October 24, 2014

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich

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NY Times
Is It Really Dementia?
By Paula Span

…Perhaps another 25 percent of patients actually have other types of dementia, like Lewy body or frontotemporal — scarcely happy news, but because these diseases have different trajectories The New York Times newspaper logoand can be exacerbated by the wrong drugs, the distinction matters…In trying to tell the difference — not a job for amateurs — one key consideration is age, said Dr. Ronald C. Petersen, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Alzheimer’s center. Dementia is highly age-related, he pointed out.

Reach: The New York Times has a daily circulation of more than 735,000. Its website receives more than 16.2 million unique visitors each month.

Context: Ron Petersen, M.D., Ph.D., is the Cora Kanow Professor of Alzheimer’s Disease Research at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Petersen is regularly sought out by reporters as a leading expert in his medical field and chairs the Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Services.

Public Affairs Contacts: Traci Klein, Duska Anastasijevic


Two-Pronged Program Looks Best for Helping Smokers Quit

…Taking a prescription medication with brief advice was also more effective than unaided attempts to quit. However, smokers who used over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy with no counseling had a reduced Health Day Logosuccess rate, according to the study in the October issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings…Smoking cessation is one of the most important health behavior changes that physicians can encourage in their patients, Dr. J. Taylor Hays, director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center in Rochester, Minn., said in the news release.

Reach: HealthDay distributes its health news to media outlets several times each day and also posts its news on its website, which receives more than 39,000 unique visitors each month.

Context: The Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center (NDC) was one of the first centers in the country to focus exclusively on treatments for tobacco dependence. The NDC's model of care has now become the standard in many medical centers around the United States. The treatment team at the center offers you support and works with you to help develop the motivation and skills needed to stop using tobacco.

Public Affairs Contact: Kelley Luckstein

Star Tribune
Mayo Clinic extends telemedicine tests to Austin kiosks

by Matt McKinney

If an employee at the Mayo Clinic Health System’s Austin campus feels ill, help is just a few steps away, thanks to an experiment underway this month. A kiosk outfitted with basic medical instruments and a high-definition video link has started taking patients for a new telemedicine project known as “Mayo Connected Care.” The kiosks, manufactured by HealthSpot of Dublin, Ohio, have been undergoing tests at Mayo since February, said Star Tribune newspaper logoMark Ciota, the CEO for Mayo Clinic Health System sites in Austin and Albert Lea.

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

Context: Mayo Clinic is committed to reducing health care expenses and improving access to medical services through a new telemedicine pilot project called Mayo Clinic Health Connection, now available at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. The Mayo Clinic Health Connection trials a telehealth delivery system to meet patient’s needs through the HealthSpot® platform, which combines robust cloud-based software and a private walk-in kiosk that offer solutions to care for patients in their place of work. The system will be piloted with Mayo Clinic Health System employees in Albert Lea and Austin before potentially being deployed to other local employers. More information can be found  in the news release: Mayo Clinic Health Connection News Release FINAL 10 2 14.

Public Affairs Contact: Tami Yokiel

Star Tribune
Health care providers readying for a wave of nurse retirees

by Lee Schafer

Star Tribune Business section logoThese days, even the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester is scrambling to fill holes in its nursing staff as baby boomers continue to retire. Not that the folks at Mayo are particularly worried. “We’ve seen this before,” said Pam Johnson, Mayo Clinic’s chief nursing officer. “It ebbs and flows. Some years we’ve hired 40 or 50 and some we’ve had up to 500. This year ago it will probably be somewhere in between.”

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

Context: Every year, more than 1 million patients from all 50 states and nearly 150 countries choose Mayo Clinic for their medical care. Mayo Clinic has a legacy of inspiring hope and contributing to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. Mayo Clinic nurses practice in 60 specialties across a variety of locations, including Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Rochester, Minn.; and Mayo Clinic Health System in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Georgia. Career opportunities include positions in perioperative (surgical) nursing, hospital (inpatient) nursing and ambulatory (outpatient) nursing. Join a team where the potential for personal growth is unlimited and colleagues inspire you to stretch and grow beyond your boundaries. More information on Mayo Clinic nursing careers can be found here.

Public Affairs Contacts: Bryan Anderson, Alyson Gonzalez


Wall Street Journal, Exact Sciences CEO Has High Hopes for At-Home Cancer Test by Melinda Beck, Company Develops Cologuard, Noninvasive Test for Colon Cancer…Mr. Conroy, a lawyer who had helmed another company’s development of a cervical cancer test, rebuilt Exact Sciences from the ground up. He joined forces with a Mayo Clinic scientist doing similar research; moved the company from Boston to Madison, Wis., and raised $400 million in financing. The team he assembled perfected an at-home test to detect colon cancer, called Cologuard.

Wall Street Journal, Review & Outlook: ObamaCare’s Failing Cost Control…Notably, the integrated health systems that ACOs are supposed to recreate—Mayo Clinic, Geisinger, Kaiser Permanente and the rest—refused to become pioneers when the ACO regulations first appeared. HHS is now revising those regulations for next year. In comments to the agency this year, Mayo wrote that both ACO programs “are still too complex in their structure and requirements.

Wall Street Journal, Jobless Rate Below 5% in 15 States by Eric Morath…The jobless rate in Minnesota was 4.1% in September, down a half-percentage point from seven years earlier. The number reflects the state’s diverse employment base, growth in health-care jobs at the Mayo Clinic and other providers and its proximity to North Dakota, said Laura Kalambokidis, economist at the University of Minnesota.

The Village Voice, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me Will Make You Cry Even If You Don't Remember Who Glen Campbell Is by Alan Scherstuhl. Kids may not know "Wichita Lineman," and boomers may have forgotten his hot-shit 12-string flurries, but singer/songwriter/TV star Glen Campbell is not going to be easily forgotten, thanks to director James Keach's warm, moving, at times harrowing doc Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me.

USA TODAY, 5 tips to lower stress this holiday season by Eleanor Mueller… Budget your spending. Make a plan for how much you're willing to spend on what during the holidays, and stick to it. This should relieve the stress of overspending. "Everyone spends more than usual over the holidays, and if you have debt this makes that worse," said Amit Sood, an internal medicine physician, author of The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living. "It's been found that debt goes up around Christmas and the New Year."

Medical News Today, Trastuzumab continues to show significantly improved overall and disease-free survival for HER2-positve early stage breast cancer. After following breast cancer patients for an average of eight-plus years, researchers say that adding trastuzumab (Herceptin) to chemotherapy significantly improved the overall and disease-free survival of women with early stage HER2-positive breast cancer….These findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, demonstrate how important trastuzumab has been to the treatment of this form of breast cancer, says the study's lead author, Edith A. Perez, M.D., deputy director at large, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and director of the Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program at Mayo Clinic in Florida. Additional coverage: Argentina Star, ScienceDaily, Mental Help.net, MedBroadcast, Science Newsline

TIME, 4 Surprising Things Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health by Leslie Barrie…Smelling something weird could predict a stroke…The American Academy of Neurology says these “olfactory hallucinations” are usually unpleasant smells, but they can differ from person to person, according to the Mayo Clinic. Contact your doctor right away if your nose seems to be going haywire.

TIME (Health magazine), 6 Common Prescription Mistakes You Might Be Making by Rachel Swalin. In honor of Talk About Your Medicines Month, It’s hard to imagine a time when there wasn’t a pill—sometimes dozens of different ones—to treat so many health conditions. Today, 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug and more than half take two, according to the Mayo Clinic. Additional coverage: ABC News

The Guardian, What women should know about menopause by Janice Shuster. Hormone therapy is a key tool in treating symptoms, but not all doctors are taught to manage the health of menopausal patients…Carol Kuhle of the Women’s Health Clinic at the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota, says that studies published in the last few years support HT. She cites the Kronos Early Oestrogen Prevention Study, which found that the treatment is safe and effective for women experiencing “natural menopause” (unlike surgical menopause, the consequence of a hysterectomy).

NPR, Parkinson's Drugs Can Be A Gateway To Sin by Scott Hensley. Drugs that are commonly prescribed to help people cope with Parkinson's disease have been linked to bizarre changes in behavior that patients and doctors should be on guard against, researchers say…Back in 2005, doctors from the Mayo Clinic reported 11 cases of patients who became compulsive gamblers after taking dopamine agonists.

Huffington Post, Change Is Hard, So Start Small by Amy Pleimling, RD, Mayo Clinic Health System. As a registered dietitian nutritionist at Mayo Clinic Health System educating people about the benefits of a healthy eating plan (individualized to their diagnosis) and what that looks like is a big part of my job. But then comes that word "change."

Huffington Post, 6 Facts About Aging Everyone Should Know -- But Doesn't by Ann Brenoff. Sometimes, you will get floaters… Floaters are not the big one. According to the Mayo Clinic, eye floaters generally look like black or gray specks, strings or cobwebs.

Huffington Post, What Are America's Religious Organizations Doing To Prepare For Ebola? By Carol Kuruvilla…According to Pritish Tosh, an infectious disease physician and researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Ebola can only be spread after direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of someone who is already ill with the virus. Tosh believes that by the time someone is highly contagious, they would likely feel too sick to be participating in community activities.

Huffington Post, The Ultimate Bedtime Routine for Young Children. According to the Mayo Clinic, relaxing activities like a bath, reading books and soft music help your child wind down for sleep. Children should spend at least 30 minutes preparing for bed, but one hour is optimal. Stay away from electronics an hour or more before bedtime. That means no television, iPads or  video games. Children model what their parents do, so it's ideal if you aren't watching Breaking Bad before bed. You may find that you sleep better as well.

Huffington Post, Rivers of Our Memory by Greg O’Brien. In my daily battle against Alzheimer's, often a painful, battering, in-your-face assault, I look to role models. Chief among them is Glen Travis Campbell. If anyone has true grit in the fight against this demon of a disease, it's Campbell.…Weaving throughout the film are poignant scenes in the Campbell home, in rehearsals, and with Campbell's distinguished friends and doctors like Dr. Ron Peterson, director of the Alzheimer's Research Center at the Mayo Clinic, who was Ronald Reagan's personal physician.

WGN Chicago, Obesity dangers for kids. It's a ratio of height and weight. But a BMI reading does not account for body fat which can cause health complications. A Mayo Clinic study says that waist measurements are a better indicator of obesity and related health problems, and should be used along with BMI to determine a child's overall health.

Kaiser Health News, Hospitals’ Struggles To Beat Back Familiar Infections Began Before Ebola Arrived by Jordan Rau. While Ebola stokes public anxiety, more than one in six hospitals — including some top medical centers — are having trouble stamping out less exotic but sometimes deadly infections, federal records show…Some major teaching hospitals, like Denver Health Medical Center, Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., and Mayo Clinic’s hospitals in Rochester, Minn., have been able to maintain low infection rates, the KHN analysis shows.

CNN, What's more disturbing than Ebola? The outrageous commentary by Michael Martinez. The U.S. experience with Ebola is generating commentary that is both prudent and outrageous. There have been three cases of Ebola occurring on U.S. soil, one ending fatally and the other two now under treatment…"As with other infectious diseases, one of the most important preventive measures is frequent hand-washing. Use soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol when soap and water aren't available," the Mayo Clinic said about the prevention and spread of Ebola infection. Additional coverage: News4Jax

Star Tribune, Woman's unfounded Ebola fear draws swift emergency response in Rochester, A woman who feared she had Ebola — saying she recently visited Texas and wasn’t feeling well — prompted the Rochester Fire Department to rapidly deploy its pandemic response team, whose members quickly determined that her concerns were unfounded, authorities said Thursday. Firefighters also checked the woman for a fever and determined she had none. She was seen at the Mayo Clinic’s St. Marys Hospital and released. On Wednesday morning, leaders at Mayo reviewed its Ebola response procedures to ensure that all doctors and nurses in the isolation unit have the proper training to protect themselves from contracting the disease. The review followed confirmation that two nurses at the Texas hospital where Duncan was treated have Ebola.

News4Jax, Ebola and Mayo Clinic. A new vaccine program is launching and Mayo is at the forefront of preparation to protect health care workers from Ebola…Joining me now is Dr. Scott Silvers at Mayo Clinic.

Phoenix Business Journal, Mayo chief touts pact with Wal-Mart by Angela Gonzalez.  Wal-Mart Stores Inc. wasn't too popular when it announced recently that it's dumping health coverage for employees who work fewer than 30 hours. But for those who work more than 30 hours and are able to keep their health coverage, Mayo Clinic will provide breast, cancer and colon care.

Post-Bulletin, Heard on the Street: Walmart expands Mayo Clinic coverage. Walmart is extending the health-care options it offers its employees to include treatment for three types of cancer at Mayo Clinic, it announced last week.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, How would marijuana have affected Michael Brown? It's difficult to measure, experts say by Blythe Benhard. Michael Brown had the main active ingredient of marijuana in his blood when he was shot to death by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9, but what does that mean?... There is no general consensus on a connection between marijuana levels in the blood and prior or subsequent impairment. “Numbers do not in my experience predict behavior or even completely explain it,” said Dr. J. Michael Bostwick, a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic.

MedPage Today, Constipation Eased by New Ghrelin Analog…Among 48 patients randomized to treatment with relamorelin, 100 micrograms daily given by subcutaneous injection for 14 days, the number of spontaneous bowel movements was 5.34 per week compared with 3.67 for patients given placebo (P=0.002), reported Andres Acosta, MD, PhD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

WEAU Eau Claire, 'Consider the Conversation' helping start end-of-life discussions. Here's an uncomfortable, but natural fact: 100 percent of us will die. Despite that, talk of end-of-life issues can be rare. Many people do not put their affairs in order and that can hurt loved ones emotionally or financially. Mayo Clinic Health System is trying to change that by showing an eye-opening documentary called "Consider the Conversation."

MedCity News, The Mayo Clinic names “e-Patient Dave” Visiting Professor by Dave deBronkart. The Mayo Clinic has made an exciting departure from the norm today by naming Dave deBronkart (aka “e-Patient Dave”) as its 2015 Visiting Professor. This choice not only honors Dr. William J. Mayo’s emphasis on the importance of a diverse medical practice, it puts a spotlight on the necessity of patient engagement.

Everyday Health, 8 Ways to Stay Energized With Hypothyroidism by Madeline Vann. Even with proper treatment, fatigue can be an issue. These healthy habits can help fight the fatigue of hypothyroidism..."Most experts agree that once hypothyroidism is diagnosed, 1 mU/L to 3 mU/L is an appropriate TSH range," explains Victor Bernet, MD, an endocrinologist and assistant professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla.

BringMeTheNews, Austin mourns Dr. Dick Schindler, ‘backbone of community’ by Melanie Sommer. Family and friends of Dr. Richard “Dick” Schindler, who died Saturday in a bicycling accident in his hometown of Austin, Minnesota, describe him as a man who was deeply committed to his patients and his community; and one whose presence will be sorely missed…Schindler took a personal interest in his patients, and many people specifically requested Schindler to be their primary doctor.

MPR, Jenna Vancura, 28, on what it means to live after ending cancer treatment. Jenna Vancura, 28, spent much of her senior year in high school at the Mayo Clinic, after a cancer diagnosis. By the time she was 25, she had already had three bouts of cancer. After 11 years, Vancura announced on her blog that her body was finally succumbing to the disease…As of now, we're stopping curative care and stepping up palliative care. Sometimes when you keep insisting on fighting, you can't keep living.

MPR News, In Rochester, empty wheelchairs are part of the landscape by Elizabeth Baier. Anyone who has spent much time in Minnesota's "Med City" can't help but notice that wheelchairs are everywhere, often in unusual surroundings… Local residents Denny and Carol Scanlan say empty wheelchairs are just part of the Rochester landscape… Mayo Clinic has 1,180 wheelchairs in its Rochester fleet, largely for patient transport. It loses up to 150 chairs each year, said General Services Manager Ralph Marquez, who oversees patient equipment… "Yes, it's a financial burden to us from that standpoint, but it's also a service we provide," Marquez said. "And if the patient, you know, truly comes first, sometimes that's the expense of the business."

Pioneer Press (AP), In 'Med City,' wheelchairs found in some unlikely places. In Minnesota's "Med City," wheelchairs are commonplace, and they sometimes end up abandoned in unusual places, such as parking ramps and downtown sidewalks. That's probably not surprising in a town where Mayo Clinic is king, but the real riddle is how they end up all over the city with no users in sight. Additional coverage: Brainerd Dispatch, KIMT, Mankato Free Press, Washington Times, WXOW La Crosse

Star Tribune, Medical device security a hot topic at FDA workshop by Joe Carlson. Medical devices, whether an insulin pump inside a diabetic’s body or a diagnostic scanner in a hospital, come seeded with cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are becoming more widely known every day.…“I think everyone has a role to play, but frankly, everyone needs to step up. That’s what we’re not seeing so far,” Kevin McDonald, clinical information security director at the Mayo Clinic, said Tuesday at the workshop. Mayo, it turns out, is among a handful of hospital systems nationally that have staked out aggressive stands on device security.

LiveScience, Egg Freezing: 5 Things You Need to Know by Rachael Rettner. The announcement that Apple and Facebook will cover the steep cost of egg freezing for their employees has many people talking about the risks and benefits of the procedure…In general, it takes about eight to 14 days of hormone treatment before the eggs can be retrieved, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Benzinga, Shirley A. Weis Joins RTI Surgical Board Of Directors, RTI Surgical Inc. (RTI) (Nasdaq: RTIX [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]), a global surgical implant company, announced today that Shirley A. Weis, president of Weis Associates, LLC and emerita Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer of Mayo Clinic, has joined the company's board of directors. She will be eligible for re-election at the 2015 annual meeting.

Post-Crescent (Wisc.), Vox editor tells national audience to move to Appleton by Sarah Riley…Matt Yglesias of Vox, a general interest explanatory news site, was tweeting about an article titled "The economic stat junkie's guide to where you should live." In it, Appleton is ranked No. 9 in a list that balances median income and cost of living…"Rochester is probably explained by the presence of the Mayo Clinic, which provides a significant number of well-compensated jobs, but Appleton lacks a single major employer…

Mail & Guardian Africa, Could your sinusitis actually be a migraine?...Painful effects According to United States-based medical research organisation Mayo Clinic, migraines are chronic headaches commonly accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

North Platte Telegraph, West Nile is in Nebraska. Nearly a dozen human cases of West Nile Virus have been confirmed in the region served by the West Central District Health Department…According to the Mayo Clinic, most people infected with WNV don’t experience symptoms or exhibit only minor ones, such as fever and a mild headache.

La Crosse Tribune, Flu starts early in state but not La Crosse. Health officials say the flu season is off to a strong start in Wisconsin, although not in La Crosse yet. Influenza hospitalizations have risen unexpectedly this month, with 20 people having been hospitalized in the past three weeks, said state epidemiologist Thomas Haupt… In La Crosse, Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare reported three hospitalizations of patients with flu-like symptoms that later tested negative, while Gundersen Health System has logged none so far.

News4Jax, Some super foods are more 'super' than others by Jodi Mohrmann. First up: which is better for weight loss: blueberries or raspberries?  Raspberries actually contain fewer calories and more fiber. One cup gets you 30 percent of your daily fiber. “For every gram of fiber we consume, we eliminate 7 calories from our diet,” explained Lori Solem, a clinical dietician at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

American News Report, Fitness Tracking Apps are Doing a Lot More Than You think…The Mayo Clinic has developed an app that works with Apple Health. It allows patients to view their Mayo Clinic data and Apple Health data together in order to discover insights into a patient’s own health. “With this technology, we can be more accurate and more complete which means better outcomes and safer care,” said Dr. John H. Noseworthy, President and CEO, Mayo Clinic. “The future is going to be amazing technology-wise,” said Mark Henderson, Division Chair, Information Technology, Mayo Clinic.

Star Tribune, Genetic testing for Alzheimer's chances carries risks of its own by Katy Read. Testing for Alzheimer’s risk is possible, but some experts say the tests carry risks of their own…The tests “risk making hundreds of thousands of people paranoid that they’re going to develop dementia,” said Dr. Richard Caselli, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic’s Phoenix branch. “Every time something goes bump in the night, they’re going to be calling their doctor and wanting a PET scan.”

MyWebTimes (Ill.), TEENS: Do you know what stem cell research is, and can do? By Molly Bute…According to Mayo Clinic, scientists also recently have been able to use adult stem cells to grow healthy heart tissue in a patient who has heart disease. Miroslav Dlacic had a heart attack and was in a very weak condition. Dlacic underwent stem cell therapy at Mayo Clinic to repair his damaged heart tissue, and he is now able to do the things he thought he would never be able to do again after his heart attack. Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine Dr. Andre Terzic said: “We are moving from traditional medicine, which addresses the symptoms of disease, to being legitimately able to cure disease."

WRBL-CBS (Ga.), Saint Francis Hospital Hosts Mayo Clinic Exhibit. The hospital is displaying the 150 year history of the Mayo Clinic. The interactive exhibit highlights what the advances in medicine attributed to the Mayo Clinic over the years…last November, Saint Francis became the first Mayo Clinic Care Network member in Georgia. Additional coverage: WTVM Ga., Ledger-Enquirer

Forbes, Affordable Care Act Fails to Address Physician Shortages - Here's How We Can Better Deal with This Challenge… But unlike previous estimates of supply and demand, FutureDocs projects shortage and surplus by how well physician supply matches use of physician services; which in turn can be used to understand what type of care patients will need in the future and which geographies are experiencing greater imbalances in supply and distribution of physicians. For example, while Rochester, Minnesota, the home of the Mayo Clinic , may be projected to have a surplus of specialists, Slidell, Louisiana is projected to have a significant shortage.

News4Jax, What to know about enterovirus D68. There are many forms of enteroviruses. The one making headlines now is called enterovirus D68. This virus most often affects children and teens because their bodies have not built up immunity to it yet. In most cases, enterovirus D68 causes only mild symptoms…Additional coverage: WPTZ

The Tribune San Luis, Be courteous with your cough…Stay home. Depending on your virus, you may be contagious before you develop symptoms and remain contagious for two weeks after you’ve recovered, says the Mayo Clinic website. Bed rest also speeds your recovery and prevents you from making mistakes because of impaired functioning.

Le Center Leader, Wonderland in the Park Gala and Auction Nov. 15 in New Prague by Debbie Zimmerman. As the Park Ballroom is transformed into a “wonderland” the third weekend in November, so is the potential for local health care. The ballroom’s makeover is the result of Mayo Clinic Health System - New Prague Foundation’s signature event — Wonderland in the Park Gala and Auction, which takes place 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15.

VOXXI, Kids behaving badly: When to know if it’s a cry for attention by John Benson. So how is a parent supposed to know which is which? “Quite honestly, I think one of the interesting things is, it’s kind of a trick question – most everything kids do is looking for attention,” Mayo Clinic Health System licensed marriage and family therapist, Meg Stump told VOXXI. “In other words, they’re looking for attention when they’re doing good stuff and they’re looking for attention when they’re misbehaving. It’s all equally looking for attention.”

Health Day, Herceptin Boosts Survival for Breast Cancer, Study Reports by Kathleen Doheny. Adding the drug Herceptin to chemotherapy for certain breast cancer patients increases overall survival and reduces the risk of recurrence compared to chemotherapy alone, new research shows… And the 10-year disease-free survival rate went from 62 percent to 74 percent for those also taking Herceptin, the study found. The women who were given Herceptin were patients with a type of breast cancer known as HER2-positive, said study author Dr. Edith Perez at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. Additional coverage: Winnipeg Free Press, Summit Medical Group, ScienceCodex, US News & World Report, Newsday, DoctorsLounge, InteliHealth

KIMT, New guidelines for muscular dystrophy tests by Adam Sallet… Doctors say this will help researchers but also save time for the patient. “This publication will help clinicians taking care of these patients to determine the cause of the disease without ordering some extra or unnecessary tests and in a short period of time,” Dr. Duygu Selcen, a professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic said.

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Battling fear of cancer with laughter by Christena O’Brien. Some people told Tracey Samuelson that getting cancer is a gift, but the 39-year-old breast cancer survivor firmly believes in "saving your receipt and returning things you don't like."… Tracey, a triage nurse in Mayo Clinic Health System's orthopedics department, was diagnosed with HER2-positive, a form of breast cancer that tests positive for a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. Breast cancers with too much of this protein tend to grow and spread more aggressively without special treatment, according to the American Cancer Society.

EverydayHealth, 6 Unusual Ways to Lower Your RA Risk… Quitting Smoking Now. Smoking raises RA risk and may even damage cartilage, says Shreyasee Amin, MD, a rheumatologist and associate professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “Smokers also tend to have more musculoskeletal pain symptoms,” she says.

Columbus Business First, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic latest to deploy HealthSpot telemedicine booths by Carrie Ghose. The Cleveland Clinic is the first hospital system to try out HealthSpot Inc.'s vision for placing its telemedicine booths in retail pharmacies for easy access to the public, and the Mayo Clinic is testing another target market of employer health. The Cleveland hospital system last week placed two of the Dublin company's enclosed stations in Marc's stores in Mentor and Garfield Heights in northeast Ohio.

Ragan’s Health Care Communication News, Mayo Clinic exec: 'Everything we do … can become part of brand journalism' by Christine Kent. Walk into the daily leads meeting for Mayo Clinic's communications team, and you'd think you were in the newsroom of a major daily or broadcast operation. The Rochester, Minnesota, medical research organization brings together media relations, social media, public affairs, and internal communications teams to share upcoming news from Mayo Clinic, as well as trending news that the organization's experts can weigh in on.

Star Tribune (AP), Preliminary autopsy results show Austin doctor crashed bike near community college. Preliminary autopsy results show an Austin doctor died after crashing his bike while wearing a helmet. Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger said Monday that 72-year-old Dr. Richard Schindler's bike crashed Saturday morning on an unpaved bike path near Riverland Community College. Authorities say his injuries were consistent with a bad accident. The cause of the crash hasn't been determined…Schindler retired from his practice in Adams two year go. He still worked shifts in the emergency room at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. Additional coverage: KAAL

Star Tribune, Kieran's sues Block E developers over construction losses by Kristen Painter, Kieran’s Irish Pub is suing the landlord and the developers of Block E, where it has been since March 2010, for disruptions caused by the $50 million renovation of the building…After an unsuccessful attempt to bring a casino to the property, the developer found a use for the troubled site that the community has rallied behind: a sports medicine clinic, practice facility and office complex for Mayo Clinic, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx. The building is being renamed Mayo Clinic Square.

Arizona Republic, Why would smart people choose Arizona?... Look at the biosciences. Researchers at TGen are constantly trading ideas with doctors at Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson and other area hospitals. Or aerospace. Boeing and Honeywell work closely with ASU Polytechnic to research and test new products. It's a win-win: the businesses get cheap labor, and the students get valuable work experience.

KTTC, Blogger uses social media to advocate for lipedema and lymphedema. One woman is proving social media can be used for much more than just posting pictures or staying connected with friends. Recently appearing on the CBS program, "The Doctors", Sarah Bramblette is an advocate for lipedema and lymphedema, both chronic and incurable conditions that cause body tissue to swell…She is the author of a popular blog called "Born 2 Be Fat" and was recently awarded a scholarship to attend Mayo Clinic's 6th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit, which is being held in Rochester this week.

KTTC, Rochester City Council one step closer to approving new taxi rates by Ali Killam. Taxi rates are one step closer to going up in Rochester after Monday night's city council meeting, but council members are first asking city staff to go back and revise the ordinance for future action…"The frail and the other people that are coming here to our city. I don't think it's good for the Mayo Clinic to be known as the place with the highest taxi fares in the Midwest," said Barry Skolnick. "I don't think that's good for business."

KIMT, Business accelerator in Rochester needs to expand by Adam Sallet. In the year or so of their existence, the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator is doing so well that they need to expand. They currently house around 20 up and coming biotech companies, among others, that want to grow their current business…Leaders with the accelerator say it’s important to stay in Rochester because of DMC and the Mayo Clinic. The expansion should open in 2015.

Victoria Advocate, Your Happy Pet: Is your pet your bed buddy?... Pets, especially dogs, can disrupt sleep even if you are not allergic. They may kick, lick, snore, and even hog the covers. About half the patients in a study done by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorder Center had a dog or cat and 53 percent of them reported nightly sleep disturbances due to their pet. Some still chose not to boot their buddy out of bed.

Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal, Target and Red Wing Shoes are in a tight Brand Madness race… The other iconic brands matched up in the final eight are General Mills' Betty Crocker vs. Dunn Bros., Mayo Clinic vs. Land O' Lakes, and Mall of America vs. Lunds/Byerly's… You can vote for Minnesota's best brands here.

Beloit Daily News, Public invited to ‘Pray Big’ at fun run. Patty, a bright pink police car, may now be spotted at the homes of those being helped through Pink Heals of Winnebago County. A group of dedicated friends now hopes to help Patty Pann, the woman behind the car’s honorary name, by hosting a 5K and 2K walk Nov. 15.. Pann, of Roscoe, a wife and mother of two teenage daughters, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in August of 2013.. “We decided to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and I started a clinical trial.

WQOW Eau Claire, 'Wig Bank' welcomes local cancer patients dealing with hair loss by Emily Valerio. For many, a cancer diagnosis means chemotherapy and with the chemo comes hair loss. A new service at CVTC is helping those dealing with that loss, with a Wig Bank. Rae Fielden is the very first client. Most Monday mornings Rae can be found playing Yatzee, with her younger sister Darby. It's a way to pass the time, while Rae receives chemotherapy. "I'm at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and I am receiving treatment for Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer," explains Rae.

WKBT La Crosse, Safe Path Program protects domestic abuse victims’ privacy, For victims of abuse, often times their abusers don't just attack them, but their online privacy as well. To help keep their information safe Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse is offering some tips. It's through the clinic's domestic abuse and sexual assault program called ‘Safe Path’. The program is designed to offer free confidential services to victims of all kinds of abuse. It helps with things like internet privacy and even understanding how to make your phone more secure.

WTVM Ga., St. Francis to host Mayo Clinic mobile exhibit, To honor 150 years of serving humanity, Mayo Clinic is taking its story to the public in a free exhibit destined for stops in more than 40 communities throughout the US and Canada from April through October 2014.  “Throughout our history, people have turned to Mayo Clinic for hope and healing,” says Kerry Olsen, MD, a Mayo Clinic physician and chair of the Mayo Clinic Sesquicentennial Committee. “By experiencing this exhibit you will share the enduring values and exciting vision of Mayo Clinic in service to humanity.”

Faribault Daily News, Faribault Mayo Clinic welcomes new pediatrician. Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault announces the addition of Muhammad Shahid, M.B.B.S., pediatrician. Dr. Shahid earned his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree from Shifa College of Medicine in Islamabad, Pakistan. He completed a pediatrics residency at Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital of Brooklyn in New York.

BringMeTheNews, Physician’s body found near college campus in Austin, Austin Police and the Mower County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the death of an Austin physician…Austin’s ABC6 confirms that authorities have identified the body as being that of Dr. Richard Schindler, a family physician. Authorities tell the station his death appears accidental, possibly the result of a bicycle accident. Additional coverage: Austin Daily Herald

Raising Arizona Kids, Pectus excavatum – A simpler surgery to fix “sunken chest” by Vicki Balint…For many teens, a pectus deformity can intensify the archetypal feelings of adolescent self-consciousness. “It’s really a sense of who they are,” says pediatric surgeon David Notrica, MD. “If you think about it, what we talk about when we talk about ourselves, we…point to this area of our chest and say, ‘This is me.’ When ‘this is me’ involves a great big hole, it really makes you feel like you’re different than the other kids.”…Notrica co-directs the joint chest wall program with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic Arizona.

Star Tribune, After five months, Mankato beating victim Isaac Kolstad is discharged from rehab by Colleen Kelly. Isaac Kolstad’s long road to recovery took a big step forward Friday with news that the former college football player has been discharged from inpatient care, five months after being severely beaten in Mankato.

Tech Republic, Google puts doctors on call, experiments with telemedicine in Search by Conner Forrest…The report focuses specifically on healthcare providers, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out with a technology company such as Google acting as a vendor for telemedicine services. However, according to Mayo Clinic neurologist Bert Vargas, the effectiveness of the search engine aspect depends on the user. "When you put items into a search engine, it's subject to the limitations of the person who is entering the information," Vargas said. "In many cases, you have people who may not quite identify particular symptoms as symptoms."

Post-Bulletin, MNSure adds plans, but region still has highest pricesMedica also announced a new low-price plan with Mayo Clinic coverage, which was not covered by the company's 2014 plans. The plan can be purchased through MNsure and outside the exchange, with coverage starting on Jan. 1, 2015. "We're excited about the partnership with Mayo. … We're just seeing it as a really positive new addition to that market," said Medica Director of Corporate Communications Larry Bussey.

Owatonna People’s Press, Steele County area health officials address local Ebola concerns…On Monday, officials with Steele County Public Health, Owatonna Hospital and Mayo Clinic Health System will meet to address preparedness in the county, he said. “We have the best health care system in the world in Steele County with Allina Health and Mayo and no slouch of a public health department, and we are making darn sure that we’re doing everything we can to be prepared if this were to come,” Groff said.

Southern Minn. Scene, Best Big Company to Work For – Mayo Clinic Healthy System. There are obvious benefits to working for Mayo. We’re going to guess the health insurance is outstanding. There’s the prestige of being a part of, arguably, the world’s most respected name in medicine. We have no idea how well the place pays, but again, we have a feeling that there are pretty good wages to be found (even for those who aren’t world class oncologists).

Janesville Argus, Janesville residents hope to bring about Mayo Clinic doc's return by Kelsey Hering. A petition which sat in the offices of nine local businesses for three days, received over 320 supportive signatures…Cummins said they like the current doctor, Dr. Jeff Wheeler, however, many patients had a connection with Bentson. According to Mike Santo, who spoke with staff at Mayo Clinic Health System, Wheeler is leaving the Janesville location and relocating to a different Mayo Clinic by the first of the year.

St. Peter Herald, St. Peter girls' video wins Mankato Marathon Bold Story contest by Pat Beck. The Mankato Marathon, presented by Mayo Clinic Health System, announced the winner of the Bold Story video contest at the Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic Speaker Series on Saturday at the Scheels and Under Armour Sport & Health Expo. North Intermediate School fifth-grader Jaiden Landsom of St. Peter was crowned the Bold Story Champion, with a total of 2,270 YouTube views.

Forbes, How To Recognize And Overcome Job Burnout by Liza Quast…According to the Mayo Clinic, other symptoms of job burnout can include the lack of energy to be consistently productive and unexplained headaches or other physical complaints. Some of the symptoms could indicate certain health conditions, so the first step to determine if you have job burnout is to write down all your symptoms.

USA Today, Minnesota, Rochester: A former top executive at the Mayo Clinic was secretly hired by a competitor but continued to work for the medical practice and research group so he could steal trade secrets, the Rochester-based clinic alleged in a lawsuit filed against Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III.

KARE 11 (AP), Mayo clinic sues over stolen trade secrets. Mayo Clinic says one of its former top executives was secretly hired by a competitor and continued to work for the Rochester-based medical practice and research group to steal trade secrets. The Post-Bulletin reports Mayo filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III, who served as the president and CEO of Mayo Medical Labs for eight years, alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract. The complaint says Cockerill told his department in July that he was going to retire and move to Nebraska to help his 85-year-old mother run her business. But the complaint says he went to New Jersey in October to work as the vice president and chief laboratory officer of Quest Diagnostics Inc., a Mayo competitor. Additional coverage: Washington Times, Star Tribune, MPR, Post-Bulletin, MSP/St. Paul Business, KTTC

Post-Bulletin, Accused doctor 'disappointed' by Mayo Clinic lawsuit, A former executive accused of allegedly stealing trade secrets says he's "disappointed" in Mayo Clinic's lawsuit against him, in a statement released by his attorney. On Tuesday, Mayo Clinic filed a lawsuit alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract against Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III, who was president and CEO of the for-profit Mayo Medical Labs for eight years. Mayo Clinic released the lawsuit to the media of Wednesday. "Dr. Cockerill is disappointed that the Mayo Clinic has made such allegations and publicized its unproven claims in the media," according to a statement released by Nancy Brostrom Vollertsen, a Minneapolis attorney with Lindquist & Vennum LLP, on Wednesday. "Dr. Cockerill holds a stellar reputation in the medical community and has devoted more than 30 years of his life to the Mayo Clinic and the Rochester Community."

WISC Madison (Mayo Clinic News Network), Mammogram guidelines: What's changed?, When to begin mammogram screening and how often to repeat it is a personal decision. Mayo Clinic recommends women and their doctors discuss the benefits, risks and limitations of mammograms and decide together what is best. Also consider your personal situation and preferences in making your decision. Not all organizations agree on mammogram guidelines. For instance, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force mammogram guidelines recommend women begin screening at age 50 and repeat the test every two years. The American Cancer Society and other organizations recommend screening begin at 40 and continue annually.

Arab News, Chemo blunder victim back home after US surgery. The five-year-old Saudi girl, who was incorrectly given chemotherapy over a year ago in the Kingdom, has now returned home after treatment in the US.  Rama Abdullah Al-Mohaimeed underwent treatment in the US over the past 13 months. She received support from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to undergo 12 corrective operations at Mayo Clinic. A doctor at a Buraidah hospital had mistakenly given her chemotherapy treatment. "Praise to God and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for saving my daughter, by allowing her to get treatment at the best hospitals in the world after suffering so much for the past 17 months," said her father. According to her father, Rama's US doctors were shocked to hear about the medical mistake.

Mankato Free Press, Speaking of Health: Menopause can lead to rash of symptoms. Menopause is a natural biological process for women. It marks the end of menstrual cycles, but rather than a single event, it is a series of changes that can start in your 30s or 40s and last into your 50s or 60s. The average age is 51 that a woman goes through menopause in the United States. It is defined as occurring 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual period. Perimenopause is the time prior to menopause when a woman’s period can be irregular, hot flashes come and go, mood swings may occur and there may be sleep disturbances. Perimenopause can last months or even several years leading up to menopause. During this time, the number of egg-producing follicles in a woman’s ovaries diminishes, so the ovaries begin to produce less female hormones.

Daily Pilot, Fitness Files: What to glean from gluten news. For this article, I used information from institutions with a reputation for rigorous review. Learning along with my readers, I am surprised at what I found. 1. Are there more people with gluten-related disorders? According to the Mayo Clinic's online research magazine, yes. The article, "Celiac Disease: On the Rise," states that "the disease is becoming a major public health issue…four times more common now than…60 years ago." After joining the Mayo Clinic in 1998, Dr. Joseph Murray tested blood samples from Air Force recruits of the early 1950s. He compared them with today's young men "who were 4.5 times more likely to have celiac disease than the 1950s recruits."

Austin Herald, Mayo encourages families to get the flu vaccine over MEA. Mayo Clinic Health System encouraged families to get vaccinated against the flu over the break from school created by the Education Minnesota Professionals Conferences Thursday and Friday…

Next City, Forget Casinos, Atlantic City Should Go Back to Being a Health Resort. Present-day Atlantic City should reimagine itself as a healthcare destination. Vacant casino properties could be repurposed into “healthcare resorts” — drawing patients seeking specialized treatment and ocean views. With incentives from the state, internationally renowned healthcare centers — such as the Mayo Clinic — could open up East Coast branches in the city, attracting patients from around the world. Support services and institutions such as medical schools, research facilities, medical supply distributors, and even retirement housing could co-locate in a newly formed healthcare district. Most importantly, responsible and sustainable economic development could transform the city. An anchor institution economic development strategy could be deployed using tools such as employer-assisted housing incentives to attract residents to city neighborhoods or local procurement strategies to increase purchases from local businesses.

MedPage Today, No RA Benefit With Remicade Addition,  using initial added infliximab," commented Eric L. Matteson, MD, who chairs the department of rheumatology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Bustle, Russia wants women to rethink lower back tattoos for safety reason. It’s a day in 2014, and you all know what that means: another reason to become exasperated with Vladimir Putin. This week he isn’t invading Crimea or finding new ways to persecute LGBT citizens, but Russia is considering laws that would encourage women to rethink certain tattoos. ..That’s the theory anyway. In reality, reported cases of epidural complications due to a tattoo are very few and far between. Furthermore, according to the Mayo Clinic, a lower back tattoo should only prevent a woman from getting an epidural if “the tattoo is red, swollen or oozing fluid — or if the tattoo is recent and the affected skin is still healing.” In other words, unless you’re already pretty darn pregnant when you get inked or you don’t plan on ever treating the tattoo if it gets infected, you’re fine. 

Rapid City Journal, Defying the odds, in lottery as in life, so next week, That fateful day Shannon, owner of Johnson Siding General Store, was informed that his tiny convenience store catering to residents of the Rimrock area west of Rapid City, had sold a winning $200,000 Powerball ticket. His reward: a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket….Shannon will travel to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic for surgery scheduled on Thursday, Oct. 23. “You can’t let the cancer consume you," Shannon said. “I’m just a body that has it. It’s not going to kill my spirit or my sometimes warped sense of humor.

La Salud, ¿Qué es la bursitis de la rodilla?... El Dr. Henry Clarke, Ortopedia de Mayo Clinic de Scottsdale, Arizona, explica que la bursitis de la rodilla consiste en la inflamación de la bursa localizada cerca de la articulación de la rodilla. La bursa es un pequeño saco lleno de líquido que reduce la fricción y protege los puntos de presión entre los huesos, tendones y músculos alrededor de las articulaciones. Additional coverage: El Imparcial

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