November 22, 2017

“Awake Brain Surgery” at Mayo Clinic in Arizona

By Karl Oestreich

ABC 15 Arizona
by Danielle Lerner

Patients playing the piano during brain surgery? It's called "Awake Brain Surgery," and it's growing in popularity at Mayo Clinic. The patient is ABC affiliate, channel 15 in Arizonaasleep for most of the procedure and doesn't feel any pain. It is especially helpful when removing brain tumors where the goal is to preservefunction and minimize the long-term effects. "We can actually stimulate the brain to get information electrically and by watching the patient's function as to what part of the brain controls what," said Dr. Bernard Bendok, who chairs the Department of Neurosurgery at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic performs several "awake" surgeries each month and up to 40 per year.

Reach:  KNXV-TV, ABC 15, is the ABC television station affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional coverage: MSN

Context: Bernard Bendok, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon. Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons perform more than 7,000 complex surgical procedures every year at campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. The research team of Bernard R. Bendok, M.D., is focused on innovations that can improve surgical safety and outcomes and enhance quality of life for people who have neurovascular diseases or strokes. The focus of Dr. Bendok's laboratory is on innovation of surgical methods and devices, clinical trials, mathematical modeling of neurovascular diseases, and patient-specific simulation. You can read more about Dr. Bendok's medical research here.

Contact: Jim McVeigh

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