October 9, 2014

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich

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Reuters TV
Scrambling away pain for cancer patients

Researchers are testing a device called the Scrambler which ''re-trains'' the brain to alleviate chronic pain caused by chemotherapy Reuters VIdeo logotreatment… Dr. Charles Loprinzi of the Mayo Clinic says peripheral neuropathy occurs when the brain sends pain signals to damaged nerves in a constant cycle.

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Context: Charles Loprinzi, M.D., is the Regis Professor of Breast Cancer Research and a Mayo Clinic medical oncologist.

Public Affairs Contact: Sharon Theimer


Huffington Post
Your Perpetually Stuffed Nose Is Just Your Body Fighting The Good Fight
by Sarah Klein

…When we're sick, our bodies get busy fighting off the infection -- and some of that fighting manifests as the very symptoms we associate witHuff Post Health and Fitness Logoh our maladies. "Some part of why we feel sick when we have an infection is actually the body's immune response," says Mayo Clinic infectious diseases physician and researcher Pritish Tosh, M.D.

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Context: Pritish Tosh, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert.

Public Affairs Contact: Alyson Gonzalez


Star Tribune
Medica makes MNsure play in Rochester
by Christopher Snowbeck

Medica is launching a new health insurance plan in the Rochester area that offers lower premiums if people primarily get their health care from the Mayo Clinic. For years, insurers have blamed high costs at Mayo for above-average insurance premiums across southeastern Minnesota, but Medica says good care Star Tribune Business section logocoordination by Mayo doctors will let the insurer charge less for the new product, called “Medica With Mayo Clinic.” “Premiums long have been higher in the Rochester area, and that’s really been driven by the providers in that area,” said Dannette Coleman, a senior vice president with Medica.

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

Additional coverage:

Modern Healthcare, Narrow network plan with Mayo to debut on Minnesota exchange by Bob Herman, Health insurer Medica is rolling out a new narrow-network plan in Minnesota, an increasingly common option, and Mayo Clinic will be the enticement to draw in potential enrollees. The plan, which will be offered both off and on Minnesota's exchange established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, will include only specific providers in southern Minnesota. But the insurer said monthly premiums and copayments will be affordable for those who choose the plan.

MinnPost, Northfield News, Post-Bulletin, Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, Republican EagleCNBC, Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, KTTC, MPR 

Context: Medica and Mayo Clinic today announced a new health plan for individuals and families in southern Minnesota that comes at a lower cost than other available options. The plan, Medica with Mayo Clinic, is available for a January 1, 2015, effective date and can be purchased both on and off MNSure, Minnesota’s public health insurance exchange.  This health plan expands options for consumers seeking Mayo Clinic care in Rochester and throughout southern Minnesota at a lower cost than other available options and at the lowest price in southeast Minnesota on the MNsure exchange. More information can be found in the news release.

Public Affairs Contact: Adam Brase


INTERVIEW: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
by Cassie Hart

… Just two months ago a new law went into effect in Minnesota to bring those numbers down. Doctors are KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Lognow required to notify women if they have dense breast tissue. Mayo Clinic Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, a lead breast cancer researcher, stopped by KSTP to talk more about it. Meanwhile, this weekend more than 1,000 people will join together to walk in the fight against breast cancer.

Reach: KSTP-TV, Channel 5, is an ABC affiliate serving the Twin Cities area, central Minnesota and western Wisconsin, the 15th largest market in the U.S.

Context: October is Breast Cancer Awareness MonthSandhya Pruthi, M.D. is the principal investigator at Mayo Clinic for several nationwide multicenter breast cancer chemoprevention trials; these are interdisciplinary efforts with the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. She is also actively involved in cancer education for both patients and health care providers.

Public Affairs Contact: Joe Dangor

NBC Nightly News, Glen Campbell's Battle with Alzheimer's and Last Recorded Song, As music legend Glen Campbell enters the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, his family is giving the world a rare glimpse inside his battle with the disease.…In March, Campbell’s doctor, Dr. Ronald Petersen, Director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, advised Campbell’s wife that it was time to move him to a specialized memory care facility that could care for him 24 hours a day.

NBC News, Paul Revere, Leader of the Raiders Rock Band, Dies at 76, Paul Revere, the organist and leader of the Raiders rock band, has died. He was 76. Roger Hart, manager for Paul Revere and the Raiders, said he died Saturday at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho, from cancer. "He'd been quiet about it for some time," Hart said. "Treated at the Mayo Clinic, Paul stayed on the road as long as he could, then retired recently back to Idaho, where he and his wife, Sydney, always kept a home." Additional coverage: Belfast Telegraph UK, Huffington Post, St. Albert Gazette

Advisory Board, For some gluten sensitive, 'gluten-free' isn't enough...To make an NCGS diagnosis, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist Joseph Murray says: Celiac disease blood test must be negative; An intestinal biopsy must show no signs of damage; There must be no other explanation for the symptoms; Symptoms must improve on a gluten-free diet; and Symptoms must reoccur when gluten is reintroduced to the diet (Brody, "Well," New York Times, 10/6).

Huffington Post, More Parents in California Are Refusing to Vaccinate Their Kids by Lawrence Solomon, Safety aside, many parents believe the advertised benefits of vaccines to be overhyped, and can point to credible sources to back up their view. The Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group, one of the world's largest in the field, views today's measles vaccine as a failure that needs to be rethought and replaced. According to Dr. Gregory Poland, a Professor of Medicine and the head of the group, because the vaccine has a high failure rate and wanes in effectiveness even when it takes, "this leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized."

Huffington Post,  Vows by Vicki Wilson, In 2011, around the time my 1-year-old son began to learn to walk, my mother began to lose her balance…After three years of doctors being unable to tell us why, we finally ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota hoping for help. It was a Wednesday, a few days after Mother's Day. Our neurologist sat me, my father, and my mother down in his small exam room and told us that my mom had Multiple System Atrophy…

USA Today, When Lou Gehrig (maybe) met Frank Sinatra in Cincinnati, If only the ghost of Crosley Field could speak. Surely the ballpark would share a story about Lou Gehrig's final game appearance in a Yankees uniform 75 years ago Wednesday. And just maybe, a mystery would be solved. Ray Dahlgren believes Frank Sinatra went to see Gehrig in a Crosley Field dugout during the 1939 World Series.…The individual who looks like Sinatra purportedly asks for Gehrig's autograph on what looks to be a scorecard in the photo that also includes Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Paul O'Leary to Gehrig's left.

Jacksonville Business Journal, Walmart extends employee health coverage to Mayo Cancer centers  by Colleen Jones, Not only is Walmart now offering in-store signups for Medicare and public exchange plans created under the Affordable Care Act for its customers, but the national retailer is also extending the healthcare options it offers its employees to include treatment at Mayo Clinic. Additional coverage: Walmart Blog, Yahoo! Finanzas en Espanol

Arizona Republic, Walmart drops health insurance for 30,000 part-time workers by Ken Alltucker, While part-time employees will lose coverage, Walmart said it will offer a new partnership with Mayo Clinic that could benefit some cancer patients. Employees or dependents who are diagnosed with the three most common types of cancer – breast, colon and lung cancers – will be eligible for an external review of their medical situation by Mayo Clinic…Dr. Wyatt Decker, president of Mayo Clinic in Arizona, said the arrangement may open new options for the patient such as a clinical trial or a new treatment that is unavailable in their community. Employees or dependents could be eligible for 100 percent coverage of medical treatments and travel costs for the patient and a caregiver, Walmart said. Additional coverage: Daily News, City Wire

CNN, Sleeper spaceship could carry first humans to Mars in hibernation state, Six astronauts lie motionless in a row of compartments with medical monitoring cables connected to their bodies, as their space ship cuts through the silent blackness that separates Earth from Mars. They're sound asleep and will be for the extent of their six-month trip, having been placed in an artificially induced state of hibernation called torpor.…Sending astronauts that far into space would be too challenging, costly and grueling without it, says space engineer John Bradford, whose Atlanta-based company SpaceWorks wrote the study for NASA.…The patients who stayed under for two weeks fared as well as those who were put under for a shorter time. wo weeks is a time frame SpaceWorks can live with and one that Bradford says his medical partners at the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University are more comfortable with.

TIME, Why Most Pregnancy Guides Are a Total Turnoff by Allison Yarrow, There was so much about what can go horribly wrong and it was not nice to read while pregnant.” Instead, Lott and Cirilli picked up The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, the second most popular pregnancy book on Amazon.com, for it’s direct approach and pedigree.

Self, 7 Things We Love From the New Issue of SELF…We can sleep with our furry friends. Contrary to earlier research, the Mayo Clinic found that about only ten percent of pet owners are disrupted during their snoozefests, which leaves 90 percent of us to snuggle the night away. And that’s just ONE piece of cool health news you'll find inside.

Prevention magazine, 7 Food Fixes For Thinning Hair by Jessica Migala…If your natural color is fading...Eat: Shiitake Mushrooms…There’s no standard RDA for copper, but the Mayo Clinic recommends a minimum of 1.5 mg per day. Half a cup of cooked shiitake mushrooms provides nearly half that amount (savor them in this easy wild mushroom burger). Seaweed and sesame seeds are also good sources.

Washington Post, A guide to Bubba Kush, Purple Urkle and the rest of the marijuana pharmacopeia…It’s all hard to evaluate. For one thing, in this new era of widespread medical marijuana use, “experts” tend to come from places other than the Mayo Clinic or the National Institutes of Health; like computer hackers, a lot of these people have developed their skills outside the mainstream.

Bloomberg, Bill for Ebola Adds Up as Care Costs $1,000 an Hour by Alex Wayne, Isolation procedures can include placing patients by themselves in rooms capable of negative air pressure, to prevent microorganisms from escaping, said Pritish Tosh, an infectious diseases physician and researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Physicians and nurses treating the patients must don gloves, gowns and masks with eye protection before entering the room and dispose of the gear afterward, he said.

La Crosse Tribune, Local health officials on alert in case of ebola… If it is positive, health officials would check anyone the person may have been in contact with, they said. “Nothing is impossible, but it is unlikely to happen here because our way of life is so different from Africa,” said Kellee Dixon, an infection prevention and control specialist at Mayo-Franciscan.

Chicago Phoenix, Ebola 101: Stop worrying so much by Gerald Farinas… The Mayo Clinic says that the epidemic in West Africa is exacerbated by lack of protective gear like gloves and face masks, and supplies like needles. There is lack of sterilization as healthcare professionals move from one patient to another, as is heavily regulated in nations like the U.S.

Modern Healthcare, Mayo Clinic partners with kiosk maker in virtual visits pilot by Darius Tahir, Mayo Clinic is partnering with Columbus, Ohio-based HealthSpot to extend its virtual reach. Mayo plans a pilot, beginning in the middle of October and lasting for a year, using HealthSpot walk-in kiosks for patient visits. Mayo will initially target the employees at its Austin and Albert Lea campuses in Minnesota.

Post-Bulletin, Mayo Clinic to bring a medical kiosk to an employer near you by Jeff Hansel, Mayo Clinic has announced a pilot program to bring health providers into the work environment using telemedicine kiosks. "Mayo Clinic Health Connection" will start with Mayo Clinic Health System employees in Austin and Albert Lea. Additional coverage: HealthSpot, Austin Daily Herald, Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, MedCity News

Yahoo! Finance, IBM opens new Watson HQ, details new projects, IBM revealed details about new projects for its Watson cognitive computing software as it opened its New York headquarters.… It continues to partner with cancer centers like MD Anderson in Houston and the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis to develop new diagnostic tools and ways to manage clinical trials.

Globe and Mail,Miracle cures’ such as hemp oil can hurt more than help by Carly Weeks…Dr. Charles Loprinzi, the Regis professor of breast-cancer research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., has not studied hemp oil. But he’s seen plenty of examples of overhyped miracle “cures” that fail to live up to their promise. Even standard medical advances are hard to come by, with plenty of money and time spent on new drugs or treatments that ultimately fail to make a difference in patients.

Huffington Post Canada, What I Learned This Week: Is Good News the Cure for a Cold? By Andy Nulman…As silly as this might sound, there is some scientific backup for my finding. Way back in 1983, writer and professor Norman Cousins wrote the best-selling "Anatomy of An Illness," which described how he used humour and positivity to battle what was supposed to be a terminal ailment. His finding has since spawned a whole industry of "laughter is the best medicine" books, seminars and consultants, and the basic concept is now endorsed by organizations as credible as the Mayo Clinic.

Health magazine, 6 Prescription Mistakes You’re Making by Rachel Swalin, It’s hard to imagine a time when there wasn’t a pill—sometimes dozens of different ones—to treat so many health conditions. Today, 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug and more than half take two, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Medscape, Promising New Drug for Migraine Prevention by Pauline Anderson… Although preliminary, the results are promising, said lead author, David W. Dodick, professor, neurology, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona. "In 30 years of preclinical work in animals, and clinical work in humans, this is the most validated target in migraine," Dr Dodick told Medscape Medical News.

WJAX Fla, Breast cancer treatments tailored to each patient, A groundbreaking new study is underway at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville that’s being compared to the discovery of penicillin. A group of 140 women will take part in a breast cancer genome-guided therapy called B.E.A.U.T.Y.  "Everyone is made up of genes, it's like a code and it's trying to figure out what everyone’s code is,“ Dr. Sarah McLaughlin said.

ActionNewsJax, Breast cancer treatments tailored to each patient by Paige Kelton, A groundbreaking new study is underway at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville that’s being compared to the discovery of penicillin. A group of 140 women will take part in a breast cancer genome-guided therapy called B.E.A.U.T.Y. "Everyone is made up of genes, it's like a code and it's trying to figure out what everyone’s code is,“ Dr. Sarah McLaughlin said.

News4Jax, Enterovirus hits Florida, First enterovirus case in Florida, joining me now is Dr. Vandana Bhide from the Mayo Clinic.

Post-Bulletin, Enterovirus D68 case confirmed by Jeff Hansel,  A virus affecting mostly kids that causes cold-like symptoms and has sent hundreds of children to hospitals in other states has been confirmed in Rochester. A Mayo Clinic official told the Post-Bulletin exclusively Friday that Mayo in Rochester has had one positive case of enterovirus D68. "We know enterovirus is in our community, though most patients do not require hospitalization," says information from Dr. Charles Huskins, a pediatric infectious disease expert.

KLOVE, An Unusual Virus Spikes, Hits Children… “Human Enterovirus D68” (EV-D68) is verified in 43 states and the District of Columbia. More than 500 people have been confirmed to have the infection…To help us learn more about this bug, we spoke with Vickie Parsons, C.N.P., C.D.E., a nurse practitioner with the Mayo Clinic Health System. “So this virus really looks like the common cold for the average person.  So it’s the runny nose, maybe a little body ache, and a cough and sneezing… is typically what you’re going to see with this average virus.“

News4Jax, Festival of Hope, Billy Graham’s Grandson in Town, The grandson of famous evangelical Billy Graham is here to announce a big event coming to town in May of next year the greater Jacksonville Festival -- Festival of Hope…he loves coming down here. He's received great care, especially at the Mayo Clinic, but the best way to describe my granddaddy's health, he's just old…Additional coverage: Florida Times-Union

News4Jax, Florida doctor says 'Grain Brain' may be killing us… David Perlmutter, author of the book Grain Brain, believes that we need to return to how our distant ancestors used to eat. This diet consisted of about 75 percent fat and only 5 percent carbohydrates. Today, he believes we eat far too many carbs because on average more than half of our diet consists of them. A study by the Mayo Clinic found that people 70 years or older who have a diet high in carbohydrates had a 3.6 times higher of a chance of developing mild to cognitive impairment of Alzheimer’s.

News4Jax, The Mayo Clinic is celebrating 150th Anniversary, Bob Walters, great grandson of Dr. Will is on the show.

Pensacola News Journal, Mobile exhibit celebrates 150 years of the Mayo Clinic by Kalyn Wolfe, For 150 years, the Mayo Clinic has made significant medical advancements in health care and technology. On Oct. 9, Pensacola will get an opportunity to see a piece of its rich history through an interactive mobile exhibit at Baptist Hospital. This 1,000-square-foot rig is traveling through the country, stopping at select cities and venues to teach people about the contributions the Mayo Clinic has made in the past 150 years.

First Coast News, Millions donated to help build Hope Lodge in Jax by Mike Lyons, A donation of millions of dollars will begin the process of bringing a Hope Lodge to Jacksonville for use by people having to travel here for cancer treatment. The Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville is donating the land to build the Hope Lodge, plans are to build it by 2018. Also in: Florida Times-Union

First Coast News, Stranger from Texas grants local man gift of life by Laura Caso, Three years ago, Charlie Wilwerth was having trouble getting the mail. Each time he stepped out of his Saint Augustine home, he felt himself winded and out of breath after walking just 100 feet… Wilwerth was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia just a few days later. Days later his journey with chemotherapy began at the Mayo Clinic. He recovered and was sent home after spending many days in nights in the hospital.

Florida Times-Union, Project Pink: Tests available to assess risk from gene mutation… However, it’s worth noting that because these gene mutations are rare, about 5 to 10 percent of cancer patients have a dominant gene mutation that affected their likelihood of cancer, said Stephanie Hines, chair of the division of consultative and diagnostic medicine for the Mayo Clinic…Ravin Williams, a certified genetic counselor at the Mayo Clinic, said most patients with a positive gene mutation are more worried about their children than themselves. She said doctors recommend waiting until children reach adult age to get them tested so they will be able to emotionally deal with the results.

WKBT La Crosse, Recommendations to get vaccinated as flu season begins… For the first time this year Mayo Health Clinic in La Crosse opened their flu clinic Wednesday. Depending on your age you can get either an injectable vaccine or a vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. “For children 2-8 years of age, the actual recommendation is that they do get the nasal version that it seems to be more effective than the injection. Above age 8, the injectable and nasal preparation seems to be affective both ways,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Pediatrician Thomas Dunigan.

WEAU Eau Claire, Local health workers train for possibility of Ebola, While Ebola has not hit Wisconsin, local health workers are staying one step ahead by training its staff. Both Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire and the Eau Claire City-County Health Dept. said they’re training so that staff are ready for whatever comes their way, including Ebola. Suzanne Secraw is the Emergency Department supervisor at Mayo Clinic Health System. She said around 85 workers in her department have started training over the last few weeks on the off chance that the Ebola virus travels from West Africa to Eau Claire.

The Conversation, Why hospitals need more generalist doctors and specialist nurses by Don Campbell,…What progress is being made? Disruptive innovation will need to challenge professional silos built around specialisation, as well as stereotypes. This fresh approach is starting to appear in a diverse range of settings, such as the Mayo Clinic, where the Center for Innovation’s mission is to transform the experience and delivery of health care through the application of design thinking.

Post-Bulletin, Lady Pastor: Mayowood tour brings Rochester history to life by Emily Carson, Many busloads of people followed the dragon-toothed fence lining Mayowood Road on Saturday. We all made our way out to the Mayowood estate for an open house. The event was part of the Mayo Clinic Sesquicentennial. The day afforded the chance to cherish the immaculate estate as well as enjoy the golden, maroon, and purple hues of the bountiful chrysanthemum blooms.

Reuters, Top Research Collaborations Explain How They Are Speeding the Path to Cures… Thirty of the most creative, cross-sector collaborations in medical research will present their models to potential partners and funders at FasterCures' sixth annual Partnering for Cures meeting, November 16-18 in New York City. Selected through a competitive proposal process, these partnerships are aimed at reducing the time and cost of getting new medical solutions from discovery to patients… 19. Mayo Clinic: Partnership for development of novel treatments for heart valve disease.

NewsMax, Manage Your Healthcare With Persistence by Susan Estrich, I've had stomachaches for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I called it an "uncomfortable feeling." As an adult, it was sometimes downright painful. But they came and went, and I chalked it up to stress and overwork and my long family history of stomachaches… I say this assuming the most recent doctor, the one I met last week at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, is right. I didn't manage my medical care. I just endured long enough to find someone my gut told me I should listen to, in the same way my clients should listen to me.  But what I also found at Mayo, and not just from the doctor, was hope and courage. Additional coverage: Yahoo! News

KAAL, The Soaring Cost of Downtown Rochester Real Estate, There's no doubt Rochester is a growing city. With Mayo's Destination Medical Center, a lot of that growth is happening downtown. For people looking to buy real estate in that part of the city, they're going to have to pay for it.

Post-Bulletin, Rochester downtown building sells for $10 million, A $10 million sale of a downtown building shows the city center's real estate remains hot as the temperatures start to drop. An international real estate investor, represented as Baheya LLC, purchased the Brackenridge Skyway Plaza at 21 Second St. S.W. on Sept. 30.  Brackenridge is an almost fully leased commercial building with long-term tenants that include Mayo Clinic, Erberts & Gerberts sandwich shop, the Zumbro Valley Medical Society and a small scarf store along the skyway.

Steamboat Today, Move to Steamboat: YVMC enters partnership with Mayo Clinic, In a much-heralded affiliation bringing even better medical care to Steamboat Springs, in March 2014, the Yampa Valley Medical Center entered into a new partnership with the Mayo Clinic giving local physicians the ability to consult with the clinic's specialists across the country. YVMC is the second Colorado hospital to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network after Aspen Valley Hospital joined in 2013.

BringMeTheNews, The skinny: Saturated fat not as bad as you think, study says by Jessica Mador… The experts at Mayo Clinic break down the difference between so-called good (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated), and bad (saturated and trans fats) fats.

PharmaLetter, Cardio3 Biosciences gains preferred access to all Mayo Clinic regenerative medicine portfolio, Belgium biotech firm Cardio3 BioSciences (Euronext Brussels: CARD), says it has signed a preferred access agreement with the USA’s Mayo Clinic. Under this accord, Mayo grants Cardio3 BioSciences preferred access to technologies developed in the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, as well as select other Mayo technologies.

The Chippewa Herald, Hospitals, agencies combine on health report…The cooperative Chippewa-Eau Claire County Community Health Improvement Project is aimed at finding what health issues communities in the two counties face. The results will be used in a public report next year. Scheduled to appear at the 10 a.m. news conference in Eau Claire are: Joan Coffman, president-CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls; Julie Manas, president and CEO of Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire and Dr. Randall Linton, president and CEO of Mayo Clinic Health System.

KAAL, Rochester High School Students Learn About Healthcare, At Rochester’s Community and Technical college, a group of high school students were dissecting gummies inside a dark compartment. They were guided by what appeared to be a small camera planted inside.  No, they were not simply playing with their food. The gummies were being dissected with real surgical tools using medical cameras. "When you're a little kid, you think about what you want to be when you grow up, it's always something that you're exposed to," said Jon Ninas, a Career Awareness Specialist with Mayo Clinic. Additional coverage: KTTC, KIMT

San Francisco Business Times, Gut instinct brings Second Genome, Mayo together in drug research deal by Ron Leuty, Second Genome Inc., the South San Francisco company tapping bacteria in our guts to find possible drugs to cure a range of diseases, said Tuesday that it signed a research collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. Additional coverage: GenomeWeb

KAAL, Hundreds of Doctors Meet at Mayo for Genome Conference by Brianna Long, Doctors call it the future of medicine; genomics. It's the study of a person's DNA, and how it can help transform the way patients are treated. It's being done at Mayo Clinic's Individualized Medicine Center. Hundreds of doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world will be at Mayo Civic Center for three days for the Individualizing Medicine Conference, hosted by Mayo Clinic. Additional coverage: Post-Bulletin, KTTC

Science Magazine, Rewriting the Genome: Even DNA Needs an Editor by Jeffrey Perkel, . Now a new class of genome- and epigenome-editing tools is reshaping the landscape. From Arabidopsis to humans to zebrafish, researchers are finding that, generally speaking, when it comes to the genome, if they can dream it, they can build it…"This is a non-trivial nuance," explains Stephen Ekker, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Rochester, Minnesota. "There are many reviews that argue that what happens is that the guide RNA finds double-stranded DNA in an extended complex, like a PCR primer does, and then Cas9 comes in and cuts it. That's not how it works."

The Spectrum Utah, In Our View: Sitting is the new smoking…Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic – Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk, has spent many years studying the adverse effects of today's sedentary lifestyle and sums up his findings in two sentences: "Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more risky than parachuting. Americans are quite literally sitting themselves to death!"

Arizona Daily Star, To stay fit, don't sit by Johanna Willett… When Dr. James A. Levine — a leading crusader against chairs— said so about 10 years ago, the medical community laughed at him. Not so today. If you hadn’t heard, sitting is the new smoking. Now a professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University and co-director of their joint Obesity Solutions Initiative, Levine has a bandwagon of supporters standing beside him. Additional coverage of Dr. Levine: Mail & Guardian Africa

WIFR Ill., New Pink Squad Car Honors Roscoe Cancer Survivor, Only few things that stand out more than an old cop car painted bright pink, but someone that does stand out more is the person that this new pink vehicle is named after. Here's a first look at "Patty" an old squad car named for Patty Pann. The Roscoe woman was the first of many to sign the car Tuesday night. Despite never smoking, Pann was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in august of 2013. Pann's a fighter going through 14 rounds of chemotherapy for tumors since found on her brain, spine ribs and other areas. Pann is in treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and is currently in clinical trial for a month. She says pink never had been her color, but it is now.

Eye Research, NAEVR and ARVO Represented by Young Investigators at the Rally for Medical Research Advocacy Day 2014…AEVR was represented by ARVO member Adiv Johnson, Ph.D., a Research Fellow in the Ophthalmology Department at the Mayo Clinic who studies the genetic basis of eye disease to understand the mechanisms by which disease-causing mutations result in vision loss and blindness from retinal degeneration.

WXOW La Crosse, Flu season is here by Stacy Shones, The cold weather has moved in and that means the flu season is here.  Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare said they've already seen a handful of flu cases and they expect that number to continue to rise throughout the winter months…Mayo Clinic Health System said most people pick up the flu during the winter months because we tend to spend more time in doors. "We are inside more and it gets spread through coughing on each other or close contact," said Kellee Dixon, Infection, Prevention and Control Specialist.

Lifescript, Stop Middle-Age Belly Fat by Sheryl Kraft, Weight gain is harder to avoid as you age, but it’s not impossible. By making simple changes, you can avoid the spare tire that often accompanies menopause. Read on for 10 expert tips to stop middle-age belly fat...“Studies in women have demonstrated an increase in waist circumference and abdominal fat associated with the final menstrual period,” adds Deborah Rhodes, M.D., associate professor of the Department of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

WQOW Eau Claire, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Cancer survivor Tracey Samuelson, a registered nurse in Orthopedics, is the honorary chair of the 2014 Making Strides for Breast Cancer. She was interviewed today about the 5-mile walk. Mayo Clinic Health System is an annual sponsor of the walk, which raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Dallas Morning News, Family squabbles, stress put cancer patients at higher risk following surgery, Cancer patients burdened by stress and family conflicts before surgery may face a higher risk for complications following their operation, a new study suggests…“We’ve long known that patient quality of life is a complex and important construction,” said study lead author Dr. Juliane Bingener, a professor of surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “It involves spiritual health, mental health, social support and family support. And we know that for cancers such as colon, pancreatic and lung cancer, it can predict overall survival. But what we didn’t know is if it also correlates with complication risk following surgery.”

Yahoo! Sports, Middleweight Jermain Taylor getting undeserved IBF title fight, Jermain Taylor has no business fighting for the IBF middleweight championship on Wednesday at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Miss., but not for the reason that most think… He had been fully cleared medically by doctors at both the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. Neither set of physicians saw a reason why Taylor shouldn't be licensed to fight.

Review of Ophthalmology, Herpes Zoster Virus: Vaccinate & Treat Early by Michelle Stephenson, Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus According to Thomas Liesegang, MD, who is in practice at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, ophthalmologists see the worst cases of zoster. “We see more complicated cases on the surface of the eye, on the surface of the skin and on the surface of the conjunctiva, but it also can manifest itself intraocularly.

Philadelphia Tribune, Apple aims to provide medical history in palm of hand…Electronic Medical Records technology allows data to “travel” with patients beyond a specific doctor’s office or medical facility. In addition, Apple recently announced it will partner with the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University. Reuters reports the latter will help Type 1 diabetes patients to track their progress via HealthKit on iPods. Ultimately, HealthKit apps would be maximized on the upcoming Apple Watch.

Des Moines Register, Donated wheels set Ankeny cancer patient free by Kristin Danley-Greiner, Last week, 12-year-old Megan Ford finally had a taste of freedom. Currently in remission from a rare and aggressive form of cancer — T-cell acute-lymphoblastic-leukemia — the Woodside Middle School student from Ankeny had been confined to a hospital bed for months. She has endured chemotherapy, drug treatments and a bone marrow transplant courtesy of her own brother…Megan and her mom, Linda, left for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., Thursday for further tests. The family is awaiting results from the lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy that will determine whether she remains in remission.

La Crosse Tribune, Mayo to state: Southern power line route would stifle Onalaska plans by Mike Tighe, Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare objects to one of the routes for the Badger-Coulee power transmission line because it could stymie development on its new 187-acre property in Onalaska or its 8-year-old clinic a few miles away. Although the La Crosse-based system has not determined its plans for the parcel it bought in February, chief administrative officer Joe Kruse said Monday that he and CEO Tim Johnson have filed an objection with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to the southern route of two proposed pathways.

Bismarck Tribune, Pharmacist creates drug to ease burden on women with cancer by Amy Sisk… A new gel created by a Bismarck pharmacist aims to combat the vaginal dryness that can accompany breast and other gynecological cancers.… The Mayo Clinic contacted him two years ago after working with him on another project and asked him to develop a gel for a study on vaginal dryness in women with cancer.

Cancer Network, Three-Drug Combo Improved PFS in Relapsed, Refractory Myeloma by Leah Lawrence,…In an editorial that accompanied the results, S. Vincent Rajkumar, MD, of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., pointed out several caveats to the study, including the fact that there was no difference in overall response between the two treatment groups, that, although  not yet available, quality-of-life data will likely show that use of panobinostat affects quality of life when given at the dose used in this study, and that the twice-per-week dosing of bortezomib used in this study has since been shown to have an unacceptable toxicity profile.

Leisure Management UK, Mayo Clinic extends Healthy Living Programme to include spa services by Helen Andrews, US healthcare provider, the Mayo Clinic, has expanded its Healthy Living Programme – which launched earlier this year – to include a weight management plan and spa services. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Programme is a whole-body wellness experience guided by medical research and evidence-based medicine offering solutions to improve guests' quality of life.

Post-Bulletin, Renovated Mayowood opens it doors, The Mayowood mansion is reviving a grand flower show Sunday at the Rochester home of famed Mayo Clinic founder Dr. Charlie H. Mayo. Chuck Potter, president of the Friends of Mayowood, said that in 1924 or '25 there were 60,000 chrysanthemums in a long-ago mansion greenhouse and upon the surrounding grounds. Nearly 15,000 people ventured onto the mansion grounds to view them. Additional coverage: KIMT, Midwest Home magazine

KEYC Mankato, New Flu Vaccine Guidelines for Kids…Shots can be scary. Especially when you're still young enough to be visiting a pediatric nurse practitioner like Mayo Clinic Health System's Vicki Parsons…Vicki Parsons says "It has more strains in it that can increase your immunity to more variety of flu, versus the shot a lot of times has three in it. And we find the immune reaction is really better when you have that virus that's weakened but not killed."

Star Tribune, Still Running for a Cure by Tony Capecchi, A year ago, it didn’t look like Matt Zechmann would be around to see the 2nd Annual Desmoid Dash on October 11, 2014. …But a diverse team of Mayo’s finest doctors saved Matt that night and he beat the odds––despite losing a staggering 750 milliliters of blood––to earn an appropriate nickname among the Mayo staff: Superman.

Arizona Business Magazine, 2014 Most Admired Companies…Mayo Clinic Admirable qualities: Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation fuses design principles with the scientific method to uncover human needs in the health care environment, which include empathy, creativity, systems thinking and a human centered focus. The center's philosophy is "Think big. Start small. Move fast."

Jackson Clarion-Ledger Miss., UMMC, Mayo Clinic collaborate to help patients, Mayo Clinic, looking to expand its research options and partner with other medical facilities across the globe, began a decades-long collaboration in the 1990s with the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Now, more than 20 years later, Mississippi’s leading medical research facility and one of the world’s most renowned health care centers has expanded that …. , signing a formal agreement to partner on clinical trials, medical research and education. Additional coverage: BND.com Jackson, Miss., Sacramento Bee, Mississippi Business Journal, WTVA

HealthDay, Standard Treatment for Underactive Thyroid Gland Still Best: Experts, An expert panel reviewing treatments for hypothyroidism has concluded that the drug levothyroxine (L-T4) should remain the standard of care.…The guidelines "provide useful, up-to-date information on why to treat, including subclinical disease, who to treat, and how to treat hypothyroidism," Dr. Hossein Gharib, president of the thyroid association, said in a journal news release. "Information is evidence-based and recommendations are graded. I think they will be used extensively by all clinical endocrinologists, especially by our members," added Gharib, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn.

Monitor on Psychology, Mind games, Can brain-training games keep your mind young? By Kirsten Weir…Many commercial brain games target this ability with the hope that processing-speed improvements will spill over into other cognitive domains, says Glenn Smith, PhD, a neuropsychologist at the Mayo Clinic and a member of the APA Committee on Aging. His research has shown that training people in one cognitive skill can lead to benefits in other areas of cognition, such as memory and attention.  Smith admits he started out as a brain-training doubter. Then about 10 years ago, a researcher from Posit Science approached him at a scientific conference. That conversation led to his designing a randomized trial to put the product to the test.

Post-Bulletin, Medical helicopter safety remains Mayo One priority by Jeff Hansel… In fact, many of the safety features recommended in 2009 by Mayo One medical-helicopter experts after a spate of fate crashes around the country have been instituted. For example, said Glenn Lyden, spokesman for Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, the use of night-vision goggles has increased among providers of medical-helicopter services.

Star Tribune, MNsure: Twin Cities' rates still look cheaper, but gap is shrinking in Minnesota…‘Mayo Clinic effect’ Some have branded high rates in Rochester as a “Mayo Clinic effect,” since insurers say the clinic has negotiating power that results in higher reimbursement rates for services. In southeast Minnesota, the clinic’s leverage comes from the fact that it can be tough to sell a health plan without Mayo in an insurance company’s network, said Stephen Parente, a health policy researcher at the University of Minnesota.

ABC30 Calif., Health Disparities in America, by Margot Kim Does your mental health outcome depend on your age, gender, or race? Most people would like to think the answer is no, but studies show there are disparities...Orthopedic surgeon for the Mayo Clinic in Florida, Mary O'Connor M.D. says doctors often treat women like Lauren differently than men. O'Connor told ABC30, "The term I like to use is, I'm not sure that a woman's voice is always heard as clearly."

Portland Press Herald, Letter to the editor: Organ donors provide a precious gift I would like to describe five recent weekdays of my life, but first I want to give you a little history about myself. I am a 69-year-old woman who has been listed as an organ donor since my mid-20s. Little did I know that last month, I’d have an opportunity to be considered as a “live” kidney donor.After a week of extensive medical testing at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, I was denied the opportunity to help my friend because of my own unknown medical conditions and physical kidney anatomy. It was disappointing and heartbreaking, but it was an eye-opening look into the world of organ donations.

KIMT, Fountain Centers celebrates 40th anniversary…Jenine Koliolek, the outreach specialist for Fountain Centers says they have come a long way over the year, but she has high hopes that things will only to continue to grow over the next 40 years. “I think we have built a good foundation,” Koliolek says, “and since we are a part of the Mayo Clinic Health System and we continue to grow with Mayo Clinic, out of Rochester, we will grow together.”

Columbia Daily Tribune (Mo.), Road Scholar program highlights groundbreaking work at Mayo Clinic by Wayne Anderson, During the week we spent at a Road Scholar Program at Rochester, Minn., lecturers from the Mayo Medical Center introduced us to some of the advances being made in medical practice. For example: Someone needs a liver or kidney transplant and has a volunteer donor, but the donor’s organ is not a match. A central organization now exists to keep track of what is available for sharing. The staff has made trade-offs where as many as eight organs were exchanged so that each patient could get a matching organ.

Post-Bulletin, Double mastectomy patients mostly satisfied with choice, study finds, Researchers at Mayo Clinic say women with cancer in a single breast are increasingly choosing to have both breasts removed to reduce the risk of future cancer. Mayo surveyed "hundreds of women" who had double mastectomies between 1960 and 1993 "and found that nearly all would make the same choice again."

Arizona Republic, New law, technology aid breast-cancer fight by Dr. Victor Pizzitola, On Oct. 1, Arizona became the 15th state to mandate patient breast-density notification for mammography facilities. In the following Q&A, Dr. Victor Pizzitola, chair of Breast Imaging at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, talks about the new law and the importance of mammograms.

Healthcare Professionals Live, Potential Drug LY2951742 to Prevent Migraines? By Gale Scott, Physicians have few effective weapons to treat a migraine, an ailment that accounts for more than half of disability with a neurological cause. Chronic migraine is said to affect 2% of the world’s population. In a report in The Lancet, David Dodick, MD and colleagues track the effectiveness of LY2951742 in preventing migraine. Dodick is a professor in department of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pioneer Press, TC 10 Mile is next for violinist who fiddled during surgery by Richard Chin…Unlike the patient in the joke, Roger Frisch could play the violin before his operation. But it really was a question whether he would be able to play again after the surgery…He saw a neurologist at Mayo Clinic who determined that he had a nervous-system disorder condition called "essential tremor." The problem didn't originate in his arm, but rather in his brain…Frisch said that when first met with Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Kendall Lee, Lee was "noticeably unimpressed" with the amount of shaking in Frisch's arm.

Waseca County News, Mothers-to-be: How to keep your baby healthy by Javier Cardenas, M.D., is a Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca obstetrician and gynecologist, Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time for parents, regardless of how much planning was involved. And when your baby is born, new obstacles present themselves. Although many of these learning experiences are expected, illness is one everyone hopes to avoid. A cough here and a cold there is normal, but some medical conditions are very serious. Additional coverage: Mankato Free Press

La Crosse Tribune, Officials break ground on new Western horticulture center…By connecting Western students with the community and a focus on sustainability and fresh, local food, the goals of the horticulture center reflect those of Mayo, said Joe Kruse, chief administrative officer. Mayo has been increasing their focus on community health, and Kruse said the center would promote those values. Additional coverage: WKBT La Crosse

Roanoke Times, NRV schools team up on the court to Dig Pink, Two undefeated volleyball teams battled it out for first place in the Three Rivers District on Tuesday night at Auburn High School while at the same time teaming up to fight a common opponent — cancer…Working with the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and George Mason University’s Molecular Profiling Division, the study takes a biopsy of a patient’s cancer and tests it against every known Federal Drug Administration approved treatment.

Myeloma Beacon, Pat’s Place: It’s All About The Journey by Pat Killingsworth, Last month, I wrote about undergoing radiation therapy on both hips. I thought this month I would pass along how I’m doing in other ways.…My myeloma specialist on the Gulf Coast and my new specialist here at the Mayo Clinic are investigating the possibility that I’ve become a non-secretor, which means that my myeloma cells produce very little or no monoclonal protein.

KTTC, Mayo Clinic app fully integrated with Apple Health Kit by Stephen Rydberg, On Thursday, Mayo Clinic announced its app is now fully integrated with the new Apple Health Kit. The upgrade is giving your doctor more information about your health…"What patients will be able to do is keep this info in Health Kit," explained Mayo Clinic's Dr. John Wald. "When they see their providers, they will be able to share it with their providers in a one-on-one visit. In the future, we should be able to share that information electronically with providers once we define what information is important to share," he said. Additional coverage: News Medical

Fierce Diagnostics, Quest, in transition, recruits Mayo Clinic exec to run major division, Quest Diagnostics ($DGX) is bringing on a Mayo Clinic executive as its new chief laboratory officer, a big personnel move as the New Jersey company continues an ongoing reorganization plan to restore more robust growth. Additional coverage: Modern Healthcare

Post-Bulletin (AP), MNsure says 4.5 percent average increase in 2015, The number of MNsure health-plan options in southeast Minnesota will increase fivefold in 2015, from six options to more than 30.…The health-insurance plans offered in southeastern Minnesota include several Medica options that cover Mayo Clinic treatment. "We’ve actively worked with insurers to provide consumers with more choice and we’re working toward reducing the cost of care,” Mayo Clinic spokesman Bryan Anderson said this morning in a written statement.

Ask the Expert, Minimally invasive procedure treats soft-tissue injuries by Dr. Aaron Braun, Tendon injuries impact 10 million Americans every year and, until recently, options for durable effective treatment were limited…Tenex Health TX, developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, uses ultrasonic waves to remove the source of pain — scarred and damaged tissue — without disturbing the surrounding healthy tissue. This allows individuals to resume activities with a much faster recovery time than traditional surgery.

KTTC, Founder of Gift of Life Transplant House wins national award, After dedicating his life to creating a home away from home for Mayo Clinic transplant patients, one local man is being awarded for his service.  Two-time kidney transplant recipient and founder of Rochester's Gift of Life Transplant House, Ed Pompeian was awarded the National Association of REALTORS®  Good Neighbor Award. Additional coverage: Post-Bulletin

BusinessNorth, Dr. Herman to succeed Dr. Person as Essentia CEO, Dr. David Herman will become chief executive of the Essential Health system next year when Dr. Peter Person retires after 33 years with the healthcare provider. He will assume the post early in 2015 and also will serve on the board of directors. A native of International Falls, he received his medical degree from Mayo Medical School in Rochester. He also has a master of science degree in medical management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Post-Bulletin, Pro hockey: Zucker ready to make his mark with Wild by Jason Feldman…But Zucker battled back and stuck with the Wild after his Jan. 1 call-up. He was playing as well as he ever had at the NHL level — scoring four goals in eight games — before suffering a leg injury. He ultimately underwent two surgeries and a long rehabilitation program at Mayo's Sports Medicine Center.

Zumbrota News Record, From Devil's Kitchen: Deserving a disease by Jan Fischer, First and foremost, no one deserves a disease. I believe in free will.  I don’t believe in predestination…We have encountered many diseases that sooner or later will kill us.  We have one known as ALS…Even though The Mayo Clinic has been studying ALS for over 100 years, very little progress has been made. We have no medicines. We have some technical solutions but no cures.

Everyday Health, How I Beat Hepatitis C by Carlette Metcalf, Finally, after I had been dealing with these symptoms for half a decade, an acquaintance suggested I visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., one of the country’s premier medical research facilities. Mayo Clinic doctors performed a battery of tests on me over the course of 17 days, and it was there I was diagnosed with hepatitis C.

FOX4KC, Social media push makes surgery possible for young man in pain by Meryl Lin McKean, A young Overland Park man knows about the power of social media and the generosity of friends and strangers.  They’ve given Nathan Pieper a chance to ease pain that’s persisted in his face for seven years…Doctors at Mayo Clinic want him to have a procedure called motoro cortex stimulation.  An electrode is placed on the brain and connected to a generator in the chest to block pain signals.

iHealthBeat, Mayo Clinic Named Most Social Media-Friendly Hospital in U.S., Mayo Clinic is the most social media-friendly hospital in the U.S.,according to NurseJournalBecker's Hospital Review's "Health IT & CIO Review" reports (Gregg, "Health IT & CIO Review," Becker's Hospital Review, 9/30).

ASU News, Incentive-based program aims to improve ASU employees' health, The Employee Wellness program at Arizona State University is partnering with Benefits Options, the Arizona Department of Administration and the Mayo Clinic to offer benefits eligible ASU employees expanded wellness programming and incentives through the Health Impact Program.

The Dartmouth, Telemedicine robot roams sidelines for Big Green football, This year Dartmouth has a robot on the football field, designed to help protect players -— not from alien invaders, but from injuries. … In 2013, the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and research group, tested portable and remote technology in evaluating athletes who had suffered head injuries, working with the Northern Arizona University football team.

NY Times, Financial Ties Between Doctors and Health Care Firms Are Detailed by Katie Thomas, For some doctors, treating patients isn’t the only way to make money. A Michigan plastic surgeon was paid more than $300,000 to travel the world teaching doctors about new cosmetic products like a breast implant. The retired chief executive of the Mayo Clinic, who once helped write its conflict of interest policy, received more than $237,000 in compensation for serving on multiple corporate boards…Another doctor, Michael B. Wood, the former chief executive of the Mayo Clinic Foundation, earned more than $237,000 last year from serving on the boards of two separate medical companies.

Jacksonville Business Journal, Second top leader plans to leave Mayo Clinic Florida by Colleen Jones, Mayo Clinic Florida Chief Administrative Officer Bob Brigham will be leaving his post at the end of the year to take a position at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, a spokesperson with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville has confirmed with the Business Journal.

Jacksonville Business Journal, Bob Brigham's desire for new challenges nurtured by culture of Mayo by Coleen Jones, With almost 10 years under his belt as chief administrative officer for Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Bob Brigham felt the time was ripe to move on when he accepted a position with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Additional coverage: Post-Bulletin

Post-Bulletin, Mayo labs chief leaves to take top job at dianostics firm by Jeff Kiger, A long-time Mayo Clinic executive has joined a New Jersey-based medical diagnostics firm. Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III, who recently retired as president and chief executive officer of Mayo Medical Labs, started work as vice president and chief laboratory officer for Quest Diagnostics Inc. on Oct. 1.

Siempre Mujer, Cirugia Menos Invasiva Para Detectar El Cancer De Seno, Por Mabel Vera, Como el cancer de seno nos puede afectar a todas las mujeres, hay que mantenerse al tanto de las investigaciones relacionadas con esta enfermedad. Entre ellas, un estudio reciente dirigido por la Mayo Clinic y financiado por el Instituto Nacional del Cancer ha concluido que una cirugia menos invasiva puede detectar el cancer de mama que queda en los ganglios linfaticos despues de la quimioterapia.

Alto Nivel Mexico, Que los ronquidos no arruinen tu vida, ¡elimínalos! Por Tatiana Gutierrez…De acuerdo con el Dr. Joseph Kaplan, director de Neumología y Cuidados Intensivos del Mayo Clinic de Jacksonville, Florida, este padecimiento se debe a una relajación de los músculos profundos de la garganta durante el sueño que deriva en un estrechamiento de la vías respiratorias y da como resultado ese flujo turbulento que hace que los lados de la garganta vibren al momento de cada inhalación: los ronquidos.

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