March 16, 2018

Living with colon cancer: One man’s journey through treatment

By Karl Oestreich

First Coast News
by Alexander Osladacz

Dr. Pashtoon Kasi from the Mayo Clinic explained an alarming rise in colorectal cancers among younger patients – in their 20s, 30s, and like Krueger in their 40s. Not to the age of yearly colonoscopies, and many First Coast News Logowithout family history of the disease, also like Krueger. Learning from other doctors, the method and order a cancer is treated can make a difference, Kasi explained. "Rather than after surgery when it’s difficult to do, before surgery where it probably will have an impact on shrinking down the tumor but also impact on surgery making it easier," Kasi said.

Reach: First Coast News refers to three television stations in Jacksonville, Florida. WJXX, the ABC affiliate; WTLV, the NBC affiliate; and WCWJ, the CW affiliate.

Context: Pashtoon Kasi, M.D., M.B.B.S., is a Mayo Clinic oncologist and hematologist. Dr. Kasi's research focuses on gastrointestinal cancers with a recent primary focus on colorectal cancers.

Contact: Paul Scotti

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