February 19, 2016

Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

By Karl Oestreich

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New York Times
Ask Well: Are Pomegranates Good For You?
By Roni Caryn Rabin

Pomegranates are rich in micronutrients with potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and are often compared favorably with red wine and green tea in terms of health benefits. But there’s little good evidence that the level of nutrientsNew York Times Well Blog Logo found in the fruit translates into true gains for human health, said Dr. Brent Bauer, director of the Mayo Clinic’s complementary and integrative medicine program, because few clinical trials have been done. “There’s a suggestion pomegranate can do a lot of things,” Dr. Bauer said. “The trouble is there’s very limited data.”

Reach: The New York Times has a daily circulation of nearly 649,000 and a Sunday circulation of 1.18 million.

Context:  Brent Bauer, M.D., is a Mayo Clinic General Internal Medicine physician who is also affiliated with Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. As director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, Dr. Bauer has broad and varied research interests.

Contact: Bob Nellis


ABC News
Loss for words can be a rare brain disorder, not Alzheimer's
by Lauran Neergaard

A mysterious brain disorder can be confused with early Alzheimer's disease although it isn't robbing patients of their memories ABC News logobut of the words to talk about them…Speech and language are hugely complex. Just to speak requires activating 100 muscles between the lungs and lips to produce at least 14 distinct sounds per second, said Dr. Joseph Duffy of the Mayo Clinic.

Context: New ways to diagnose and treat individuals who cannot speak, hear, or process language might not just ensure the right care—early intervention could also help treat or avoid other related disorders, according to findings presented by researchers at the AAAS Annual meeting recently.  Joseph Duffy, M.D., a Mayo clinic speech pathologist, is studying links between a particular speech disorder and other neurodegenerative problems.

Additional coverage:
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Contact: Susan Barber Lindquist


FOX News
Innovative treatment holds promise for new approach to Alzheimer's treatment

In decades of research, scientists have focused on eliminating the signature plaques of Alzheimer’s to fight the devastating disease…“TheFox News Health Logo field is taking a step back and re-examining where we are with regard to what we know, what we don’t know and what might be some of the best avenues going forward to look for treatments,” Dr. Ronald Petersen, director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging, who is not involved in the LM11A-31 research, told Time.

Reach:  Fox News is available to 102 million households in the United States and further to viewers internationally. Fox News Channel Online has more than 22.9 million unique visitors each month.

Context: Ron Petersen, M.D., Ph.D., is the Cora Kanow Professor of Alzheimer’s Disease Research at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Petersen is regularly sought out by reporters as a leading expert in his medical field. Dr. Petersen chairs the Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Services.

Contact: Susan Barber Lindquist


Arizona Horizon (PBS)
Proton Beam Therapy interview with Dr. Sameer Keole

Mayo Clinic's Proton Beam Therapy Arizona PBSMayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix will soon open its proton beam center to treat cancer. In properly selected patients proton beam therapy is an advance over traditional radiotherapy. Mayo Clinic's Proton Beam Therapy Program is unique, using pencil beam scanning, which allows closer targeting of a tumor. Dr. Sameer Keole (key-olee), the medical director of the Mayo Clinic Proton Beam Center in Arizona, will tell us more.

Reach: Eight, Arizona PBS is a PBS station that has focused on educating children, reporting in-depth on public affairs, fostering lifelong learning and celebrating arts and culture. Its signal reaches 86 percent of the homes in Arizona. With more than 1 million viewers weekly, Eight consistently ranks among the most-viewed public television stations per capita in the country. Eight is a member-supported service of Arizona State University.

Additional coverage: KWGN-TVKFAB-Radio

Context:  Mayo Clinic introduced its Proton Beam Therapy Program, with treatment for patients available in new facilities in Minnesota in 2015 and in Arizona in by mid March 2016. Proton beam therapy expands Mayo Clinic's cancer care capabilities. In properly selected patients — especially children and young adults and those with cancers located close to critical organs and body structures — proton beam therapy is an advance over traditional radiotherapy. More information about Mayo Clinic's Proton Beam Therapy Program can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Jim McVeigh


New York Times
New Culprit in Lyme Disease
by Karen Weintraub

Mosquitoes may be receiving all the attention amid the Zika virus epidemic, but they are hardly the only disease vectors to worry about. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., have discovered a new species of tick-borne bacteria thatThe New York Times newspaper logo causes Lyme disease… Dr. Bobbi Pritt, the medical director of the microbiology laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, where the new strain was first detected, recommended that patients with exposure to ticks in Minnesota and Wisconsin receive antibody and polymerase chain reaction testing to detect B. mayonii if they are concerned about Lyme infection but do not have the telltale bull’s-eye rash.

Reach: The New York Times has a daily circulation of nearly 649,000 and a Sunday circulation of 1.18 million.

Additional coverage: Scientific American, Outbreak News Today, Paul Pioneer Press, Yahoo! News, Business Insider UK

Previous coverage in February 12, 2016 Mayo Clinic in the News Weekly Highlights

Context: Mayo Clinic researchers, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health officials from Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, have discovered a new bacterial species that causes Lyme disease in people. The new species has been provisionally named Borrelia mayonii. Prior to this finding, the only species believed to cause Lyme disease in North America was Borrelia burgdorferi. More information can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Gina Chiri-Osmond


Florida Times-Union
26.2 With Donna marathon winner runs the race of his life for his wife
By Clayton Freeman

Marc Burget dashed down the finishing straight at Sunday’s 26.2 With Donna marathon, broke the tape at the line and immediately looked to his right...The 42-year-old Burget dedicated Florida Times-Union newspaper logohis win to wife Christina, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on Jan. 7. “Cancer’s not going to stop us doing what we love to do,” he said. “We’re going to keep on pushing through it.” Christina began chemotherapy about two weeks ago at the Mayo Clinic, practically a stone’s throw from the race’s finish line.

Reach: The Florida Times-Union reaches more than 120,000 daily and 173,000 readers Sunday.

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First Coast News 
26.2 runners with Donna runners strive to end breast cancer

Context: For nine years, runners have gathered every February to participate in the 26.2 with Donna. It's a marathon to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and care. Founder Donna Deegan is a three-time breast cancer survivor who was treated at Mayo Clinic. She wants to give back to the people and institution that cared for her. With funds raised from the marathon, Donna helped create and support a program at Mayo Clinic where experts can study breast cancer genes. The goal is to develop new and better ways to diagnose and treat breast and other cancers, tailored to each woman's needs. More information, including a video interview with Donna Deegan, can be found on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Paul Scotti

Wall Street Journal — At Luxury Resorts, the Doctor Can See You Now by Andrea Petersen — Some of the most prestigious names in medicine are moving into hotels. In January, the Mayo Clinic partnered with Mandarin Oriental to launch its Healthy Living Program at Mandarin’s resort in Bodrum, Turkey. Several Mayo employees—a resiliency specialist, an exercise specialist and a wellness trainer—are now working out of four rooms at the resort’s spa. Because of licensing issues, there are no Mayo M.D.s there, yet. The resort employs its own doctor. And Mayo says it is considering adding M.D.s. Mandarin offers two Mayo programs, a one-day and a five-day, that include meals, fitness classes, a stress management session and spa treatments.

ESPN — The Cruel, Unrelenting, Back-Breaking, Knee-Busting, Anti-Logic of the NBA Schedule by Tom Haberstroh — Eliminating back-to-backs is critical, says Dr. Michael Joyner, a renowned expert in human performance and physiology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Thirty-three years ago, Joyner was in medical school at Arizona -- where he'd run track as an undergrad -- when a sweet-shooting guard named Steve Kerr stepped onto the Tucson campus. It was there -- watching coach Lute Olson turn around the program with Kerr -- that he became obsessed not only with hoops but also with the madness of the NBA schedule. "There's a reason why airline pilots have sleep rules," Joyner says.

Sports Illustrated — Get Healthy in 2016: Brad Stulberg on how to start an effective workout plan by Michael Joyner — This is the second of the five-part series, 'Getting Healthy in 2016,' in which SI.com's in-house sports scientist Michael J. Joyner will be talking with team doctors, trainers and experts from the world of sports to help our readers learn how they can improve their lives by eating, training and living better.

ESPN — Del Potro keeping expectations low as he returns to court by Greg Garber — Del Potro beat Federer in five sets for his first Grand Slam singles title, becoming, at 6-foot-6, the tallest Grand Slam champion of the Open era…Less than eight months later, Del Potro had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a split extensor carpi ulnaris tendon in his right wrist. Ultimately, the small piece of fibrous collagen tissue that connects bone to muscle couldn't withstand the repeated force of racket striking ball. Additional coverage: ABC News online

Bloomberg News — Advances in Radiation Oncology Journal Closes First Issue — Advances in Radiation Oncology, ASTRO's new original research journal, has closed its first issue with research including a phase II clinical trial in prostate cancer, a prospective trial in quality of life for breast cancer patients receiving radiotherapy and several clinical and medical physics reports on the use of stereotactic body radiotherapy. "The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) is, at its core, a society primed for innovation," said founding editor Robert C. Miller, MD, MBA, of the Mayo Clinic in Florida and Rochester, Minnesota, in his inaugural editorial.

Fast Company — 3 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Teach Team Resilience by Luis Gallardo — To build workers’ resilience, you need to buffer their collective stress. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have confirmed that social support is essential for stress management within and among groups.

Nature.com — Health Habits of Employees in a Large Medical Center: Time Trends and Impact of a Worksite Wellness Facility by Donald D. Hensrud, et al — This study was conducted at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic is the largest private employer in the state of MN with 32,347 employees of whom 85.3% are allied health staff, 9.2% are physicians, and 5.5% non-health services staff. In 1995, Mayo Clinic opened a wellness facility, The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC) in which the aim was to provide members with a comprehensive wellness experience through an extensive range of programs and services.

NPR — Popular Heartburn Pills Can Be Hard To Stop, And May Be Risky by Rob Stein — "Many people have trouble discontinuing PPIs because the amount of acid in their digestive systems surges when they stop taking the drug. Proton pump inhibitors do have some very positive benefits to patients," says Kenneth DeVault, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic who is president of the American College of Gastroenterology. "They relieve symptoms better than any other medication that has ever been developed."

New York Times — Testosterone Gel Has Modest Benefits for Men, Study Says by Gina Kolata — Some doctors said they hoped the modest results might bring some sanity to the testosterone frenzy of recent years. “Frankly,” said Dr. Sundeep Khosla, a dean at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, “there is a lot of abuse.” Men lured by advertisements seek the drug, and Dr. Khosla said he had heard of doctors who prescribed it without first measuring the man’s testosterone levels to see if they were low.

New York Times — Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me by Kate Bowler — One of the most endearing and saddest things about being sick is watching people’s attempts to make sense of your problem….I can out-know my cancer using the Mayo Clinic website. Buried in all their concern is the unspoken question: Do I have any control?

Forbes — How Boomers Became The Disillusioned Generation by Mike White …Another suggestion for disillusioned boomers, says Kevin C. Fleming, who practices geriatric medicine and teaches at the Mayo Clinic’s Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging, is to look forward and put the past behind. “Try not to keep living as if your past is going to get any better, or regretting your past — as if that would have any effect on it,” Flemming said on Life (Part 2), a PBS series focused on 50+ viewers.

US News & World Report — Does Going to the Hospital Make You Sicker? by Stacey Colino — In addition to the risk-producing realities in the hospital, "there's a new set of self-care activities the patients need to address, such as new medications, new rehabilitation activities and the activities of daily living when the patient leaves," notes Dr. Aaron Leppin, an assistant professor of health services research in the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Arizona Republic — Lung transplants improve symptoms of lung disease by Dr. Ramachandra Sista — Question: Why do people need a lung transplant, and what is involved? Answer: A lung transplant may involve replacing one or both of your lungs to prolong your life in some instances, and to substantially improve your quality of life because of conditions that make it difficult for you to breathe — the most basic of all human biological functions.

Chicago Tribune — New weight-loss surgery may be less risky, cheaper by Randy Dotinga — A new type of weight-loss procedure offers an alternative to traditional bariatric surgery for people who are mildly to moderately obese, researchers report… "We're able to go inside the stomach to its connection to the esophagus," said study author Dr. Barham Abu Dayyeh, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. From there, the surgeons use suturing equipment to create a banana-sized sleeve that serves as a mini-stomach. Additional coverage: HealthDay

New York Post — 4 things you need to know about Hugh Jackman’s skin cancer by Christian Gollayan — Hugh Jackman revealed his fifth bout with skin cancer on Instagram last week, but he’s just one of 3.5 million people who are diagnosed every year with basal carcinoma — a pimple-like growth on the skin. Dr. Jerry Brewer, a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic, reveals four need-to-know facts about this most common form of cancer.

Buzzfeed UK — 19 Gross Kitchen Habits You Probably Definitely Have by Caroline Kee — First of all, not all germs in your kitchen are bad for you…Before you turn into a total germophobe, know that research shows being exposed to germs can actually help boost your immune system and maintain good gut bacteria, says Dr. Pritish Tosh, infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The New Indian Express — Early Care Can Aid Alzheimer Patients, Says Prof Peterson — When we hear of a singer who needs a teleprompter for a song he has sung for decades or an employee who forgets the name of a colleague of many years they may just be suffering from a cognitive impairment although showing no other symptom but a lack of memory, said Ronald C Peterson, head, Mayo Clinic for Alzheimer’s Disease, Minnesota. Additional coverage: The Hindu, Times of India

Medical News Today — Long-term benefits of 'senolytic' drugs on vascular health in mice — Building on previous studies, Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated significant health improvements in the vascular system of mice following repeated treatments to remove senescent cells. "Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in our population today, and disability related to heart disease and stroke has a tremendous impact on our aging population," says James Kirkland, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging at Mayo Clinic and co-corresponding author of this study.

Huffington Post — How Can Doctors Restore the Heart of Medicine? by Michael Finkelstein, M.D. — Addressing this matter in our recent interview, Jeffrey Sloan MD - a researcher and professor at the Mayo Clinic, specializing in quality of life issues for medical patients and practitioners - noted that doctors all have residency stories along the lines of, "I was up for 72 hours, and I'm lucky I didn't kill somebody" or "I did something goofy, but fortunately someone caught me." These are "cute anecdotes," Sloan said, but they underscore a serious issue.

Huffington Post  4 Ways Laughter Can Help You Heal by Matt Fore — The positive effects of laughter on the mind and body is wide spread and while there is naturally some disagreement, there is almost complete unity on the position that laughter reduces pain. A report from Mayo Clinic states, "Laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce it's own pain killers." And the best part is, they are free and legal.

MarketWatch — Hearing loss now hits 1 in 3 Americans over 65 by Elizabeth O’Brien — Since everyone’s background is different, it’s good to have a baseline hearing test done at age 50, regardless of hearing complaints, said Gayla L. Poling, director of diagnostic audiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. If changes are noted, those with a loud work environment or hobby may be able to take steps to reduce further damage.

Modern Healthcare — 10 Minority Executives to Watch (text list) by Debra Canales — LEON CLARK - Chair, department of research administration | Mayo Clinic….Clark, 51, first joined Mayo in 1997 as a unit manager in accounting, rising through the ranks and leading to a number of research administration roles with increasing responsibilities. He now oversees a $675 million operating budget supporting 1,500 physicians and 3,250 staff members.

KIMT.com — President of American Public Health Assoc. speaks about impacts racism has on health by DeeDee Stiepan — Dr. Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, is not only president of the American Public Health Association, she’s also a nationally renowned speaker on the ways bias may have an impact on health care. She spoke at Mayo Clinic on Thursday night in front of an auditorium full of Mayo employees and community members. The focus was on racial health disparities — something she believes not many people are even aware of.

LaCrosse Tribune  Extra potent heroin raises alarm about overdoses, potential deaths by Mike Tighe — A particularly perilous form of heroin is circulating on La Crosse streets, spiking overdoses and raising the specter of potentially deadly cases…Dr. Eric Grube, an ER doctor at Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare, said he has not noticed an increase of overdoses at that facility. “But we’re seeing is more heroin-related cases, such as abscesses and domestic cases,” Grube said.

Post Bulletin — Family that plays together builds memories (video) by John Weiss — Winning and losing are not the reason that Cowl Arena was created this winter out of a farm field southeast of Oronoco. Instead, it's a small ice sheet for the children of Dr. Clayton and Cammy Cowl and their friends. Games are ad hoc — whomever shows up plays, or if friends don't play hockey, they just skate…He's chairman of Mayo Clinic's Division of Preventative, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine. He's a busy man, so any time he can help his family have time together, or spend time with them, is also good.

WXOW.com LaCrosse — La Crosse Doctor Instrumental in Effort to Save Lives Through CPR - AED Training by Dave Solie — Eight years ago, Dr. Cheri Olson walked down an exam room hallway, about to meet a patient.  Olson had just received her CPR re-certification and happened to mention to a colleague, ironically as you will learn, she could once again, officially, use CPR to save a life. She walked into the exam room, sat down on a stool and began talking with her patient.  That's when, without warning, she experienced sudden cardiac arrest. Olson's life was saved through the use of CPR and an AED.  Now she has a defibrillator which has allowed her to do what most everyone else can.

Fierce Healthcare — Value-based care models: Look to strategies that already work by Zack Budryk — At Minnesota's Mayo Clinic, cancer surgeons consult with pathologists during lumpectomies or partial mastectomies rather than waiting days to get results back, they write. This strategy allows surgeons to determine the status of the cancer and how to move forward by the time the procedure is finished. This eliminates the need for a further lumpectomy 96 percent of the time, making a steeper short-term investment in exchange for long-term cost reductions and improved peace of mind for patients.

West Orange Times — Love Stories: Risking her life so her husband could live by Jennifer Nesslar — On March 1, 2013, Debbie became a living liver donor for Michael, whose liver was failing and was certain to die without a transplant. Before the surgery began, she didn’t know if she would wake up….The Nemeths went to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where they lived at the time. Michael was told he needed a liver transplant. The clinic told him he was eligible for a living liver donor. The liver is an organ that regenerates, so the Mayo Clinic would take two-thirds of someone else’s liver and take his liver out and put those two-thirds in.

Arizona Republic — My Turn: Cancer patients must demand exercise by Nancy Howe — Exercise is key…The Mayo Clinic’s 2016 two-day cancer symposium hosted Arizona State University professor Dr. Jennifer Huberty, whose presentation educated more than 800 survivors and their families about a fitness-based approach to cancer treatment.

Southernminn.com — Owatonna Eagles makes history during 54th annual cancer auction by Ashley Stewart — The Owatonna Eagles Club reached a milestone during its 54th annual cancer auction….The money donated to the telethon goes toward cancer research at Mayo Clinic, Hormel Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center.

Williston Daily Herald — Fundraiser Saturday for toddler with rare cancer by Elizabeth Hackenburg — Money raised will go toward covering Colton’s expenses, which will include an upcoming two-month stay at the Mayo Clinic for radiation treatment. The toddler has managed to remain a happy little boy despite the discomfort of a catheter, and appetite loss from aggressive chemo treatments.

WEAU Eau Claire — Crews respond to fire at Mayo Clinic Health System by Jesse Horne — Crews respond to fire at Mayo Clinic Health System on Chestnut Street. One of three chiller motors in the building caught fire, and one person who was in the building at the time was evacuated safely. Officials with Mayo also say no patients were affected at any buildings on the campus. Additional coverage: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Post Bulletin — Answer Man: Circus musician became Rochester hotel owner — Dear Answer Man, what could possibly make the Travelers Hotel historic? It's old but not all that distinctive….For those of you who don't read this column every single day -- and I urge you to mend your ways -- the hotel closed last month and the building, just west of Mayo Clinic's Baldwin building and owned by Mayo, is in the top tier of properties that merit consideration for landmark status, according to a consultant's report for the city's Heritage Preservation Commission

WEAU.com — Healthy Heart Fair raises awareness about the importance of heart health by Danielle Wagner — On this Valentine's Day weekend, a local hospital hopes to raise awareness about the importance of heart health. February is Heart Awareness Month, and Mayo Clinic Health System partnered with Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire to host the Healthy Heart Fair. Dr. Andrew Calvin, a cardiologist with Mayo Clinic Health System, said each year around 600,000 Americans die from heart disease. It's the number one killer of men and women in the U.S.

Alzforum — Falling Dementia Rates in US and Europe Sharpen Focus on Lifestyle — What was once just an idea now seems more certain: In developed countries, the number of new cases of dementia is on the decline…“Attention to sex-related factors (chromosomal, endocrine, and sex biology) or to gender issues (social and cultural factors) may help us to interpret the trends. We and others have recommended looking at risk and protective factors for dementia separately in men and women,” Walter Rocca at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, wrote to Alzforum

Star Tribune — State-of-the-art practice facilities all the rage in the NBA by Jerry Zgoda — There is an arms race raging across the NBA, and this one isn’t leaving the Timberwolves behind in the proverbial construction dust. Last summer, the Wolves opened their new $25 million Courts at Mayo Clinic Square, one of the league’s 13 state-of-the-art practice facilities that have opened since 2013 or are coming by 2018.

KSTP.com — Norm Coleman Optimistic He’ll Beat Cancer by Tom Hauser — Coleman is being treated by doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He agreed to take part in a clinical trial for his chemotherapy and radiation that reduced his treatment to two weeks instead of the usual seven weeks. He says he was just the 52nd patient to undergo this type of treatment. His next PET scan in early March will tell him whether the cancer is gone.

KAAL-TV.com  Duluth Boy Passes Away While Waiting for Heart Transplant at Mayo Clinic — A Duluth boy has died several days shy of his third birthday while awaiting a heart transplant at Mayo Clinic. Colten Robertson was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent six surgeries.  He had been at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester while he waited on the heart transplant list, but was sickened by a virus more than a month ago and could not recover.

Your Health Magazine — Obesity in Middle Age Linked to Faster Brain Function Loss — According to a new study, being out of shape in middle age can lead to the faster shrinkage of brain later.  Rosebud Roberts of Mayo Clinic, lead researcher, said they found that increasing rate of weight loss from midlife to later life can serve as a marker for this cognitive problem. People with MCI are particularly prone to getting dementia.

KEYC.com Mankato — Pilot Program Aims To Reduce Drug Abuse by Makenzie Kramer — Martin County has paired up with Mayo Clinic Health System Fairmont on a new way to dispose of prescription drugs. Drug deactivation has become a priority in Martin County. Over 70% of pharmaceuticals aren't used, and typically end up sitting in a medicine cabinet until they're thrown away.

KTOE-Radio Mankato — Mankato region sees no flu hospitalizations but confirms 7 cases by Wendy Wilde — “Part of the reason for that was because we were very assertive about informing people about getting the vaccine for this year. We also conducted a number of public flu vaccine clinics in the region, and the response was very good to those. But most of all this year’s vaccine was a good match of the strains we were actually seeing out in the community,” says Kathleen Frederick, Mayo Clinic Health System-Mankato Regional Manager.

Mankato Times — Mayo Clinic Health System donates $10,000 to SMIF to support Madelia fire relief — Mayo Clinic Health System today announced a $10,000 donation to Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) to help support relief efforts for the Feb. 3 fire in downtown Madelia. “Our hearts go out to the business owners and the entire Madelia community who have been impacted by the devastating fire,” says Greg Kutcher, M.D., president and CEO of Mayo Clinic Health System in the Southwest Minnesota region.

KOUW-Radio Seattle — 'Bad News' For Seattle Biotech Company As FDA Suspends Drug Trials by Amy Radil — The FDA has halted trials of a blood cancer drug sponsored by Seattle-based company CTI BioPharma. The agency said the drug may have a “detrimental effect” on patient survival… Dr. Ruben Mesa is a hematologist and one of the drug’s clinical researchers. He’s based at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He said he was surprised and taken aback when the hold was announced. Mesa said patients with chronic leukemia are vulnerable to the conditions the FDA cited, so the drug isn’t necessarily to blame.

Post Bulletin — Woman arrested after stealing van at MCHS-Austin by Brett Boese — An Austin woman stands accused of stealing a van after being discharged from Mayo Clinic Health System-Austin in order to drive home rather than walking home on the night of Feb. 7. Rachel Marie Gutierrez, 33, was charged Wednesday in Mower County District Court with one felony count of theft of a motor vehicle.

LaCrosse Tribune — Flavor: The Spice of Life set for Feb. 25 — Mayo Clinic will present Flavor: The Spice of Life, a free program about reducing sodium intake while increasing your use of spices and herbs. Dietician Joanne Hutson will speak from 4 to 5 p.m. Feb. 25 in the Lower Level Conference Room, Mayo Clinic Health System, 191 Theater Road, Onalaska.

Healthcare IT News — Mayo Clinic analyst to talk population health imperatives at HIMSS16 by Jessica Davis — For population health to gain a firm footing, healthcare organizations must start with conversations on the ground level. “It’s the people who will make the change,” said Jerry Sobolik, senior business analyst at the Mayo Clinic. Sobolik leads a team at Mayo working on standardization methods for Mayo’s three electronic health record systems, creating definitions and reports around data elements.

Cronkite News — Study: Young adults could be screened for colon cancer by Alexis Dominguez — Kim Newcomer knew something was wrong. She had just returned home to Arizona from a trip abroad and was exhausted. She had Stage 4 colon cancer. And she was given six months to live. …Dr. Suryakanth Gurudu, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, while not specifically addressing Newcomer’s case, said getting tested early is recommended if patients have colon cancer in their family history. “Patients with first degree family members, that includes, parents, sisters and brothers, should undergo a colonoscopy at age 40.”

First Coast News — 3 quick tips to love your body by Lindsey Boetsch — How is your New Year's resolution coming of hitting the gym every day? Chances are, you might be slacking a bit. But First Coast News' Lindsey Boetsch spoke with Erica Goldstein, dietician at the Mayo Clinic, and found out three really easy tips to help you get back on track.

ABC 15 Arizona — Mayo Clinic provides unique care for advanced heart failure — Linda Staley, CNP, MSN, RN, Mayo Clinic VAD Coordinator, joined the hosts of Sonoran Living Live to discuss Mayo Clinic's Advanced Heart Failure Program for patients with chronic end-stage heart failure. Mayo Clinic heart transplant patient, Brian Turner, also joined today's program to talk about his experience as a patient in the Mayo Clinic Advanced Heart Failure Program. Find out about more about heart disease and treatment by joining ABC15's Rally for Red, and from Mayo Clinic staff members each month on Sonoran Living Live.

La Crosse Tribune — Registration opens for Mayo-Franciscan's dragon boat fest — Registration is open for Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare’s fourth annual Big Blue Dragon Boat Festival scheduled for July 15 and 16 at Copeland Park in La Crosse. The festival, which began as a way to support breast cancer survivors, has evolved into a larger celebration of health, encouraging teamwork, physical activity and community spirit. Additional coverage: WXOW.com LaCrosse, WQOQ.com Eau Claire

KEYC Mankato — Mankato West Students Learn About Distracted Driving Dangers Through Simulator by Kelsey Barchenger — Mankato West has teamed up with Mayo Clinic Health System to put students' focus on the dangers of distracted driving before they even get behind the wheel. Peggy Sue Garber is the Trauma and Injury Prevention Coordinator at Mayo Clinic Health System. "There's no one in the back seat keeping score of the near misses that happen, so what it does is it brings it home," she said.

Becker’s Hospital Review — Academic medical centers: Trends in mergers, acquisitions and affiliations by Tamara Rosin — Academic medical centers serve as emblems of the highest quality healthcare and icons of the most prestigious medical research and education in the U.S. However, to ensure continued success and financial viability in the future, AMCs must develop or refine their strategies to manage several primary challenges….Mayo Clinic operates representative offices in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico to help international patients communicate with Mayo Clinic professionals and arrange travel to Mayo Clinic facilities in the U.S. Cleveland Clinic operates hospitals in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Canada, with representative offices in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.

Naples Daily News — Thought leaders to flood Naples for ‘Imagine Solutions’ by Laura Layden — As usual, the event will bring in national thought leaders with big ideas, who will cover big topics, including innovation in health care, breakthroughs in science and technology, and STEM education…Speakers on health care will include Dr. Keith Stewart, director of the Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine, Dr. Yan Chow, the chief innovation officer at the Kaiser Permanente Innovation Center, and Dr. Paul Rothman, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Additional coverage: Bloomberg

Chippewa Herald — Mayo closing clinic in Colfax — Mayo Clinic Health System is closing its clinic in Colfax July 1. A low number of patient visits to the clinic at 1010 High St. is the reason for closing Mayo Clinic Health System-Chippewa Valley, the health system said. The clinic said an internal study found that 71 percent of patients with Colfax addresses go to Bloomer or another Mayo Clinic Health System site. “In addition, the current facility is outdated, requiring substantial capital funds for replacement,” Mayo said of its Colfax clinic.

OncLive — Consolidation and Maintenance Therapy in Multiple Myeloma — Transcript of oncology panel featuring Dr. Keith Stewart – Mayo Clinic.

MedPage Today — Everolimus-Eluting Devices Stand Up Even After 5 Years by Nicole Lou — Everolimus-eluting devices -- whether stents or bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS) -- yield favorable long-term outcomes, two studies confirmed. Calling Serruys' findings "of considerable importance," David R. Holmes, Jr., MD, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Michael J. Mack, MD, of Baylor Scott & White Health in Plano, Texas, nonetheless noted that BVS is still in its early phases.

Post Bulletin — Two honored by math/science partnership — A Mayo Clinic doctor and a science teacher at Rochester Lourdes High School have been honored by the Rochester Area Math Science Partnership for work they have done to promote scientific learning. At a dinner celebrating the 25th anniversary of the group, Dr. Jim Greenleaf was given the Distinguished Leadership Award; it is the first to be given by the partnership. He is an ultrasound scientist, professor of biomedical engineering and associate professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic.

Curetoday.com — Making the Connections: My Nurse's Proactive Approach to Treatment by Ron Kruszewski — Emily Knight is a great oncology nurse from a patient’s viewpoint. As one of her patients, I have known and interfaced with Emily for several years now with my chronic blood cancer, myelofibrosis. Emily works for a director of Hematology/Oncology at the Mayo Clinic (Ruben A. Mesa, MD, FACP), and provides me (as she does for so many other patients) a key interface for my visits with my hematologist. These include information/explanation of doctor’s orders, prescription drug orders, and proper usage and side effects of my prescription drugs.

KARE 11 — Dalai Lama to give public talk in Mpls. — The Dalai Lama will visit Minneapolis this weekend to give a public talk and hold a short teaching session.The Tibetan spiritual leader is currently in Rochester, Minnesota for medical care at the Mayo Clinic. The public talk will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on February 21, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. according to a spokesperson.

Post Bulletin  Conley-Maass, Discovery Square to be focus of DMC open house by Jeff Kiger — A public open house on Thursday will spotlight coming changes in downtown Rochester, particularly in Mayo Clinic's future Discovery Square area…Much of the discussion at the event is expected to focus on Mayo Clinic's Discovery Square project in that area of downtown. Mayo Clinic contracted consultant Hammes Co. of Madison, Wis., to analyze the Discovery Square piece of the DMC vision and offer a market plan of how the medical and technology research area might be developed. Mayo paid Hammes $1.5 million to conduct the study, which recently was completed.

WEAU.com — Eau Claire, Her Story/Her Heart — WEAU TV 13 5 p.m. news interview with Mayo Clinic Health System cardiovascular surgeon Thomas Carmody, M.D. and cardiac patient Gayle Kleppe, discussing the upcoming “Her Story/Her Heart” presentation at Mayo Clinic Health System. The event will be held 6:30-7:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 18 in the lower level auditorium at MCHS, Eau Claire. Parking is available in the ramp at the corner of Fulton and Whipple Street. To register for the free event, please call 715-838-5818.

Post Bulletin  Main Event: Fundraiser supports 'home away from home' by Holly Galbus — It was an evening to "Dream a Little Dream" at the 13th annual Hearts and Diamonds Spectacular, Feb. 6 at Somerby Golf Club. Guests enjoyed an elegant evening of dinner, dancing, and diamonds, and raised more than $100,000, an event record, to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester."The best and most moving part of the evening is when the children come," said Megha Tollefson, a pediatrician at Mayo Clinic. "Many of my patients have commented on how the house has helped. It's a wonderful, amazing place for these families to stay."

Florida Times-Union — Jacksonville-area hospitals at forefront in providing specialized services with latest technology — Mayo Jacksonville dedicated the first center in the history of Mayo Clinic devoted exclusively to cancer research in February 2004; it has received the National Cancer Institute’s highest designation as a comprehensive cancer center. Mayo Clinic Hospital is the admitting hospital for Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida. It has 304 beds and 22 operating rooms and offers care in more than 35 adult medical and surgical specialties. The hospital includes a full-service emergency department, open to everyone. Mayo recently received an ‘‘A’’ grade from Leapfrog Group for hospital safety.

KFGO.com- Fargo-Moorhead — For vaginal repair, benefits of mesh must be weighed against harms by Andrew Seaman — Synthetic mesh is more effective for correcting vaginal prolapse than using a woman's own tissue, but the overall benefit is small, according to a fresh look at some past research… Dr. John Gebhart, who was not involved with the new review, said that in the next couple of years, more data about results with mesh for vaginal prolapse will likely be available, when studies ordered by the FDA are completed. "I think the ultimate takeaway is that patients should continue to ask questions of their physicians and ask what the pros and cons of each approach are for the patient," said Gebhart, a urogynecologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

KRNV-TV Arizona — Ryan Dolan opens up about Tom Dolan's health, family business by Shelby Sheehan — For decades, Tom Dolan has made community involvement a major part of his business plan…. A recent health crisis, however, forced him to take a step back from business as usual. Dolan explained that a lung transplant and double bypass heart surgery are what doctors from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona said needed to be done, and as soon as possible. In January, he underwent a 12-hour surgery when a donor lung became available.

Central Kentucky News — Hospital staff grants grieving husband's final plea — This true story happened at the hospital at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota during my three-month stay there. There was a lady patient a few doors down from my room who was dying. Her husband was so faithful to her, spending every day with her, realizing every day she was getting weaker….He waited until the nursing staff on our floor was changing shifts and he went to the head nurse. He said, "I need to ask a huge, important favor of you. My wife will pass any time now as you well know. I want to spend the night with her tonight. I want the door to her room locked. I want absolutely no interruptions, taking her vitals or checking on her. I am asking for complete privacy for us all night."…The look on the head nurse's face gave him his answer…. Then one of the cleaning crew just getting his day shift and was listening, stood up and said, "Listen, I got a good new book to read. I'll just pull up this chair in front of the patient's door, lock it and just read all night. "Ain't nobody goin' in that room tonight!"…The husband emerged from her room the next morning with a sweet peace in his heart... She left this world, holding her husband's warm hand 24 hours later.

Southernminn.com — New Prague Mayo Clinic welcomes new family physician — Mayo Clinic Health System in New Prague recently welcomed a new family medicine provider to its clinic. John Tieben, M.D., joined the practice on Monday (Feb. 8) and began seeing patients as of Feb. 15.

MedPage Today — RA Flares Common After Anti-TNF Withdrawal by Wayne Kuznar — The risk of a flare increased by more than three-fold over 1 year when patients with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in remission, or with stable low disease activity, stopped their anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) treatment, Dutch researchers reported…But a more cautionary view was offered by Eric Matteson, MD, chair of rheumatology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He said that the importance of the study lies in the revelation that most RA patients will have recurrent disease activity after stopping therapy, even in patients who achieve remission or very low disease activity. "In my view, RA is a chronic disease, which like hypertension, requires chronic, and for most patients, lifelong therapy," Matteson told MedPage Today.

Hospitals & Health Networks — How the Rise of Private Insurance Exchanges Will Affect Hospitals by Lola Butcher — About 6 million Americans have enrolled in coverage through private exchanges. Enrollment is relatively slow so far but is expected to accelerate… Leaders at Mayo Clinic Health System agree. That’s why it partnered with Medica to offer a new health plan — called Medica with Mayo Clinic Health System — offered in eastern Wisconsin and southern Minnesota through Medica’s private exchange. “We think that there will be more of these sorts of products and exchanges coming forward, and we’re trying to position ourselves well for that sort of an environment,” says Brian Whited, M.D., vice chair of operations for Mayo Clinic Health System.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal — University of Minnesota Health is launching an executive health program by Katharine Grayson — Twin Cities businesses have approached the school for years about starting a program so employees wouldn't have to travel outside the metro area for care.… Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic is well known for its executive health program that draws business leaders nationwide.  However, the market for a Twin Cities-based program remains large, thanks to the metro area's high concentration of corporate headquarters, North Memorial officials say.

FOX News — For vaginal repair, benefits of mesh must be weighed against harms — Dr. John Gebhart, who was not involved with the new review, said that in the next couple of years, more data about results with mesh for vaginal prolapse will likely be available, when studies ordered by the FDA are completed. "I think the ultimate takeaway is that patients should continue to ask questions of their physicians and ask what the pros and cons of each approach are for the patient," said Gebhart, a urogynecologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Newsday — Mayo Clinic News Network: Avoiding heart disease: Tips from Mayo Clinic — Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States. According to the American Heart Association, more than one in three female adults has some form of cardiovascular disease…Dr. Ruth Tiffault, a Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine and women’s health physician, explains steps you can take to help prevent heart disease.

WEAU.com Eau Claire — Study finds Adderall use is increasing in young adults by Jessica Bridge — Between 2006 and 2011 researches claim Adderall prescription didn’t increase but say the non-medical use of it rose 67 percent. Mayo Clinic Health System says Eau Claire County is no expectation.“ Eau Claire is a college town like any other and it has its substance abuse issues,” said emergency medicine physician Dr. Paul Horvath.

KTTC.com — Library Expansion Plan feasibility study released by Alanna Martella — Many interviewed in the study said beyond a place to read books, the library is a place that can close the digital divide between those with and without access to technology. The study also reported it's a place for Mayo Clinic patients and their families to get away from the hospital room for a bit.

WEAU.com — Eau Claire, Jerry's Road To Recovery by Jese Horne — It was just like any other Saturday for Jerry Verhagen. He was spending the day at his father’s house, operating a saw in a barn on the property. “I was just cutting 3-by-3s on the miter saw,” Jerry said. “My sleeve got caught in the blade and it just pulled it out.” The sleeve pulled Jerry’s left arm into the blade of the saw and severed his left arm so quickly, he didn’t immediately know what happened… Jerry Verhagen was airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., where Dr. Brian Carlsen of orthopedic surgery was called in to perform what he described as “complicated.” “My recollection is that, despite him being a distance away, he was going to get here very quickly,” he said. “My first concern was I have to get to the hospital quickly and I want to meet him.”

City Journal — Innovation in the Algorithm Age by Mark P. Mills and Julio M. Ottino — Good design is even critical in medical care. Great doctors aren’t enough. The Mayo Clinic’s success relies on a beautifully choreographed design to move patients through a complex system.

WEAU.com – Eau Claire — Spain couple gets gift of life from WEAU staff member by Jesse Horne — Javier Huergo and Pilar Azcarraga have been together for five years and as the relationship progressed, questions were asked. "If we get to be together, we would like to have a family, we'd like to get married. I was like 'Javier, you know that I can not have babies,'" Azcarraga said to WEAU 13 News on Tuesday. A bout with cancer took away the ability for Pilar to have one of her own, leaving the couple from Spain exploring all options – finally settling on finding a gestational surrogate to carry their baby…Combining the donation of an anonymous egg with Javier's sperm, the task of bringing the new life into the world for the couple fell to Melissa Hogstad – a member of the WEAU sales staff.

Post Bulletin — Seen & Heard: Physician, 'hockey dad' sticking up for the sport by Megan Kennedy — Dr. Michael Stuart's love for hockey is almost as famous as his reputation in the medical field…."My love for hockey really blossomed when we came to Rochester in 1983," Stuart said. "Our four children grew up as part of the Rochester Youth Hockey Association and really had wonderful experiences making friends and learning the sport and great coaching.

Post Bulletin — Answer Man: Mayo has no plans yet for old Lourdes — Dear Grand Man of Responses, the old Lourdes High School at 621 West Center Street has been sitting empty for a few years now. Are there plans to repurpose at least portions of this building?...Good question, and here's the extent of what I've heard from Mother Mayo: "Mayo Clinic does not have immediate plans for the location and we continue to maintain the building." Whether it's being used at all, I can't say.

Star Tribune — Dalai Lama to speak Sunday in Minneapolis by Tim Harlow — The Dalai Lama will be keynote speaker Sunday at a celebration of the Tibetan New Year with a program at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Sunday will mark the Dalai Lama’s first public appearance since he checked into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in January to undergo prostate treatment, according to his website. Additional coverage: Pioneer Press online, com

Latin Post — What is Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty? Everything You Need to Know Here! — The new procedure is called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. It involves using an endoscope - a flexible tube inserted through the mouth rather than making an incision in the body…According to Dr. Barham Abu Dayyeh, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., they were able to go inside the stomach to its connection to the esophagus. From there, they created a banana-sized sleeve that serves as a mini-stomach.

El Pais.com.co — ¿Duerme bien su hijo?, identifique los enemigos del sueño — Según el Doctor Suresh Kotagal, Centro para Medicina del Sueño, Mayo Clinic de Rochester, Minnesota, “cuando los adolescentes descansan bien son capaces de concentrarse, aprender, escuchar y pensar mejor que cuando están cansados, lo que puede mejorar su participación y rendimiento académico”.

Infórmate — Personas con asma son más vulnerables a desarrollar herpes zóster — Las personas que padecieron asma durante su infancia son más vulnerables de desarrollar herpes zóster, una enfermedad inflamatoria de la piel también conocida como culebrilla, indicó el epidemiólogo en asma de Mayo Clinic, el doctor Young Juhn… “El asma es una de las cinco enfermedades crónicas más agobiantes en Estados Unidos y afecta hasta 17 por ciento de la población”, mencionó el también pediatra.

Corriere Della Sera — Le nuove frontiere della medicina di precisione (o «personalizzata») by Luigi RipamontiI campi di applicazione che si potrebbero citare sono molti, a cominciare dai tumori, dove questo cambiamento fa avvertire i suoi effetti non solo nella diagnosi, come nel caso dei test sulla saliva, ma soprattutto con terapie basate su precisi target genetici e molecolari. Anche nelle malattie infettive però il panorama è mutato in modo molto profondo, basti pensare a Ebola: persino in Sierra Leone non si fa diagnosi di infezione con questo virus senza basarsi sulla Pcr (2). Vediamo alcuni esempi concreti, tratti dalla presentazione che Gianrico Farrugia, vicepresidente della Mayo Clinic, ha fatto per la quarta presentazione annuale della Individualizing Medicine Conference (1).

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