March 9, 2018

New research shows unexpected side effects of popular painkillers

By Kelley Luckstein

New York Post

You pop three pills for intense post-workout soreness, two for a pre-coffee headache, a small handful for period cramps, and suddenly you’re swinging by Duane Reade for a new bottle of Advil. Plenty of people take non-opioid analgesics — a k a everyday pain meds — without a second thought. But are you doing your body more harm than good? ... Acetaminophen is “safer” than most painkillers on this list, Dr. Stephen Pavela of the Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, Wisc. tells The Post. “It doesn’t upset the stomach; in low doses, it’s not going to hurt any organs like the kidney or liver,” he says. But Pavela thinks more research is needed into the emotional side effects.

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Context: The reporter, Rebecca Santiago, reached out to Mayo about a roundup of the latest research about analgesic medications, mentioning ibuprofen, aspirin, acetominophen and celecoxib. Mayo Clinic Health System expert, Dr. Stephen Pavela responded to a media interview request.

Contact: Rick Thiesse

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