knows already," suggests Cynthia Harbeck-Weber, Ph.D., a child and adolescent psychologist at the Mayo Clinic Childrens Center, in Rochester, Minnesota. "Then clear up any misconceptions she has and answer questions." Kids process information over time, so she may ask you more questions as the week goes on.

Nature, Implant aims to track brain signals in real time by Helen Shen…Researchers hope that the device will identify the electrical and chemical signals in the brain that correlate in real time with the presence and severity of symptoms, including the tremors experienced by people with Parkinson’s disease. This information could help to uncover where and how DBS exerts its therapeutic effects on the brain, and why it sometimes fails, says Dr. Kendall Lee, a neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who is leading the project.

Ophthalmology Times, Part-time patching for IXT by Michele Barrere, Part-time patching resulted in only a mild reduction in deterioration of intermittent exotropia (IXT), according to Brian G. Mohney, MD. Dr. Mohney, Department of Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, presented the study results on behalf of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group.

Globe News Canada, Fingers, toes that go dead white in cold could be sign of Raynaud’s: doctors…Other drugs that have been linked to Raynaud’s include migraine medications that contain ergotamine; birth control pills containing estrogen; certain chemotherapy agents; and drugs that cause blood vessels to narrow, such as some over-the-counter cold medications, says the Mayo Clinic.

KARE11, Do Lice Prevention Products Really Work? By Lindsey Seavert…Parents are seeing notes coming home from school, warning of lice this time of year. And, lots of parents are turning to products that promise to prevent the nasty bug. The Mayo Clinic says, some studies show rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus and lemon grass "may" repel lice but, warn these products aren't regulated by the FDA. Other treatments include olive oil, or tea tree oil.

WJXT Fla., Meningitis Outbreak, Regardless of where your teenager attends college, this outbreak should be a reminder about staying healthy on campus. Joining me to discuss meningitis prevention is Dr. Vandana Bhide with the Mayo Clinic.

Reuters, Broccoli not burgers: Cancer patients favor healthier foods, Hold the beer, burgers and French fries. Bring on the water, farm-fresh produce, chicken, pasta and hearty soups. That's the advice to care givers from a consortium of nutritional researchers following a two-year survey of what U.S. cancer patients prefer to eat and drink…Researchers surveyed 1,203 patients at seven of the world's leading cancer centers, including Dana-Farber and the Mayo Clinic, and found 40 percent developed more sensitive palates after starting treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Additional Coverage: Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun 

Chicago Tribune, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Teen's weight-loss methods could be symptoms of eating disorder by Leslie Sim, PhD., DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 15-year-old daughter, who is overweight, wants to lose weight badly. She has recently lost about 20 pounds, but I'm becoming worried about how she's doing it. She often skips meals, and she exercises for several hours every day.

WWSB Fla., Caring Canines: Hospital dogs helping humans (Ivanhoe News)… Each week, Sunday – a golden-doodle – visits this Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology waiting room. His job is to cheer up everyone he meets. Diane Parisi’s husband is having spinal surgery. She was feeling sad and nervous before Sunday walked in…“Literally, the way peoples’ faces light up. If they’re just walking along and they see the dog, and it’s just like a breath of fresh air,” Kristi Leonard, Service Chair of the Caring Canines Program at Mayo Clinic, Florida, told Ivanhoe.

FierceHealthIT, 4 cool features of the "Patient Room of the Future" by Ashley Gold, While healthcare technology has changed patient care by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, the hospital room itself hasn't changed much since after World War II, according to the Wall Street Journal…"With all the knowledge we've gained, we can increasingly create an environment in the hospital to minimize the transmission of bacteria, increase the circulation of air, and reduce pain, discomfort and poor clinical outcomes," Douglas Wood, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, told WSJ.

ABC News (AP), Princeton U. to Give Students Meningitis B Vaccine, Princeton University officials decided Monday to make available a meningitis vaccine that hasn't been approved in the U.S. to stop the spread of the sometimes deadly disease on campus…Under New Jersey law, students who live in dorms must have vaccinations against other strains of meningitis. But a different type of vaccine is needed for type B, said Dr. Pritish Tosh, a Mayo Clinic researcher who develops vaccines. He said Bexsero, sold by Novartis, has had good results. "Since there is a product available," he said, "it makes a lot of sense to me if the public health authorities go for it." Additional Coverage: FOX News, Huffington Post, KSAZ Ariz., MSNBC, Pioneer Press, Washington Post, Yahoo! Canada

Phoenix Business Journal, Hospitals, Ranked by Number of Patient Days, Most Recent Fiscal Year, 14. Mayo Clinic Hospital. Information was obtained from hospital representatives via email survey, and from the Arizona Department of Health Services' 2012 Uniform Accounting Report for hospitals. In case of ties, hospitals are listed alphabetically.

Vancouver Sun, Stephen Hume: Attitudes toward violence have evolved, so should hockey, Let’s call it the Dinosaur Syndrome, the inability of many hockey enthusiasts to comprehend evolutionary change. These changes are driven by evolving social attitudes armed with science that increasingly suggests the sport must become less violent.…Furthermore, a new University of Ottawa study presented at a Mayo Clinic conference on hockey concussions reports that by far the most efficient way to brain-injure a hockey player is to hit him with a left hook during a fight — it’s more than twice as likely to result in concussion as a check to the head or a fall to the ice.

Cardiovascular Business, American Heart Association presents Clinical Research Prize to Florida neurologist for research on enhancing treatment for stroke, The American Heart Association today awarded its Clinical Research Prize for 2013 to Thomas Brott, M.D., “for his leadership of significant and innovative clinical research validating new procedures that have enhanced care of patients suffering stroke and helped to minimize or overcome its damaging effects.”

Daily Life Australia, You really need to get moving by Linda McSweeny, …Dr James Levine, codirector of the Mayo Clinic/Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative says “there is a debate about whether it is the chair or the knife and fork that have caused the increase in obesity rates” globally. In Australia, the Sustainable Australia 2013 reports says an estimated 28 per cent of adults were obese in 2012.

Men’s Health, The Truth about Your Metabolism…URNING TRUTH #1: SKINNY PEOPLE HAVE FAST METABOLISMS VERDICT: Sometimes, "There are slim people with slightly low metabolisms who just don't eat very much," says Michael Jensen, M.D., an endocrinologist with the Mayo Clinic. "And there are heavy people with really high metabolisms who eat a huge amount."

MPR News Cut, The case of the ‘good parents’ who almost starved their child to death by Bob Collins, If you’ve almost starved one child to death, are you fit enough as a parent to retain three others in your care if they aren’t starving or, apparently, abused? Today, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled you are…At a hearing to terminate parental rights for the child, a Mayo doctor said it was unlikely any medical condition caused his starvation. Three of the adopted children, and a biological child were placed in foster care.

Dallas Morning News, Health Alerts: OVEREATING, How to enjoy the holiday without packing on the pounds by Laura Schwed…The Mayo Clinic offers lower-calorie alternatives to traditional fat-laden dishes and tips on how to take a more mindful approach to eating while still enjoying the Thanksgiving meal. Among their suggestions: Stuffing baked outside the bird has half the calories. Skip fatty turkey skin and dark meat; white meat is lower in fat…LEARN MORE:, click on Health Information, then search “Thanksgiving recipes”

Becker’s Hospital Review, How Mayo Clinic is Identifying Cases of One Disease Using Billing Codes by Helen Gregg, esearchers at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., have developed an algorithm using billing code data to help identify potential peripheral arterial disease patients…The model-based algorithm was reasonably accurate in identifying cases of PAD, though the sensitivity of the simpler algorithm was much lower in the community-based sample than it had been in the lab-evaluated sample, which was "somewhat surprising" to study author Iftikhar J. Kullo, MD, of Mayo's Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and the Gonda Vascular Center.

Georgia Health News, Mayo Clinic may ramp up presence in Georgia by Andy Miller, Mayo Clinic’s recently announced collaboration with a Columbus hospital may signal other Georgia ventures for the renowned Minnesota-based health system. St. Francis hospital becomes the first Georgia organization to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Under the agreement, its physicians will be able to connect with Mayo specialists on questions of complex care using an electronic consulting technique. Mayo will supply other informational tools as well.

Houston Chronicle, Use planning, management to reduce your holiday stress by Kim Stinebaker, The holidays, whether celebrated with friends, family or by oneself, can bring stress and depression. Believe it or not, practicing some basic organization and planning along with managing expectations, the holidays can be enjoyable again. Experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest planning ahead and creating a budget for spending and for time. Similar coverage: Lowell Sun Mass.

Renal & Urology News, Managing Obesity: New Patient Guidelines, Evidence-based recommendations for the management of overweight and obesity have been developed by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology; the guidelines were published in Circulation and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Michael D. Jensen, M.D., from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and colleagues developed evidence-based guidelines to assist clinicians in primary care with the management of overweight and obesity in adults.

Science Codex, Mayo Clinic-led study: 2 drugs do not improve kidney function in acute heart failure patients, Two drugs tested in a larger trial did not improve kidney function in acute heart failure patients, contrary to results of smaller studies. The results were presented today at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013 in Dallas and simultaneously published in the Journal of the American Medical Association…"Kidney-enhancing therapies in acute heart failure continue to elude us," says Horng Chen, M.B., B.Ch., lead author and Mayo Clinic cardiologist.

FOX News, Mayo Clinic: Rheumatoid arthritis can drastically impact heart health by Brian Krans, Several new studies from the Mayo Clinic show a strong connection between inflammation and heart health, emphasizing the importance of addressing both conditions at the same time. Dr. Eric Matteson, chair of rheumatology at the Mayo Clinic, says that people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other chronic inflammatory conditions are at a much higher risk of heart disease. In fact, people with severe RA are twice as likely to develop heart disease.

Boston Globe, Condemned man's wish raises ethical questions, An eleventh-hour request by an Ohio death row inmate to donate his organs is raising troubling moral and medical questions among transplant experts and ethicists. Less than a day before child killer Ronald Phillips was set to die by lethal injection, Republican Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday postponed the execution so that medical experts can look into Phillips’ suitability as an organ donor. Phillips, 40, wants to give his mother a kidney before he is put to death and donate his heart to his sister afterward… Dr. Brooks Edwards, the Rochester, Minn.-based director of the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center and a transplant cardiologist, said it would be possible to use some organs after an execution, including the liver and kidney, but not the heart.

Star Tribune, Themes emerge for Rochester's Destination Medical Center initiative, Organizers put up posters last week featuring eight themes they want to tackle in Rochester’s downtown redevelopment efforts in concert with the Mayo Clinic’s planned expansion.

WJXT Fla., Pancreatic Awareness Month…When the 59-year-old from Neptune Beach noticed yellowing of his skin, he knew something was wrong. What he didn't expect is that it would turn out to be pancreatic cancer. Joining us this morning is Bill Myers, along with his surgeon Dr. Horacio Asbun his surgeon from the Mayo Clinic to talk to us about options available to patients today.

Cronkite News, Robot allows NAU football team to get Mayo input on possible concussions by Chris Cole, A new member of Northern Arizona University’s football team stands only 4 feet tall and has yet to see a minute of playing time. That addition just happens to be a telecommunication robot named V-Go, which is remotely controlled by a neurologist at Mayo Clinic to assess players who have suffered, or are suspected of suffering, a concussion. “What it does essentially is provide an instantaneous audio-visual link between their medical staff and their players and us any time they need it,” said Dr. Bert Vargas, a Mayo Clinic neurologist in charge of the robot’s research.

Arizona Republic, Brace yourselves for Arizona's health-care tsunami by Phil Boas, Health care is an enormous piece of the Arizona economy, generating roughly $22 billion annually, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Home to extraordinary centers of diagnostic and complex care with sterling reputations such as Barrow Neurological Institute, University of Arizona Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, the industry helped carry this state through recession. PDF

Arizona Republic, How to get medical grads to stay in Arizona by Phil Boas, The health-care industry that brings enormous vitality to Arizona and helped sustain the state economy through the recession is about to get its heart-pounding stress test… n the past decade, Arizona has gone a long way to address that problem with a new UA Medical School campus in Phoenix, new osteopathic medical schools in Mesa and Glendale and the coming collaboration of Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University with a medical school at Mayo’s Scottsdale campus. PDF

Arizona Republic, Want to survive Obamacare? Collaboration is key by Phil Boas, National reform has hurled daunting challenges at Arizona’s health-care industry as it works to reinvent itself. The industry’s conundrum as it considers economic development is: How do you grow the business in an age when a key driver of reform is the widely held view that American health care has grown too big and expensive?... “There will be tremendous upheaval in the health-care market over the next five years,” said Dr. Wyatt Decker, vice president and CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona. “Those who can innovate and figure out ways to keep their costs down and their quality high will be big winners.” PDF

Arizona Republic, Arizona shouldn't abandon its bioscience investment by Phil Boas, A decade ago, Arizona made huge investments in the biosciences, and in particular biomedicine, with hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private financing…Yet in that decade Arizona bioscience managed to attract hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private funding, provoked new partnerships such as the teaming of Mayo Clinic, Arizona State University and Phoenix at Desert Ridge. PDF

NBC Latino, Are electronic cigarettes dangerous? Here’s what you should know by Dr. Joseph Sirven, Mayo Clinic Neurologist, The use of electronic cigarettes has increased among U.S. adult current and former smokers as well as high school students.  The 2011-12 National Youth Tobacco Survey, a survey of US teen students, found that the use of e-cigarettes has doubled in one year resulting in almost 10 percent of all students having used e-cigarettes as of 2012. NBC Latino’s Dr. Joseph Sirven tells you what to know about electronic cigarettes.

News Medical, Researchers update promising strategies and therapies to restore skeletal muscle health, The progressive loss of skeletal muscle during aging, known as sarcopenia, underlies limitations in physical function and mobility, which in turn lead to falls, loss of independence, institutionalization and even death. Mayo Clinic researcher Nathan LeBrasseur, Ph.D., of Mayo Clinic's Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging and Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, presented an update on promising strategies and therapies to restore skeletal muscle health in the face of aging and disease during a symposium at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Annual Conference.

Waseca County News, Mayo Clinic Health System Waseca honored for outstanding immunization practices by Suzy Rook, With the statewide average checking in at 63 percent, five Mayo Clinic Health System sites were lauded by the Minnesota Department of Health for its exceptional pediatric vaccination rates… “Providing our pediatric patients with proper vaccinations in a timely manner is essential to their good health,” says Chris Chadderdon, registered nurse and nursing manager at Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca.

ABC15 Phoenix, Mayo Clinic talks new studies, treatment for heart disease, Mayo Clinic cardiologist, F. David Fortuin, M.D., joined the cast of Sonoran Living Live to talk about Mayo Clinic's collaborative research on new, cutting edge treatments for cardiac disease. Learn more about cardiac diagnostic and treatment options available at Mayo Clinic by joining ABC15 and Rally for Red, and from Mayo Clinic staff members each month on Sonoran Living Live.

Neurology Today, High But Normal Blood Sugar Levels May Have a Negative Effect on Memory… KEEP WEIGHT OFF, Richard Caselli, MD, professor of neurology at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ, agreed that the new study from Germany provided some added insight into the relationship between blood glucose levels and cognitive function, “particularly the finding that hippocampal microstructure seems to be affected.”

MPR, Buzzkill: A health-conscious craft beer drinker’s guide by Michael Olson, The Gopher State has entered a second Golden Age of beer. Minnesota brewers are making higher quality beer than ever before. From hyper-hopped IPAs to smooth stouts and easy drinking pilsners Minnesota craft brewers are keeping beer enthusiasts on their toes for the next new release…But what is a health conscious craft beer drinker to do in this time of abundant delicious beer? Katherine Zeratsky, a clinical dietitian with the Mayo Clinic, helps us out with some answers…

ABC News, 6 Weird Body Noises Explained by Lila Battis…Clicking and Popping Jawbone, If the noise is loud and sharp, your temporomandibular joint—the hinge and/or cartilage of your upper and lower jaw—may be out of alignment. But this is not necessarily a problem, says James Van Ess, M.D., D.D.S., an assistant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Mayo Clinic.

La Crosse Tribune, Mayo, consortium tailor foods to cancer patients by Mike Tighe, Kathy Bakalars’ fight for life includes the challenge many cancer patients struggle with: finding foods they like despite appetites lost to chemotherapy… Bakalars talked about her war Thursday at the Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare Cancer Center, where Mayo officials explained their involvement in a national Cancer Nutrition Consortium that just released a two-year study on the issue.

FOX News, FOLLOW ME: Twitter stars in the Twin Cities, It seems almost everyone is on Twitter, but how do you become a Twitter star? Fox 9 News got some tips from some of the biggest social media starts in the metro area…When it comes to Twin Cities Twitter users, hockey nut Michael Russo isn't the only one with more than 50,000 followers. In fact, several organizations -- including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Marriot, Caribou, Dairy Queen and Mayo Clinic -- all have strong followings in the metro.

KAAL D-Day Prompts Smokers To Quit by Dan Contradt… And she’s not alone: 43 million people still smoke today. "It's one of the most preventable causes of death. Over 450-thousand people die every year from it" said Deb Skare at the Tobacco Cessation Clinic at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin… “Not everything works for everybody. What works for one person may not work for the next" said the tobacco cessation clinic’s Deb Skare. And what about E-cigarettes? “The jury is still out on those” Deb Skare told us. “We recommend not using them, they're not FDA approved."

FOX News, Going vegan? Here are 5 foods to help you get your protein by Jacqueline Banks, Many people turn to a vegan diet in search of better health and love it so much they can’t imagine ever going back…The Mayo Clinic recommends getting 10 to 35 percent of total daily calories from protein, which amounts to between 50 and 175 grams of protein per day, based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

City of Hope, Stop smoking: Twitter users have questions; we have answers by Denise Heady, Most smokers want to quit…To help these smokers kick the habit for good, Brian Tiep, M.D., director of pulmonary rehabilitation and smoking cessation, and Rachel Dunham, M.S.N., nurse practitioner for smoking cessation and lung cancer screening, used Twitter to answer questions and discuss quitting strategies that work. Smoking cessation experts from the Mayo Clinic also joined in to discuss the benefits of quitting and provided additional resources to help smokers quit.

Medscape, Endoscopic Therapy a Good Option in Early Esophageal Cancer by Megan Brooks, Endoscopic therapy is a good option for early esophageal adenocarcinoma, with overall survival and cancer-specific survival on par with surgery, results from a large population-based study confirm. "There is growing evidence from single expert centers that endoscopic therapy is effective for early esophageal cancer," lead author Michael B. Wallace, MD, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic Florida in Jacksonville, told Medscape Medical News.

FOX News Latino, Buscan crear más conciencia sobre cáncer de páncreas en comunid…"La connotación del término cáncer de páncreas es generalmente asociada a una enfermedad terminal y si bien es un cáncer muy agresivo y muy maligno no es terminal en todos los casos", declaró a Efe el director de cirugía en la Clínica Mayo en Florida y especialista en cirugía hepatobiliar-pancreática, el doctor Horacio Asbún.

El Pais, El médico del Rey: “No nos sorprendería que le lleve 10-12 semanas caminar,” El Rey ha sido intervenido hoy por quinta vez de la cadera para sustituir la prótesis temporal que llevaba desde el pasado 24 de septiembre por una permanente…. Cabanela, que trabaja desde hace años en la clínica Mayo, en Rochester (EEUU) ha operado al Monarca asistido por su colega estadounidense (EE UU) Robert Trousdale, cirujano de la misma clínica. El especialista gallego llegó ayer a Madrid para intervenir al Rey y como en la anterior ocasión, ha renunciado a cobrar por hacerlo. Additional Coverage:,, Grupo Formula, Sí, Aguas 

El Latino San Diego, Sobreviviente de cáncer de páncreas va hacia adelante con más aventuras, Dorylee Baez-Nieves vive sin miedos. Ya sea volando por el dosel de un bosque en tirolesa (zip line), o brindando su entusiasmo al primer grupo de apoyo en Puerto Rico para personas con cáncer de páncreas, Baez lo hace todo con gran energía… Baez viajó a Mayo Clinic en Jacksonville, Florida, a finales de 2011 en busca de la experiencia de cirujanos de Mayo Clinic para realizarze una delicada operación conocida como Whipple.

Univision, Lola se recupera de su operación y está lista para regresar a casa, Mira cómo ha sido su proceso y qué es lo primero que hará cuando llegue a la isla. (Story about a Mayo Clinic patient).

starMedia, ¿Cuánto café se debe beber?... Según una reciente estudio, publicado en la revista Mayo Clinic Proceedings, si  tienes menos de 55 años y consumes mucho café puedes dañar tu salud.

El Porvenir, Osteoporosis, una consecuencia más, La lista de complicaciones de la diabetes tipo 2 es larga: enfermedades vasculares y cardíacas, problemas de los ojos, daños nerviosos, enfermedades renales, problemas de audición y la enfermedad de Alzheimer. Y los médicos desde hace mucho pensaban que la osteoporosis era otra consecuencia de la diabetes tipo 2. Algo que, según un estudio reciente de expertos de la Clínica Mayo publicado en la Revista de Investigación Ósea y Mineral, esto queda confirmado: definitivamente se pueden sumar problemas con el esqueleto.

EFE, El Rey podrá caminar sin apoyos en primavera...El cirujano Miguel Cabanela, acompañado por su colaborador en la Clínica Mayo de Minessota, Robert Trousdale, ha afirmado tras dos horas y media de intervención quirúrgica en el Hospital Universitario Quirón: "Es predecible que en primavera pueda caminar sin nada". Additional Coverage:, El Pais, La Nacion, Hoy, La Tercera Mundo, El Informador Dominicano, La Hora, La Verdad Madrid

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