July 24, 2014

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich

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Advisory Board

Why Mayo Clinic's CEO wants to serve 200 million patients—and how he plans to do it

Question: I've read that before you joined the Mayo Clinic—and this was decades ago—one of your first encounters with the organization was when a physician was supposed to visit your hospital for a commemorative dinner…and he missed it. Can you talk Advisory Boarda little bit about that? John Noseworthy: It was one of the two or three most pivotal moments in my life. You're right, he missed his flight—and it was because he was with a patient. I was very young and I remember thinking, "who is this man who is so humble that he would put the needs of the patient ahead of his receiving  a distinguished recognition." And then I wondered what organization could retain and keep a person like that. It was Mayo Clinic.

Reach: The Advisory Board Company is a global research, technology, and consulting firm partnering with more than 165,000 leaders in more than 4,100 organizations across health care and higher education.

Context: John Noseworthy, M.D. is Mayo Clinic President and CEO.

Public Affairs Contact: Karl Oestreich


Wall Street Journal
Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight
by Sumathi Reddy

…Other experts caution against studies showing ill effects from too much sleep. Illness may cause someone to sleep or spend more The Wall Street Journal newspaper logotime in bed, these experts say. And studies based on people reporting their own sleep patterns may be inaccurate. "The problem with these studies is that they give you good information about association but not causation," said Timothy Morgenthaler, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which represents sleep doctors and researchers, and a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine.

Reach: The Wall Street Journal, a US-based newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, is second in newspaper circulation in America with an average circulation of 223 million copies on week days.  Its website has more than 4.3 million unique visitors each month.

Context:  Timothy Morgenthaler, M.D., Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, is also affiliated with the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine. Mayo Clinic doctors trained in sleep disorders evaluate and treat adults and children. The Center for Sleep Medicine is one of the largest sleep medicine facilities in the United States. Staff in the center treats about 6,500 new people who have sleep disorders each year. The Center for Sleep Medicine is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Public Affairs Contacts: Alyson Gonzalez, Traci Klein


Star Tribune
Mayo links abnormal protein in brain to Alzheimer's
by Mary Lynn Smith

…“Alzheimer’s disease symptoms have been typically thought to be produced by plaques and tangles,” said Dr. Ronald Petersen, director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s disease Research Center. “Now these folks have documented that there’s a third elementStar Tribune newspaper logo that contributes to Alzheimer’s symptoms.” The protein, known as TDP-43, is normally found in the brain. But what Mayo researchers found is that when it becomes abnormal — chemically different and bunched up — a patient is more likely to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s, explained Dr. Keith Josephs, who headed the research team’s four-year study.

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

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Previous Coverage in July 17, 2014 Mayo Clinic in the News Highlights

Context:  Since the time of Dr. Alois Alzheimer himself, two proteins (beta-amyloid (Aβ) and tau) have become tantamount to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). But a Mayo Clinic study challenges the perception that these are the only important proteins accounting for the clinical features of the devastating disease. In a large clinico-imaging pathological study, Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrated that a third protein (TDP-43) plays a major role in AD pathology. In fact, people whose brain was TDP positive were 10 times more likely to be cognitively impaired at death compared to those who didn’t have the protein, showing that TDP-43 has the potential to overpower what has been termed resilient brain aging. The study was published in the journal Acta Neuropathologica. “We wanted to determine whether the TDP-43 protein has any independent effect on the clinical and neuroimaging features typically ascribed to AD and we found that TDP-43 had a strong effect on cognition, memory loss and medial temporal atrophy in AD,” says Mayo Clinic neurologist Keith Josephs, M.D., the study’s lead investigator and author. “In the early stages of the disease when AD pathology was less severe, the presence of TDP-43 was strongly associated with cognitive impairment. Consequently, TDP-43 appears to play an important role in the cognitive and neuroimaging characteristics that have been linked to AD.” More information on the study, including a video interview with Dr. Josephs, can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Public Affairs Contact: Duska Anastasijevic


Star Tribune
Mayo sees big future for personalized medicine
by Jim Spencer

Medical treatment will become more genetically specific to individuals as the 21st century progresses, the Mayo Clinic’s director of Star Tribune Business section logolaboratory medicine told a congressional subcommittee Wednesday. Dr. Frank Cockerill said that Mayo, one of the world’s leaders in specialized diagnostics, develops 150 tests per year in an attempt to become more precise in treating patients.  The Rochester-based clinic is moving toward tests that will let doctors tailor treatments that are unique to individuals, Cockerill told participants at a 21st Century Cures roundtable sponsored by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on health. For instance, instead of using standard dosages, Cockerill said Mayo’s labs try to tranform scientific discoveries into “valid tests” that allow doctors to apply “specific genetic findings in a patient.”

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

Context: Frank Cockerill, M.D. is chair of the Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and PathologyMayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) in Rochester is one of the largest clinical laboratories in the world. It is composed of more than 3,200 people working in numerous specialty laboratories performing more than 20 million tests a year. Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) is a reference laboratory specializing in esoteric laboratory testing for health care organizations throughout the United States and around the world. MML's mission is to support the local delivery of laboratory services through the provision of exceptional reference laboratory services and by providing support services that facilitate and augment community integration efforts.

Public Affairs Contact: Sharon Theimer



Our view: Community can help keep Mayo Clinic at top of rankings

Logo for Post-Bulletin newspaperWhat's most impressive about Mayo Clinic's No. 1 ranking as the best hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report magazine were the consistent high marks in several categories of evaluation. The report gave Mayo No. 1 or No. 2 rankings in 11 of the 12 specialties based on reputation, services and volumes, safety and clinical outcomes.

Reach: The Post-Bulletin has a weekend readership of nearly 45,000 people and daily readership of more than 41,000 people. The newspaper serves Rochester, Minn., and southeast Minnesota.

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Previous Coverage in July 17, 2014 Mayo Clinic in the News Highlights

Context: Mayo Clinic has achieved the highest honor in U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of top hospitalsMayo Clinic earned more number one rankings than any other provider, ranking number one or number two in 11 of the 12 specialties based on reputation, services and volumes, safety and clinical outcomes. “We have a deep commitment to delivering high-value health care that best meets patients' needs. We owe our success to truly dedicated staff that provide a seamless patient experience and the care that each individual needs,” says John Noseworthy, M.D., Mayo Clinic president and CEO. More information, including a video interview with Dr. Noseworthy, can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Public Affairs Contact: Rebecca Eisenman

NBC News, Researchers Target ALS With Stem Cells, The Mayo Clinic is testing the safety and effectiveness of taking stem cells from a patient's own fat and injecting them into their spinal fluid to slow the progression of ALS. KARE's Renee Tessman reports.

FOX9, Young musician debuts procedure with oboe in Mayo Clinic's OR by Jeff Ballion, Mara Reed is a young, Minnesota musician who had to make a tough choice -- give up her love of an instrument or try something drastic to keep playing. She chose the latter, and this is her story… Dr. Shelagh Cofer, at the Mayo Clinic, explained that frequent throat and sinus infections threatened to end her relationship with the instrument she loves. Antibiotics could no longer clear things up. Her tonsils and adenoids had to go -- but when they went, so did her ability to get a sweet sound.

KTTCMarvels of the Med City: AWARE system seeks to revolutionize intensive care, by Devin Bartolotta, Dr. Brian Pickering of the Mayo Clinic is one of three doctors who re-imagined and drastically reorganized the way ICU doctors operate, with a program called AWARE. "In the past, we'd have kind of screens and screens of information that we went through," said Dr. Pickering.

KTTCMarvels of the Med City: Resoundant uses sound waves to diagnose disease, by Devin Bartolotta, The use of sound waves in the medical field has a long history. But using them to "feel" the hardness of some of your most vital internal organs is brand new technology. It's called Magnetic Resonance Elastography, or an MRE. It helps to diagnose hardening of the liver due to disease without a biopsy, by giving doctors a color-coded, detailed map of your organ's tissue density. "If this patient had a very stiff liver, the wavelength would be longer," said Dr. Richard Ehman, the CEO and inventor of Resoundant. "So the mathematical processing calculates the wavelength and converts that into tissue stiffness."

Billings Gazette, Billings Clinic partnership with Mayo Clinic has been 'positive for patients,' physician says by Cindy Uken, When Billings Clinic opened its first ExpressCare Clinic in December 2013, it turned to a role model in the field. The Clinic sought the guidance of the Mayo Clinic, which got into the express-care retail clinic business at least five years earlier when it opened an express-care clinic at a shopping center in Rochester, Minn....

KULR8 Billings, Mayo Clinic Exhibit at Billings Clinic, A mobile Mayo Clinic exhibit stops by Billings to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Billings Clinic is a part of the Mayo Clinic's care network. The focus of the mobile exhibit is to educate people on its history and the medical group's vision for the future. A spokesperson says it's important for people to know about new kinds of medical technology, like deep brain stimulation and advanced heart surgery. "Through this relationship, we're able to extend Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise so the patients in Billings can have, take advantage of Mayo Clinic knowledge without the need to travel in many cases,” Travis Paul, Mayo Clinic operations administrator.

Bismarck Tribune, St. Alexius to host Mayo exhibit, Mayo Clinic is celebrating 150 years by touring the United States and Canada with its high-impact, interactive mobile exhibit. As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, St. Alexius will have the exhibit onsite Friday. The exhibit will be located in the parking lot on the corner of 11th Street and East Rosser Avenue and is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

KFYR N.D., Mayo Clinic Celebrates Anniversary in Minot by Joe Skurzewski, The Mayo Clinic is celebrating its 150th anniversary. To do that, it's touring the country. A mobile Mayo Clinic truck is visiting several cities around the country. Today, they were in Minot. "We developed this exhibit as a way to take the Mayo Clinic story on the road to say 'thank you' to patients and friends who have been part of our journey throughout those 150 years," said Mayo Clinic Operations Administrator Travis Pau, "and to also share our story with those who are less familiar with the Mayo Clinic."

USA Today, Retirees: Sitting disease may be killing you by Nanci Hellmich…A recent analysis suggests "there are 34 chronic diseases and conditions associated with excess sitting," says endocrinologist James Levine, 50, co-director of Obesity Solutions at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and Arizona State University. He has researched sitting disease for three decades and wrote a new book, Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It. "We hope that getting up more reduces the risk of all of those things, but the prospective studies on several of those conditions have not been conducted."

USA Today, How to be happy in retirement by Robert Powell,… What can pre-retirees do to improve their odds of having a "happy" retirement?...According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise can help prevent or manage a wide range of health problems, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls.

Nature, Medical research: Treat aging… Animals have evolved physiological redundancies, so manipulating a gene or signalling pathway does not necessarily change the function of an organ or organism. A drug that slows ageing should slow declines in several organ systems, but few laboratories can measure this in animals. One that does is the Healthspan Assessment Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The lab quantifies muscle strength and cognitive impairment, and can measure body composition, metabolic rate, insulin sensitivity, motor coordination, bone density and exercise capacity.

Technology Review, Data in Action by Tim Mullaney, At Mayo, big data is already improving health care… At Mayo, that means efforts like the three-year-old Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, which studies innovations in organizing care. The center’s projects include a series of departmental clinical engineering labs, each managed by a clinician in that specialty and a data scientist. The first lab was built for emergency medicine.

Becker’s Hospital Review, Mayo vs. Cleveland Clinic: Which Affiliate Network Reigns? By Lindsey Dunn, Both are known for providing some of the most specialized, highest quality care in the nation while also focusing on health of their local communities. And both have demonstrated healthy appetites for expanding their brand nationally. Each owns facilities outside their flagship communities. (Mayo owns flagship facilities in Florida and Arizona, and its health system operates facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Georgia; Mayo also has a Florida presence, plus Clinics in Toronto and the soon-to-be-opened Abu Dhabi medical center).

WKBT La Crosse, La Crosse police receive 2 donated AEDs… “Mayo Clinic has always had a strong connection with public service leadership. Not only here in La Crosse, but throughout the system,” said Terre Mc Joynt, Administrator of Cardiology at Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare. “We want to help support local EMS, police, and fire services. We are all a team.”

Post-Bulletin, Mayo Clinic garners over $60 million in cancer research grants by Jeff Hansel, Mayo Clinic researchers have been notified of two grants that total more than $60 million toward cancer research. Daniel Sargent, the Ralph S. and Beverly E. Caulkins professor of cancer research at Mayo, was awarded $32.7 million by the National Cancer Institute.

Medscape, Functional Genomics Identifies Potential Therapeutic Targets for Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, Functional genomics has identified 31 potential therapeutic targets that contribute to clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) proliferation, researchers report…Dr. John A. Copland from Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center in Jacksonville, Florida and colleagues used a high-throughput gene microarray screen to identify genetic transcripts that are overexpressed at all stages of ccRCC (compared with matched normal kidney tissue).

Medical Physics Web, Proton therapy shows clinical promise, The theoretical dosimetric advantages of proton therapy are undeniable: a proton beam deposits almost all of its energy at a particular depth, defined by the protons' initial energy, sparing nearby tissues and organs. Now, researchers are also observing favourable clinical outcomes for proton treatments, as evidenced by two newly published studies.…A retrospective analysis Elsewhere, radiation oncologists at the Mayo Clinic have performed a systematic literature review comparing the outcomes of skull-base cancers treated with proton therapy or IMRT. They found that proton therapy significantly improved disease-free survival and tumour control. "We undertook a systematic review and meta-analysis to compare the clinical outcomes of patients treated with proton therapy with patients receiving photon IMRT," said senior author Robert Foote.

Gizmodo India, Good News! Sitting Won't Kill You After All…New research from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings joins the pile-on. As Outside pointed out, the Mayo researchers found that every hour you sit reduces the gains of your daily workout by eight percent.

WQOW Eau Claire, Advice to avoid heat illness, With temperatures reaching 90 degrees for the first time this summer, Mayo Clinic Health System Emergency Department staff offered advice on how to stay safe in the heat. Registered nurse Kerrie Erickson advised drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, avoiding outdoors during the peak of the day’s heat, and being mindful of small children, older adults and pets, who might be more susceptible to high temperatures.

Huffington Post, How To Pick The Right Sunscreen…The Basics of Sun Safety…According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no safe amount of skin tanning, either natural or from a tanning booth.  Sunscreen for Children The Mayo Clinic says that you can use sunscreen on children as young as 6 months of age. Infants under the age of 6 months should be kept in the shade, away from harmful UV rays.

Macworld, This is Tim: Apple's CEO on iPad sales, China, Beats, IBM, and more…We've created a new tool for developers, called HealthKit, which lets health and fitness apps work together and empowers customers to choose what health data they share. We're taking the first steps in this area in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, whose new app can automatically receive data from a blood pressure app, for example, and share it with a physician.

Live Science, Chinese Officials Seal Off 'Plague' City, Puzzling US Experts by Rachael Rettner, A city in China has reportedly been sealed off after one resident died from bubonic plague, but this way of trying to contain the disease is puzzling to infectious disease experts, who say the response seems extreme given the information released about the case…Today the illness is treatable with antibiotics, the CDC says. Now there are fewer than 5,000 cases of plague per year worldwide, with most cases occurring in Africa, according to the Mayo Clinic.

KAAL, STEM Program Prepares Kids for the Future by Hannah Tran…The STEM program gives kids a hands-on feel, from kindergartners to 5th graders in many different classrooms. "To learn what it's like to be a scientist or what it might be like to work at Mayo. We have the zebra fish program, which is run through Mayo Clinic. They get to study the genetics of the fish," said STEM instructor Guy Simmons.

USA Today, Former Cowboys FB Robert Newhouse Jr. dies at 64 by Jarrett Bell, Robert Newhouse, Jr., the former Dallas Cowboys standout who was the first running back to throw for a touchdown in a Super Bowl, passed away Tuesday after an extended battle with heart disease. He was 64. His immediate family was with him during his final days at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Arrangements for a funeral in Dallas are pending. Additional coverage: KDFW Dallas, ABC News, Washington Post

NY TimesFor Retirees, Decision on Concussion Settlement Will Not Be a Simple One by Ken Belson…Susan Owens, whose husband, R. C. Owens, played for the San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Colts and the Giants and died two years ago from Alzheimer’s disease, raised another potential inconsistency…But Owens pointed to research by the Mayo Clinic and others who found that people with early-onset Alzheimer’s often get the disease because it runs in their families. Other research, though, has shown that moderate or severe brain trauma may raise the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthcare IT News, Mayo Clinic's tricks for patient portals by Erin McCann, Working on the patient portal portion of Stage 2 meaningful use? Officials at Mayo Clinic can offer some valuable insight into their own portal rollout – challenges that have arisen, privacy concerns and how to do it right. Enterprise-wide, Mayo Clinic, with locations in Rochester, Minn.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Scottsdale, Ariz., has more than 400,000 patients who now have online portal accounts…"In terms of the view, download and transmit, we think that we'll be doing well from that perspective," said Mark Parkulo, MD, vice chair, meaningful use coordinating group, who spoke at the HIMSS Media/Healthcare IT News Privacy and Security Forum June 16 in San Diego.

Trustee magazine, Partners in Clinical Excellence by John Morrissey, Concentrated in the center of Michigan, Sparrow Health System was doing quite all right: an integrated delivery network with nearly 800 beds spread across five hospitals, an HMO, a PPO and more than $1 billion in annual revenue… "We need to be making sure that we can provide tertiary services to the community," says Jonathan Raven, a longtime board member. "There's an awful lot of de-emphasis on inpatient stuff, but there will be certain things that need to be done in-hospital." Ramping up to a more complex, high-level clinical operation called for help from outside: a partnership with Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

La Crosse Tribune, Mayo donates 2 AEDs to police, Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare is donating two automated external defibrillators to the La Crosse Police Department. The AEDs, being presented today, will be in a squad car and a response boat in case officers need to provide CPR and help revive a heart attack victim…Terre McJoynt, cardiology administrator at Mayo-Franciscan, said, “We want to help support local EMS, police and fire services. We are all a team.”

Government Executive, Depression and Stress Are Killing Productivity by Graeme Cowan…Provide ways for employees to get exercise. One of the common symptoms of depression is fatigue and an overactive mind and underactive body. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 30-minute brisk walk improves your mood two, four, eight and 12 hours later compared to those who don’t exercise.

Red Wing Republican Eagle, Warming 500 hospice hearts and counting by Amanda Greenwood, Wing resident Ruthe Exner has taken her farm-raised work ethic and combined her connection to the local Mayo Clinic Health System Hospice to create a touching tradition. Since March of 2012, residents admitted to hospice care have received a handmade tied “comfort blanket” compliments of Exner.

FOX News (AP), Study finds sharp increase in teen use of human growth hormone…Information about teen use of performance-enhancing drugs is readily available online. The Mayo Clinic, for example, provides a list of possible hazards and side-effects, including stunted growth, acne, liver problems, shrunken testicles for boys and excess facial hair for girls. Additional coverage: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

News4Jax, How to fit carbs into your family's healthy diet by Mayo Clinic News Network, Carbohydrates often get a bad rap, especially when it comes to weight gain. But carbohydrates aren't all bad. Because of their numerous health benefits, carbohydrates have a rightful place in your diet. In fact, your body needs carbohydrates to function well.

InformationWeek, Optum Labs Translates Big Data Research To Clinicians by Alison Diana, Big data is beginning to deliver on its promise of better healthcare, but to truly impact patients, quality, and spending, research results have to translate to clinicians' offices, not merely show up in labs and reports. That is the impetus driving Optum Labs, a partnership between Optum Inc. and Mayo Clinic's Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery.

News4Jax, What you should know about Listeria, With the fruit recall due to possible Listeria contamination, many people are wondering just what Listeria is and what it could do to you if ingested. Listeria - or Listeria monocytogenes - is a food-borne illness that can be very serious for pregnant women and people with impaired immune systems, according to the Mayo Clinic. Listeria bacteria can be found in soil, water and animal feces. Humans typically are infected by consuming:

KAAL, Country Star Performs at Mayo, There was a special guest performing at Mayo Clinic today…that’s country music singer Craig Campbell playing his hit song "keep them kisses comin'. He played a surprise concert for pediatric patients at the Mayo Clinic Children's Center. Campbell tells us he was happy to take their minds off of being in the hospital. Day in and day out it's the same routine, so when I'm given the opportunity to come and play it kind of just breaks all of that up and kinds takes things takes their mind off of things for a minute.

Star Tribune, Don't tell us about him; tell us about this, Please tell us why another of the many stories about Jesse Ventura rates the front page ("Witnesses rebut Ventura's assertion that fight was a lie," July 16), yet when the state's largest private employer and one of its crowning achievements is ranked No. 1 in the nation ("Mayo Clinic ranked as top U.S. hospital by U.S. News"), the Star Tribune buries the story under the fold in the Business section?  We all should be extremely proud and thankful that we have the great Mayo Clinic in our state and thank the people there for producing the best medical institution in the nation. This is far more of an achievement than one more story about a has-been like Ventura. JIM TEGAN, Plymouth

CNN, 7 things to know about epilepsy by Geetha Parachuru, An estimated 2.3 million adults in the United States have epilepsy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Actress Sky McCole Bartusiak, who passed away Saturday, was one of them…Epilepsy symptoms vary from a blank stare during a seizure to repeated twitching of one's arms and legs, according to the Mayo Clinic.

ABC News, Can Any Animal Be a Therapy Animal? By Sydney Lupkin, An Ohio Army veteran made headlines this weekend when local officials told him to get rid of his therapy ducks. Hold on. Therapy ducks?...Dogs Dogs are the only type of therapy animal allowed to see patients at the Mayo Clinic, according to the Rochester, Minnesota hospital’s animal therapy coordinator, Jessica Borg. She said dogs attend group sessions and sometimes meet one-on-one with patients. Additional coverage: Yahoo! News

ABC15, Woman takes selfies for seven years to document life, hair-pulling disorder, A woman's selfie montage has reached more than five million views in just over one month, but she didn't take photos of herself for the reason you'd think. Rebecca Brown took a picture of herself each day for seven years. She wanted to document her growth and, soon after, her life as she battled against a disorder that caused her to pull out her own hair…According to Mayo Clinic , the hair-pulling disorder, known as trichotillomania, can differ in severity in different people.

Live Science, 5 Ways Skin Can Signal Health Problems by Bahar Gholipour, The largest organ in the body, the skin, is sometimes said to be a window into a person's general well-being, because it can carry clues about the health of other organs. Changes in the skin, ranging from discoloration to new growth, may sometimes be early signs of more serious underlying health problems, dermatologists say. Less commonly, the velvety rash — called acanthosis nigricans — could be a warning sign of cancer in an internal organ, such as the stomach or liver, according to Mayo Clinic.  Additional coverage: FOX News, Huffington Post

Star Tribune, Unexpected stomach surgery halts GOP Jeff Johnson's campaign for governor, Republican candidate for governor Jeff Johnson on Monday underwent unexpected surgery to repair a perforated stomach. According to his campaign and staff at Hennepin County, where he is a commissioner, Johnson had stomach pain Monday morning and went to urgent care. Doctors soon decided Johnson needed immediate surgery, and he was moved to Maple Grove Hospital…Johnson is not the only Minnesota candidate to have the misfortune of having surgery in an election year. Dayton had hip surgery this year to repair a detached tendon — one of three Mayo Clinic procedures he has undergone since taking office four years ago.

Prevention, 3 Tricks To Keep Running No Matter How Much You Want To StopBreak up your mileage…You can go harder during those short intervals than you would when just doing a steady run for the same distance, too. This increases your VO2 max, or how efficiently you take in oxygen to turn calories into energy, so you can push your body farther and faster, according to research from the Mayo Clinic.

Medscape, Unexpected Effect of Widowhood on Dementia Progression by Caroline Cassels…"In the first study, we looked at individuals that were cognitively normal at study entry and followed them over time. Contrary to our hypothesis, we found that there was no difference in time to dementia between those who lost a spouse and those who did not, which was surprising to us," lead investigator Bryan K. Woodruff, MD, assistant professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, told Medscape Medical News.

Medscape, Any Level of Midlife Exercise May Keep Dementia at Bay by Caroline Cassels….Two studies conducted by investigators at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, demonstrated that physical activity, whether mild, moderate, or vigorous, in midlife appeared to protect cognitively normal adults from progressing to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) as they aged. In addition, any level of physical exercise appeared to prevent those with MCI from progressing to dementia.  "Any intensity of physical exercise performed in midlife may be protective against cognitive decline," principal investigator Yonas E. Geda, MD, professor of neurology and psychiatry…

The Economist, Recherche du temps perdu, Tests for Alzheimer’s are improving. Treatment is still some way off…For now, the most promising data for delaying dementia stem not from drug trials but from studies of behaviour. Yonas Geda and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic told the meeting of new evidence that exercise, especially in middle age, helps preserve the brain’s function and lowers the risk of subsequently developing dementia.

Aitkin Age, Minnesota woman makes medical history by Chelseay Perkins Pine, After 10 years of hospitals, chemotherapy, remission and recurrences of her cancer, what is most important to Stacy Erholtz is her faith in God and her ability to go with the flow. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells, a decade ago, Erholtz, 50, became a part of medical history last year when she participated in a Mayo Clinic study on using measles as a treatment for cancer. The Pequot Lakes woman is the first person in the world to go into complete remission following the therapy, which dealt her a dose of measles virus equivalent to 10 million vaccinations’ worth.

Reuters, Medication errors may be common after hospital discharge by Krystnell Storr, More than half of heart patients in a new U.S. study made mistakes taking their medications or misunderstood instructions given to them after being discharged from the hospital…Participants who scored highest on the math skills test were about 23 percent less likely than those who scored lowest to add or omit medications, the researchers report in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Also in: Chicago Tribune

Florida Times-Union, Former Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. Thane Cody: 1932-2014, Dr. Thane Cody, who was instrumental in bringing the Mayo Clinic to Jacksonville and served as its first chief executive officer, died Thursday at his Queens Harbour home. He was 82 and had suffered from metastatic prostate cancer. Additional coverage: ActionNewsJax

Sacramento Bee, Cancer snuffs ND woman's smell, but not her spirit by Emily Lierle, The first thing Stacy Johnston noticed in February 2010 was that one side of her nose was plugged up. She figured it was a bad sinus infection. She never expected to hear the word "cancer." After monthly doctor's visits, a slew of antibiotics and still no answers, the Williston native visited an ear, nose and throat doctor in Bismarck. "Everything seemed to be OK," she said. The doctor thought she had polyps, so he did surgery. Lab results came back inconclusive and were sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Post-Bulletin, Hormel Historic Home: Intern helps put house in order by Holly Johnson, A project that I have been trying to get to for many months has finally been addressed, thanks to our summer intern. Diana, a high school senior, is with us thanks to funding from Mayo Clinic Heath System — Austin.

Post-Bulletin, Mayo Clinic plans ribbon cutting for new Cannon Falls clinic by Brianna Jett, After 16 months of construction, the new Mayo Clinic Health System building in Cannon Falls will soon be celebrating its grand opening. The new building is a replacement for the current Mayo Clinic facility, which was built in 1958. "It's going to be much more inviting and patient friendly," said Thomas Witt, president and Chief Executive Officer of Mayo Clinic Health System in Cannon Falls, Lake City and Red Wing. Additional coverage: Cannon Falls Beacon

NY Times Sunday Review, Dislocation, Italian Style by Holly Brubach…Any surgeries? Two hip replacements. Where? New York. Two revisions to correct the botched second replacement. Where? The Mayo Clinic. “Rochester!” the resident exclaimed. I hoped the fact that I had been to Mecca would work in my favor here, unlike in some American hospitals, where the mention of the Mayo Clinic seemed to set off cherry bombs of intramural resentment.

NY Times, Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending by Sandeep Jauhar…What is the solution to this predicament? One option is to hire doctors as employees and put them on a salary, as they do at the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, which takes away some of the financial impetus to cram more and more patients into a workday.

Men’s Health, 3 Tricks for Running Harder and Longer…You can go harder during those short intervals than you would when just doing a steady run for the same distance, too. This increases your VO2 max, or how efficiently you take in oxygen to turn calories into energy, so you can push your body farther and faster, according to research from the Mayo Clinic.

Cardiology Today, Sedentary time, not just lack of exercise, detrimental to fitness, A new report published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicates that 1 hour of daily exercise increased fitness in men and women, while an hour of sedentary time decreased overall cardiorespiratory fitness.

Austin Daily Herald,Better than Spongebob’ by Trey Mewes, Children in the area will be able to enjoy a few animal lessons thanks to Karl Potach. The Karl R. Potach Pediatric Clinic has wrapped up the last of its new additions for children to use at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. A video kiosk featuring animals from all over Minnesota was installed in the pediatric clinic in May, the last of more than $220,000 worth of amenities for the clinic.

Ahwatukee Foothills News, Pop Warner, Mayo Clinic team up for concussion program, In response to growing concerns about concussions and head injuries in youth sports, Arizona Pop Warner Football and Cheer and Mayo Clinic announced a collaboration that will provide medical research about the effects of sport-related injuries.

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram,UW-Stout's cadaver program provides benefits, Dr. Alex Hall kept the mood light as a group of rehabilitation professionals viewed preserved human organs in the Jarvis Hall Science Wing at UW-Stout. "Wow, look at the small intestines. Aren't they gorgeous? They're almost like coral, like a coral reef," Hall said, eliciting soft chuckles from a few of the 10 professionals circling her.

Chicago Tribune, The hazards of public dozing by Dr. Timothy Morganthaler, A good night of sleep is worth $10 million. That's the conclusion I'm drawing from the $10 million defamation lawsuit filed this month by Andrew Rector. He alleges that ESPN commentators ridiculed him during a national broadcast when a TV camera recorded him sleeping in the stands at a New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox baseball game…Most adults need about seven to nine hours of nightly sleep for optimal health and alertness.

EndoNurse, Oxygen Sensor Scope Detects Pancreatic Cancer, An optical blood oxygen sensor attached to an endoscope is able to identify pancreatic cancer in patients via a simple endoscopic procedure, according to researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida…"Although this is a small pilot study, the outcome is very promising. There is no test now available that can accurately identify pancreatic cancer at an early stage, short of removing some of the organ," said the study's senior investigator and gastroenterologist, Michael Wallace, MD, MPH. "We need new ways to detect pancreatic cancer effectively, and simply, as early as possible."

Huffington PostHealth Care Advice That Can Save Your Life by Maria Rodale, CEO/Chairman of Rodale, Research doctors and medical facilities I live in Washington, DC, but suddenly, the local hospital has become a Johns Hopkins facility (even though the real Hopkins is in Baltimore), and there is a Cleveland Clinic medical center nearby (but Cleveland is more than 300 miles away). Mayo Clinics are all over the place too. Don't be fooled by those famous brand names. The actual Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo Clinic attract some of the best doctors for many reasons.

Washington Post, Mayo Clinic and Canaan Partners invest $6 million in D.C. man’s image disruptor by Thomas Heath, A Washington entrepreneur who took over a Phoenix-based disruptor in the medical imaging field, in part over frustration while caring for his ill son, has landed $6 million in funding from backers, including the Mayo Clinic and venture capital group Canaan Partners.

Chicago Tribune, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Try different treatment options, lifestyle changes to help ease snoring by Joseph Kaplan, M.D., Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fla., DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is there anything that can be done for snoring other than using a CPAP machine? I've tried using one for the past year, and while my wife says it does prevent me from snoring, I can't sleep comfortably with it on.

Chicago Tribune, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Several treatments may be needed to successfully eliminate plantar warts by Dawn Davis, M.D., Dermatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What's the best way to treat plantar warts to ensure they don't come back? I have them on my feet. At one point, I had them removed with freezing therapy, but they keep returning and even spreading.

Verde Independent, New telestroke program connects Verde Valley Medical Center to Mayo Clinic, Patients taken to the Verde Valley Medical Center - Sedona Campus in need of emergency care for a stroke will benefit from a new telestroke program connecting the campus to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. In telestroke care, a patient can be assessed by a stroke specialist within minutes of arrival at the Emergency Department.

Huffington Post, Stranger Hands Woman A Huge Check For 'Life-Saving' Treatment…But for Stephanie Headley, of Ottawa, the visit just might save her life. The tall, slender man handed over a CA$128,000 check (about $119,000) to cover a stem cell treatment for her autoimmune disorder, according to reports…She has an aggressive form of systemic scleroderma, which can harden the vital organs and connective tissue, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Becker’s Spine Review, The Cost of Spine Care: 5 Factors Surgeons Can Impact by Laura Dyrda…"Spine care addresses one of the most common, often painful and certainly expensive treatments existing," says Paul Huddleston, MD, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. "With tremendous variability in how that care is delivered and the very high frequency of occurrence, spine care and its surgical components are a 'must do' to remain fiscally responsible."

TIME, The Question of Healthy Obesity Continues by Alexandra Sifferlin, In a new review published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers looked at 36 studies and found that among people with coronary artery disease, those with a high BMI had the lowest cardiovascular mortality risk compared to people with a normal weight.

Dunn County News, The human touch…The group was from the physical rehabilitation department at Mayo Clinic Health System — Red Cedar in Menomonie. Over two days, 20 providers — 10 each day — took a continuing education course through UW-Stout’s Discovery Center and the university’s cadaver program in the biology department…After doing identification, the providers, wearing white lab coats, goggles and purple examination gloves, then dissected four joints on the cadavers: shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. “They can actually see the muscles they work with everyday,” said Jodi Dotseth, director of the rehabilitation department at Mayo Clinic Health System — Red Cedar. She accompanied the group.

KTIV Iowa, Surgery successful for Bishop Heelan's Solsma, Bishop Heelan senior Trent Solsma underwent successful surgery Wednesday for Thyroid cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Trent tweeted this score, "Solsma 1, Cancer 0". His baseball season is over but Trent may be back in the dugout when Heelan opens district play on Friday.

Suddeutsche (German),Etwas rund ist gesund,  Gleich zwei Studien im Fachblatt Mayo Clinic Proceedings (online) vom heutigen Donnerstag bestätigen erneut den gesundheitlichen Wert des Übergewichts. Additional coverage: WWL Radio

La Salud, Sugerencias para un verano sin lesions…El mes de mayo fue declarado mes nacional de concienciación sobre traumatismos y el experto en la prevención de traumatismos y lesiones de Mayo Clinic, Dr. Donald Jenkins, ofrece algunas sugerencias de cómo prevenir este verano algunas lesiones comunes en adultos y niños, sin que sean  expensas de la diversión.

Am.com, Detectar tos crónica como síntoma de asma, En algunos niños, la tos crónica puede ser síntoma de asma, enfermedad que puede producir tos nocturna persistente, que consiste en toser durante más de tres semanas seguidas, o tos ante la exposición al aire frío, al ejercicio o a la risa, indica Brian A. Lynch, pediatría de Mayo Clinic en Rochester, Minnesota.

LaSalud, ¿Puede un niño padecer el síndrome del colon irritable?...“Muchos niños padecen de dolor de estómago, pero ese generalmente no es síntoma de ningún problema médico grande y a menudo se resuelve sin ninguna intervención. Sin embargo, cuando el dolor de estómago del niño perdura, entonces se convierte en algo preocupante sobre todo si el problema continúa durante tres meses o más”, comenta el Dr. William Faubion, Gastroenterólogo de Mayo Clinic en Rochester, Minnesota.

El Universal, Cardiólogos exhortan a retirar los saleros de las mesas…Eso equivale a una cucharadita de sal. Y hay que considerar que, según advierte la Clínica Mayo en su libro 5 pasos para controlar la hipertensión, cerca de 77% del sodio que se consume a diario proviene de lo que contienen los alimentos, especialmente industrializados, y sólo 23% es sal que se añade conscientemente a las comidas.

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