February 23, 2018

Health experts encourage preteens get HPV vaccine to prevent cancers

By Karl Oestreich

by Linda Ha

"It's nearly 100 percent effective. We did studies here at Mayo Clinic back in the late 1990s that demonstrated that nearly everyone vaccinated was completely protected against getting the cancer-causing strains," said Dr. Robert Jacobson, Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director at Mayo Clinic KTTC-10-Rochester logoPrimary care and Immunization Program. Health experts recommend young adolescents — starting at age 9 — get an HPV vaccination before they're exposed. "I think in practice, we act like there's time. Your child is not at risk yet so let's wait, but we know that as parents of busy teenagers it's hard to get the kids in for regular visits. On average a child may make one well-child visit every four years," said Dr. Jacobson.

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Context: Robert Jacobson, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic pediatrician with the Mayo Clinic Children's Center. Dr. Jacobson serves as the medical director for the Population Health Science Program at Mayo Clinic's Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery. He also leads Mayo's Employee and Community Health (ECH) Research Initiative. You can read about his research here.

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