January 29, 2016

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich

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Bug-zapping 'robots' help prevent infections
by Jeff Kiger

Mayo Clinic is rolling out a number of "bug zapper-like" devices to help battle bacteria and reduce potentially deadLogo for Post-Bulletin newspaperly patient infections. Unlike other U.S. hospitals, Mayo Clinic has seen the C-diff infections decline in recent years. However, they still have about 200 cases a year, said Dr. Priya Sampathkumar, chair of Mayo Clinic's infection control committee in Rochester. Mayo Clinic has not seen any C-diff-related deaths in at least two years, she added.

Reach: The Post-Bulletin has a weekend readership of nearly 45,000 people and daily readership of more than 41,000 people. The newspaper serves Rochester, Minn., and Southeast Minnesota.

Additional coverage: Med City Beat, KTTCKIMT

Context: Mayo Clinic has added robots in its fight against Clostridium difficile (C-diff) bacteria. In the U.S., C-diff is one of the most common infections patients can get while receiving care at a health care facility. C-diff can cause a variety of symptoms, including potentially deadly diarrhea. A recent national report shows some progress in reducing C-diff infections; however, more work remains. “C-diff is extremely distressing for our patients,” says Priya Sampathkumar, M.D., chair of Mayo Clinic’s infection control committee on Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus. “It can be debilitating, decrease quality of life and can even result in death.” More information can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Rhoda Fukushima Madson


Twin Cities Public Television (Almanac)
Senator Franken, Mayo health survey, more capitol art

Dr. John Wald appeared to talk about Mayo Clinic National Health Check-Up. Dr. Wald's interview is the second one in the line up and appears at 13:15 of the program.

Reach:  Twin Cities Public Television's "Almanac" program is a Minnesota institution. It has occupied the 7 o'clock time slot on Friday nights for more than a quarter of a century. It is the longest-running prime time TV program ever in the region. "Almanac" is a time capsule, a program of TPTrecord that details our region's history and culture during the past twenty five years. The hour-long mix of news, politics and culture is seen live statewide on the six stations of the Minnesota Public Television Association. Almanac was the first Minnesota TV show that virtually everyone in the state could watch together. The program's unusual format has been copied by numerous PBS stations around the country and it has led to Almanac being honored with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's award for Best Public Affairs Program. Almanac has also earned six regional Emmy awards.

Previous coverage in January 22, 2016 Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

Context:  According to the first-ever Mayo Clinic National Health Check-Up, most Americans experience barriers to staying healthy, with their work schedule as the leading barrier (22 percent), particularly among men and residents of the Northeast. While work schedule is a top barrier for women, as well, they are significantly more likely than men to cite caring for a child, spouse or parent. “The Mayo Clinic National Health Check-Up takes a pulse on Americans’ health opinions and behaviors, from barriers to getting healthy to perceptions of aging, to help identify opportunities to educate and empower people to improve their health,” says John T. Wald, M.D., Medical Director for Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic. “In this first survey, we’re also looking at ‘health by the decades’ to uncover differences as we age.” More information can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Ginger Plumbo


New York Times (Well blog)
The Health Benefits of Knitting
by Jane E. Brody

New York Times Well Blog…Perhaps most exciting is research that suggests that crafts like knitting and crocheting may help to stave off a decline in brain function with age. In a 2011 study, researchers led by Dr. Yonas E. Geda, a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., interviewed a random sample of 1,321 people ages 70 to 89, most of whom were cognitively normal, about the cognitive activities they engaged in late in life.

Reach: The New York Times has a daily circulation of nearly 649,000 and a Sunday circulation of 1.18 million.

Context: Yonas Geda, M.D, is a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist. Dr. Geda's research interests can be found here and you can learn more about his study here.

Contact: Bob Nellis


Robb Report
Six Life-Changing Ways to Eat Healthier in the New Year
by Janice O’Leary

Earlier this month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released their first update in five years to the national dietary Robb Report Health & Wellness Logorecommendations. For many physicians and scientists who contributed to the report upon which these guidelines are based, the federally approved guidelines are a watered-down version of the original suggestions because they eliminated such advice as cutting back on red and processed meat, says Dr. Donald Hensrud, MD, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program and editor of The Mayo Clinic Diet.

Reach:  The Robb Report is a monthly magazine with a circulation of more than 101,000. Its website has more than 632,000 unique visitors each month. Robb Report Health & Wellness covers methods for healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.

Context: Donald Hensrud, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist and editor of The Mayo Clinic Diet Book.

Contact:  Kelley Luckstein
Mpls. St. Paul Magazine
Mind + Body Revolution
by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Peek into Minnesota’s leading hospitals, health care systems, doctor’s offices, and psychiatry practices today and you’ll see hundreds of examples Mpls-St. Paul Magazaine logoof integrative medicine. At the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, throat cancer survivors learn new cooking methods and cardiac patients fill yoga classes led by yogis specializing in Reiki, an energy-based healing therapy. Dr. Deborah Rhodes, an internist at the Mayo Clinic, emphasizes that wellness goes beyond soothing white robes and pretty smells. “If you want to optimize cancer outcomes based on true data, we don’t see anywhere to go but with integrative medicine,” she says.

Reach:  Published for the residents of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine has a monthly circulation of more than 68,000.

Context: Deborah Rhodes, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic physician with multiple departments.  Dr. Rhodes studies the application of a new breast imaging device, molecular breast imaging, to breast cancer screening. The long-term goal of Dr. Rhodes' research is to develop an individualized approach to breast cancer screening that incorporates breast density, age, and other factors that impact breast cancer risk and mammography sensitivity. The goal of an individualized approach to screening is to improve breast cancer detection while minimizing both the cost of screening and the harms associated with false-positive results and overdiagnosis.

Contact:  Kelley Luckstein


Star Tribune
Skipping lunch? Your doctor wants you to think again
by Allie Shah

Just one in five Americans steps away from his or her desk to eat lunch, studies show. Working straight through the day without a break can lead Star Tribune newspaper logoto higher levels of stress, mental fatigue, physical exhaustion and eventually burnout. “It’s really important that people keep in perspective the big picture — that they will really burn out,” said Dr. John Murphy, a family physician with Mayo Clinic Health System. “That lunch break is critically important.”

Reach: The Star Tribune Sunday circulation is 518,745 copies and weekday circulation is 300,277. The Star Tribune is the state’s largest newspaper and ranks 16th nationally in circulation.

Context: John Murphy, M.D. is a Family Medicine physician with Mayo Clinic Health System in Sparta, WI.

Contact: Rick Thiesse

Yahoo! HealthMore of Us Are Living Past 100: Here's Why by Korin Miller New data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thursday has good news for the general population: We’re living longer. James Kirkland, MD, PhD, director of the Mayo Clinic Robert and Arlene Kogod Center of Aging tells Yahoo Health that some of the reason that this age group is growing so much is that more people were able to overcome health hurdles at an early age. “These people were born in the early 1900s, and around then childhood mortality rates started going down a lot, due to the introduction of wastewater and sewage systems,” he says.

Yahoo! Health Do Infrared Saunas Boost Circulation? by Cassie Shortsleeve...but here’s what differentiates an infrared sauna from a traditional one: While a regular sauna heats the air, thereby raising its temperature (and thus, your body temperature), infrared saunas work off of infrared light that directly impacts your core temperature without making the ambient air nearly as hot, explains Brent Bauer, MD, medical director of Rejuvenate Spa at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program.

FOX BusinessEfforts to prevent and cure cancer — Mayo Clinic CEO John Noseworthy on how technology is advancing the research in the fight against diseases such as cancer.

The Guardian Why Joe Biden's call for a 'moonshot to cure cancer' may not be far-fetched by Eli Rosenberg — Though the National Cancer Institute will receive a $264m increase in federal funding this year – an influx that Biden helped secure in December’s spending bill – researchers and policy advocates said that federal funding for medical research had fallen short for many years before that. “We’ve been suffering,” said Dr Robert B Diasio, the director of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. “It’s been very tough for many cancer investigators to carry on their research.” Additional coverage: MyTechBits, POP Herald

STAT ALS patient takes on one final fight: jump starting research by Leah Samuel …But more is needed, said Dr. Eric Sorenson, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, where Lou Gehrig received treatment in 1939. More than 12,000 people in the United States have ALS, according to the National Institutes of Health. There is no cure. There is no way to stop or even slow the progression. “The problem is ALS affects far fewer people than say, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s,” Sorenson said. Those illnesses end up with a good deal of available funding for neurology research, he said.

CBS News After blizzard, snow shoveling linked to deadly heart attacks by Mary Brophy Marcus…Some doctors recommend people avoid snow shoveling entirely over the age of 55. But the risk is probably more about your fitness level than age, said Dr. Steven Bird, an emergency medicine physician at UMass Memorial Medical Center and associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Brian Langenhorst, an industrial/ergonomics specialist with the Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin, said, "I know people in their 60s and 70s in much better shape than some folks in their 30s."

USA Today NBA teams investing millions in new state-of-the-art practice facilities by Jeff Zillgitt — The Timberwolves, who have a Mayo Clinic sports medicine center on site, invested in a facility that would help players and help ensure the future of NBA basketball in Minnesota as owner Glen Taylor develops his succession plan, the organization's chief strategy and development officer Ted Johnson said. "We’re in a business where the difference between good and great can be fractions of a second, millimeters on your vertical," Johnson said.

CNBCAidin Selected by Virginia Hospital Center to Transform Post Acute Patient Transitions Virginia Hospital Center, a national leader in healthcare quality and one of America's Top 100 Hospitals for 3 years in a row, has selected Aidin to transform how patient transitions impact post-acute outcomes and population health initiatives. The hospital is a proud member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network – a national network of independent healthcare organizations. Additional coverage: Reuters, Bloomberg News Online

Wall Street Journal Elite Athletes Try a New Training Tactic: More Vitamin D by Rachel Bachman — Professional and college sports teams think they have found a cutting-edge advantage hidden in one of the most basic nutrients: vitamin D. Taking 50,000 IU a day of vitamin D for months can cause toxicity but such cases are rare, according to a 2015 study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

GQ.com  5 Work Snacks That’ll Help You Avoid the Vending Machine by Jeff Vrabel — Veggie sticks and hummus: Work breaks are maybe 12 percent about food, 88 percent about inventing an excuse to get up and do something that is not work. "We don't want to eat something in two bites and be done with it," says Emily Brown, a retired professional runner and wellness dietitian at the Mayo Clinic.

Business Insider — Here's what you should do if you wake up before your alarm and don't want to feel tired all day by Jessica Orwig — On mornings like this, you've got two choices: Either emerge from the covers and get a head start to the day, or you try to go back to sleep. But which is the better choice if you want to avoid feeling tired and groggy all day? That's the question we asked Mayo Clinic professor of medicine and former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Timothy Morgenthaler, MD.  Additional coverage: Stamford Advocate Online , Connecticut Post Online, San Francisco Chronicle Online

Cancer Today magazine Your Questions, Our Answers My husband complains about the side effects from his treatment. How can I tell if they’re normal or if we should contact his oncologist?  CARRIE THOMPSON: Side effects are an unfortunate but expected part of many cancer treatments. Your loved one’s health care team most likely provided information about the most common side effects based on the diagnosis and treatment plan, but everyone responds to treatment differently….Carrie Thompson, Hematological Oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

KTTC Latest influenza report shows less Minnesotans are getting the flu this year...so far by Alanna Martella — A new report out Thursday shows less people are getting the flu this year, compared to the same time last year. However, one Mayo Clinic doctor said there is a reason behind last year's major epidemic. “Last year, we ran into an issue with the circulating strain not being the strain that was created in the vaccine. It wasn't predicted. This year the strain that seems to predominate, especially in the last couple weeks, is one that is contained in the vaccine, so we'd expect it to be more effective,” said Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infectious disease physician and also a member of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic.

Huffington Post The Power of Love and the Hunt for a Medical Miracle by Robin Smith — Victoria Jackson shuddered uncontrollably when the doctor told her and husband Bill in 2008 that their 14-year-old daughter, Ali, had an extremely rare autoimmune ailment called neuromyelitis optica spectrum disease, or NMO for short.…Even more distressing: It seemed that Dr. Brian Weinshenker, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, was the only person in the world actively researching the disease. As Victoria soon found out, that's because a medical condition like NMO is considered a "rare" disease.

Star TribunePeanut allergy kills 22-year-old Twin Cities man by Mary Lynn Smith — Bruce Kelly avoided nuts because of his peanut allergy. On Monday, chocolate packaged with that warning killed Kelly. As many as 15 million Americans have food allergies, according to the Food Allergy Research & Education organization, based in Virginia. Every year, 200,000 visits are made to U.S. emergency rooms because of food allergy reactions, said Martha Hartz, a doctor of pediatric allergy and immunology at the Mayo Clinic.

PoliticoHELP is on the way by Darius Tahir — The first fruits of the Senate HELP committee’s medical innovations work are ripe: the 68-page legislative draft is ready for inspection… The commentary surrounding the presentation was vigorous. Task force leaders Cris Ross, CIO of Mayo Clinic, and Anita Somplasky, an executive with Quality Insights of Pennsylvania, felt that providers are constrained in sharing data about their EHR experiences.

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Lawmaker takes cancer fight in stride by Christena T. O’Brien — A Chippewa Valley lawmaker thought “it was very nice” to be mentioned during the governor’s State of the State address Tuesday. “Rep. Tom Larson is battling cancer,” Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday before offering the address.  During his latest bout, the lawmaker underwent chemotherapy treatments at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. The treatment shrank the cancer significantly, and Larson remains on a maintenance dosage.

Edmond Life & LeisureA New Era: Edmond’s Integris now has access to Mayo Clinic expertise — The world renowned medical services of the Mayo Clinic will now be accessible in Edmond through a new association with Integris. Last week Integris and Mayo Clinic announced that Integris has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of health care providers committed to better serving patients and their families through collaboration. Integris is the first health care organization in Oklahoma to join the network.

Muncie Star Press8th-grader gets life back from illness by Emma Kate Fittes — Stuck in bed, eating through a feeding tube, dealing with excruciating pain -- this was Lauren McGlaughlin's life for 11 and a half months. It took a lot of people to get Lauren to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, one of the few places with a dysautonomia clinic that treats about 300 new POTS patients every year. She spent nearly a year only getting up with a wheelchair to go to the bathroom, which was a painful process.

Mason City Globe Gazette Becoming a Well-Balanced Teenager by Steven Thompson —  Elsa Jensen, daughter of Paige and Brendt Warrington, of rural St. Ansgar, is literally becoming a well-balanced teenager. Elsa was born with the rare genetic disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease. The disease is caused by a defective gene that affects the collagen in bones, which weakens them…Today, Elsa is able to take treatments at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn.

Daily Mail OnlineCould this new op combat obesity? It's less invasive and cheaper than gastric bypass surgery - and 'reduces weight by 54%'  by Lisa Ryan — Lead study author Dr Barham Abu Dayyeh, of Mayo Clinic, said: ‘Given the low use of bariatric surgery and limited effectiveness of lifestyle changes and drug treatments, a significant gap exists in our current approach to obesity.‘Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty offers an effective weight loss intervention at lower cost and higher patient satisfaction, potentially filling this gap in the .’

Telegraph.co.uk First head transplant successfully carried out on monkey, claims surgeon by Sarah Knapton — “If the so-called head transplant works, this is going to open up a whole new science of spinal cord trauma reconstruction,” says Michael Sarr, editor of the journal Surgery and a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota."

New York Post Kids need standing desks, too — Standing desks in classrooms could be an easy way to help make kids’ time in school less sedentary, a new research review suggests. “The long term use of these desks might result in reduction in sedentary behavior amongst children not just in schools but even outside the school environment,” said Dr. Seema Kumar, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who wasn’t involved in the study. Additional coverage: Inforum, Reuters UK

KAAL.comWinter Hazard: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning — A statement released by Mayo Clinic warns against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning: If you or someone you're with develops signs or symptoms, leave the area and get fresh air immediately. Call 911 for emergency help. Depending on the degree and length of exposure, victims may suffer debilitating injuries, so prompt medical attention can make a big difference in the recovery.…."It's very important treatment be tailored to the individual because, even though there are common effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, nobody’s injury or impairment is exactly the same," says Mayo Clinic's Dr. Allen Brown, an expert in physical medicine and rehabilitation after brain injuries.

KTOE-Radio (Mankato) — Minnesota women being warned to avoid some travel due to Zika Virus by Wendy Wilde — Minnesota doctors are being urged to warn their pregnant patients who travel to the Caribbean or South and Central America to consider canceling their trips because of the Zika Virus that may be linked to thousands of severe birth defects. “They believe — they haven’t 100-percent confirmed – but they believe that it is linked with what is called microcephaly. That means that the baby’s head is much smaller than it should be normally. That can lead to brain damage and potentially death for the infant,” says Jessica Sheehy, Infectious Disease P.A. at Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato.

LaCrosse Tribune Eating right: Veggies are the root of nutritious, delectable meals by Mike Tighe — While much has been said about teaching low-income people how to cook vegetables, that philosophy misses the fact that many other sectors of society don’t know how to cook, said Kathy Oslund, supervisor of Mayo-Franciscan’s Nutrition Services and Clinical Dietetics Department, who is one of the architects of the system’s Mobile Kitchen.

HealioVIDEO: Screening for Barrett's esophagus not feasible with current methods — Kenneth Wang, MD, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., discusses his talk given as part of a debate on whether or not to screen for Barrett’s esophagus, which he delivered at the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium. “I took the con position mainly because I don’t believe at this particular time we’re ready to screen for Barrett’s esophagus with existing tools,” Wang said.

Star TribuneRochester redo could spell future rush-hour headaches by Matt McKinney — A multibillion-dollar redo of Rochester promises to remake the city’s downtown while cementing the Mayo Clinic’s reputation as a world-class medical destination. But with all of the anticipated construction and growth comes a headache that most of the city’s commuters have so far avoided: traffic jams.

Zawya Mayo Clinic Experts Consult at Arab Health — Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Mayo Clinic is returning to participate at the annual Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, which kicks off today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. In its 41st year,  "We are excited to return to the UAE to be part of this worldwide gathering of some of the most important and significant healthcare providers in the world," said Dr. David Hayes, medical director, Mayo Clinic Care Network. Arab Health is the second largest health care congress and exhibition in the world and the largest in the Middle East.

Jacksonville Business Journal (log in required) —  Cancer: seeking the best cures by Eleanor Snite — Florida has several hospitals doing cancer research and they are adding more procedures and space to find ways to reduce and even to cure various cancers. Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is involved with more than 200 kinds of cancer and 170 of its physicians are involved with cancer in one way or another. Everything done at the Griffin Cancer Research Building on the campus is basic research. Dr. Asher Chanan-Khan, chair of hematology/oncology, said Mayo recruits high-level researchers, scientists and clinicians, many of whom have a particular interest in specific areas of cancer.

KARE #FlexforAnn garners national support for cancer patient by Dylan Wohlenhaus — Just days before Thanksgiving 2014, Dave Dickey received a call from his wife while on a business trip. "I remember feeling numb and not knowing what to do." Dave Dickey said. The call was to say she was diagnosed with melanoma and doctors suggested operating right away…Emma Bonthius, a friend of Katie, 16, and Ann's other daughter, Elizabeth 14, felt she had to do something to show her support for her friends' mom. On January 12th, she tweeted out a photo of her flexing her arm with the hashtag #FlexForAnn. Ann is currently recovering at the Mayo Clinic and her family expects her to come home Tuesday.

Imperial Valley News Something to Think About ~ Laughter Provides a Good Physical Workout — Research shows laughter provides a good physical workout, generates mental relaxation, lowers blood pressure and pain, and even improves immunity. You’re 30 times more likely to laugh in good company than alone. Further, the more you laugh with others rather than at someone, the greater the health benefit." - Dr. Amit Sood.

Midwest Energy NewsA net-zero strategy for major Minnesota medical center by Frank Jossi — Rochester, Minnesota’s new $6 billion Destination Medical Center district should expand existing district energy systems, encourage or require developers to follow state efficiency building requirements and maximize onsite renewable energy, according to a recent report by the Center for Energy and Environment. The DMC is perhaps the most ambitious development ever undertaken by a Minnesota city.

Burlington Hawk EyeAvoiding the afternoon slump — Americans are working harder than ever. Some workers toil nine to 10 hours each day, sometimes without any breaks….John Murphy, family physician at Mayo Clinic Health System, said, “Taking a lunch break ensures that you will be able to face an afternoon full of work with renewed energy and confidence.”

Fredericksburg.com What you need to know about lead poisoning — Mayo Clinic experts say young children are at the greatest risk of health problems related to lead exposure, including serious brain and kidney damage. “Lead is a toxin to the human body and especially harmful to children due to their developing brain and nervous system,” said Mayo Clinic Children’s Center pediatrician Marcie Billings.

Bahrain News Agency —  SCH chief patronises cardiovascular conference — Twelve speakers from Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota will give 34 talks covering all aspects of cardiovascular medicine including coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, congenital heart disease, electrical abnormalities of the heart, as well as the latest surgical and interventional procedures related to the heart. The faculty are world renowned experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine, who have been providing this extensive course for the last 20 years in Rochester, Minnesota.

ValpoLife.com From Wheelchair to Running: Ian Bowen's Story by Caitlin Vanlaningham…My doctor sent me to Mayo Clinic and there they did a spinal tap, MRIs, they took other crazy tests and they think they knew what I had but they wanted to make sure.” Bowen’s doctors at Mayo Clinic thought that he either had a rare form of sarcoidosis called neurosarcoidosis or a tumor…This was in June 2009. Bowen naively thought that he was going to get back on his feet quickly and started physical therapy at Mayo Clinic. He had to relearn how to walk, nurses had to turn his body over every few hours, he couldn’t use the bathroom on his own.

The Voice Observer blog — Aflibercept shows promise as a game-changer for patients with age-related macular degeneration by Gregory Rogers — "Trial results indicate that patients undergo fewer injections of aflibercept than they would with ranibizumab," says Michael W. Stewart, M.D., with the Department of Ophthalmology at Mayo Clinic in Florida and a co-author of the review article "With a Wholesale Cost of $1,850 per Dose, the Cost per Patient for Aflibercept Treatment Also Promises to be Lower Than Ranibizumab." 

Daily Mail Hookah health warning: Workers at bars found to be inhaling dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine by Mark Prigg — Studies estimate one hookah session can be the equivalent of smoking from 10 to 40 cigarettes. Dr. Richard Hurt of the Mayo Clinic said that's because of the long duration of a hookah session. 'When you smoke a cigarette, a person smokes it maybe for just a few minutes and then you're through with it.

Austin Herald — Standing for wellness by Jason Schoonover — Dr. Timothy Rietz admits that even doctors find themselves sitting for long periods, especially with the amount of data entry involved in the job. That’s one reason he recently requested at standing desk at his office at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. Wellness is important, he stays, but it doesn’t always have to require complex changes. “You don’t have to join a club,” he said. “For example, just stand up.”

Post Bulletin Report: Dalai Lama in good health — The Mayo Clinic says there are no major concerns with the Dalai Lama's health and he will fully recover after treatment, according to media reports. The 80-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader was admitted at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for prostate treatment last week, says an article in the Arunachal Times.

Albuequerque Journal Plain soap can be effective, doc says — “The simple answer is that plain soap and running water coupled with good technique are just as good against common childhood respiratory and stomach viruses and bacteria as antibacterial soap. Plain soap doesn’t induce the risk of creating resistant organisms, according to a recent review article published by Infectious Diseases Society of America,” says Dr. Peggy Decker, a Mayo Clinic Health System pediatrician.

D Healthcare Daily  (Dallas) — Dallas Regional Chamber Meeting Shines A Light On Healthcare Costs by Matt Goodman…Dr. David Hayes, the Mayo Clinic Care Network’s medical director, discussed Mayo’s decision to begin partnering with like-minded providers throughout the country such as Dallas’ Methodist Health System.…Hayes walked the room through its decision to not acquire, but to partner. The Mayo Clinic Care Network is more of an advisory arrangement, a venue for best practices and second opinions. Methodist gets the added bonus of the weight of Mayo’s brand, and Mayo gets some fees and a partner with whom to ping pong ideas off of.

Post Bulletin Stranger helps couple deliver baby on sidewalk (video) by Jeff Kiger — Kannon Lee Schultz was in a hurry to be born on the frigid night of Jan. 19. That's how Kelly Schultz ended up lying on the sidewalk in front of Mayo Clinic Hospital-Methodist Campus, just as Deborah Vinje was heading to her car after working an eight-hour shift as a radiology technician.

The Freeman Online Welcome 2016 with better health — The new year brings a lot of good intentions, including resolutions to lose weight, eat better and live healthier. "For someone trying to get healthy in the new year, the most important thing I think is to know your numbers, including body mass index, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol," says Vandana Bhide, M.D., internist and pediatrician at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Fla.

Healthcare Finance News Mayo Clinic in Florida to build lung restoration center, only second of its kind by Jeff Lagasse…Mayo has not shared info on costs for the new center, which is slated for completion in late 2017 However, Dr. Cesar Keller, the assigned medical director for the project, said it will be funded primarily through a series of grants and should ultimately save the Mayo Clinic money.

The New Indian ExpressSmokers Who Quit 15 Years Ago Still at High Lung Cancer Risk People who kicked the butt as long as 15 years ago are still at high risk for lung cancer and should be screened, warn researchers. In a new study, lead author Ping Yang, epidemiologist at Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre, and colleagues found that two-thirds of patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer would not meet the current USPSTF screening criteria, suggesting a need to adjust the definition of patients at high risk. Additional coverage: The Monitor Daily, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times

KTTCTwins Winter Caravan rolls into Rochester — There is still plenty of time before baseball season begins, but some Minnesota Twins will pay a visit to Rochester Tuesday. Tuesday, they are stopping by the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center downtown, working with high schoolers on how to prevent injuries and improve performance. Pitchers Glen Perkins and Kyle Gibson will be there from 4 to 5 p.m. The Twins Caravan is the longest-running off season caravan in professional sports.

WXOW LacrosseLa Crosse confronts heroin exposure in infants by Ginna Roe — Babies don't get to choose their parents. They cannot change the choices their mom makes while being pregnant. …But experts at both Mayo Clinic Health System and Gundersen Health System will tell you they will continue to work to ensure these babies can lead as normal of a life as possible. "There are days in our NICU where as much as 20 percent of the babies are withdrawing from drugs. There are days, of course, I have no babies withdrawing from drugs," Dr. Dennis Costakos, Neonatologist at Mayo said.

Seattle WeeklyOverworked, Underpaid: UW's Apprentice Doctors Demand a Raise by Casey Jaywork…Margot Herman had her second child during her first year as a UW gastroenterology fellow. She’d previously completed a three-year internal medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “When I was at Mayo Clinic,” she says, “it was very easy for me to have a child there…I had six weeks of paid [maternity] benefits, and then I used up some vacation. So I was basically paid for eight weeks to take care of my child. “I didn’t realize how great that was at the time,” she says, but she soon learned.

Mankato Free PressNewborn arrives outside Mayo hospital entry door A couple rushing to a Rochester hospital for the imminent birth of their daughter didn't quite make it to the delivery room — but they came so very close. Kannon Schultz was born on the sidewalk in front of the Mayo Clinic Methodist hospital entry door with the help of an employee who was just leaving work. Additional coverage: MPR online, KAAL-TV online, KARE-TV online, Star Tribune online

SpaceCoast Daily.comParrish Medical Center First Hospital In U.S. Awarded Integrated Care Certification The Joint Commission’s Hospital Accreditation Program announced this week that Parrish Medical Center is the first hospital in the United States to be awarded Integrated Care Certification…In June, 2014, Mayo Clinic and Parrish Medical Center officials announced Parrish Medical Center as the 29th member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. PMC is the first Central Florida member of the network and the third in Florida.

Medscape (log-in required) —  Anesthesia and Cognitive Decline: No Link? — There is no significant link between exposure to general anesthesia and the development of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in individuals aged 40.

Spring Valley Tribune Local resident getting support in her battle against breast cancer by Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy — Spring Valley resident Donna Gehrking is determined to give a battle against breast cancer her best with a mixture of humor and toughness as well as an active support network backing her up…. Gehrking, a pharmaceutical technician at the Mayo Clinic for the past 29 years, discovered the cancer when her 9-month-old grandson kicked her chest, and the pain didn’t go away.

Orange County Register — OCSD proposal would ban discharge from animal water cremations by Joanna Clay — A proposed regulation will be in front of the Orange County Sanitation District Wednesday night that would ban liquified animal remains from going down the drain…Dean Fisher pioneered the technology on humans at the Mayo Clinic and now runs the only approved human unit in California. He took issue with the proposed ban. The water is safe, he said, and tests would show that.

Woman’s Day blog  Deep Frying Vegetables May Actually Make Them Healthier, Study Says by Marlisse Cepeda — As dietitian Angie Murad of the Mayo Clinic explains to WomansDay.com, "The only consideration that must be taken into account is that extra virgin olive oil, or any type of fat for that matter, is a more dense source of calories. You will be consuming more calories overall."

Slate — Why Are Doctors’ Offices So Badly Run? by L.V. Anderson — As patients, many of us have picked up on the kind of tension that plagues doctors’ offices and hospitals—the tension among doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. There are horror stories about bully doctors who punish any questioning of their authority with verbal abuse, a dynamic that can result in deadly medical mistakes…A recent Mayo Clinic study found that poor supervision in a medical setting is associated with burnout—which is associated with medical errors and a lack of empathy with patients.

Republican Eagle — Outlook grim for public Zip Rail project by Michael Brun — Minnesota Department of Transportation announced Monday the release of an Alternatives Analysis report for the proposed Zip Rail high-speed passenger line from the Twin Cities to Rochester, but a lack of funds — and interest in a similar project by the private sector — could mean an end to the study process…The stated goals of the project are to improve safety and convenience while connecting the Twin Cities to Mayo Clinic and other medical and technology destinations in Rochester. Additional coverage: Pioneer Press, Star Tribune

The Guardian — My cat really is trying to kill me – and you by Jim Gabour…This is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it can be transmitted between animals and humans. It has been estimated that in the US alone over 25,000 cases of cat scratch disease require brief hospitalization each year…Even the Mayo Clinic warned recently: “... the parasite forms cysts that can affect almost any part of the body – often your brain and muscles, including the heart.”

Chippewa Herald — Mayo Clinic grant program available to nonprofits in northwest Wisconsin — For the second year, Mayo Clinic Health System is pleased to offer its Hometown Health Grant program to help improve the health of communities in northwest Wisconsin. This grant process is open to nonprofit organizations in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Pierce, St. Croix and Trempealeau counties. Annually, total grant funding will be offered up to $25,000.

Albert Lea Tribune — February is American Heart Month: Join the recognition with Mayo Clinic Health System — According to a press release, Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea and Austin are once again participating in the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. Staff at the medical centers in both communities will wear red Feb. 5 and will encourage others to do the same.

Post Bulletin — Answer Man: Will Dalai Lama have public event in Rochester?Dear Answer Man, do you know if the Dalai Lama plans to meet with the public at all while he's in Rochester this time? If you do, what's the date, time and place? Thanks. Good question, and I haven't heard of any public appearance during his time here, which seems more closely guarded in terms of information than in the past. I'll keep asking questions.

Radio Free Asia — 'Over a Thousand' Tibetans Gather in Kardze to Pray For Dalai Lama's Health —…“But following a notice sent out on Jan. 20 by the [India-based] Central Tibetan Administration requesting prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama while he undergoes a health check at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., the Tibetans extended their praying for two extra days,” Lodroe said. Additional coverage: Phayul.com, Toronto Telegraph, India Gazette

KCEN-TV Online — Hot Tubs, Saunas, Swim Spas Minneapolis Dealer Shares Healthy New Year Tips — Adding a Minneapolis hot tub to the yard or patio will help every member of the household take advantage of the soothing, warm waters of a proven stress relief method. According to a study by Mayo Clinic researcher Thomas G. Allison, M.P.H., Ph.D., soaking for 30 minutes a day in a hot tub lowers blood pressure and relieves anxiety and stress. Additional coverage: KEYC-TV Online, KFDA-TV Online

KIMT — Twins hit a home run with local families by Adam Sallet — Baseball season is still months away, but for a bunch of families at the Mayo Clinic, the Minnesota Twins hit a home run on Wednesday. Twins hall-of-famer Bert Blyleven and pitchers Kyle Gibson and Glen Perkins got the chance to visit with families at the children’s hospital in Rochester.

Associated PressDalai Lama at Mayo Clinic for prostate treatment — The Dalai Lama is at the Mayo Clinic in the United States for treatment of a prostate condition. The clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said in a statement Wednesday that the 80-year-old Tibetan Buddhist leader is being treated for a prostate condition "that is common for men of his age." Additional coverage: ABC News, Kansas City Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Wopular, CBS Local , Columbia Missourian, Tibetalk, GeosNews, Yahoo Noticias, Yahoo Health, La Razon, Ghana News24, WDAY TV Fargo, WDIO-TV Duluth, Toronto Sun, The Indian Express, The American Bazaar, FOX News, Phayul.com

El Universal — Consejos para lidiar con niños quisquillosos para comer — Pocas cosas frustran más a padres de niños pequeños que el hecho que no quieran comer. Anne Harguth, especialista en nutrición de la Clínica Mayo sabe muy bien la lucha que es preparar alimentos para chicos quisquillosos con la comida por lo que comparte sugerencias para lograr que los pequeños prueben comidas nuevas, más sanas y hasta de apariencia extraña…

Vanguardia Liberal — ¿Deben dormir más los adolescentes? — ¿Qué sucede con el sueño de los adolescentes? ¿Por qué se habla de la importancia de dormir más? el doctor Suresh Kotagal, del Centro para Medicina del Sueño de la Clínica Mayo, advierte que “los adolescentes necesitan dormir entre nueve y nueve horas y media cada noche para descansar bien y mantenerse sanos”.

AtuSalud — Venas varicosas pueden achicarse — Por. Dr. Thom Rooke, Enfermedades Cardiovasculares de Mayo Clinic en Rochester, Minnesota.

Nueva Mujer blog —  6 hábitos que aceleran el envejecimiento de la piel — De acuerdo con el doctor Lowell Dale de la Clínica Mayo, fumar no sólo acelera la aparición de arrugas en el rostro, sino del resto del cuerpo. La nicotina provoca es estrechamiento de los vasos sanguíneos de las capas externas de la piel provocando menos flujo de sangre, es decir que la piel recibe menos oxígeno.

Alianza Tex Personas asmáticas pueden reducir medicamentos sin peligro — Las personas con asma pueden reducir el uso de medicamentos para su tratamiento sin peligro, pero esta medida debe ser aprobada por los médicos y los pacientes, indicó el especialista en alergias e inmunología de Mayo Clinic, el doctor Matthew Rank. Additional coverage: El Porvenir MX

Informe21.comLavarse las manos con frecuencia previene la dispersión de infecciones — “La respuesta simple es que el jabón normal y el agua potable, junto a una buena técnica de higiene, son igual de eficaces que el jabón antibacteriano para combatir a bacterias y virus respiratorios o estomacales de común aparición durante la infancia. El jabón normal no conlleva el riesgo de inducir la creación de organismos resistentes, según indica la reciente revisión de un artículo publicado por la Sociedad de Enfermedades Infecciosas de América,” señala la Dra. Peggy Decker, pediatra del Sistema de Salud de Mayo Clinic.

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