March 30, 2018

Bloomberg Markets: Apple pursues Google in education

By Karl Oestreich


GUESTS: Mark Gurman Technology Reporter Bloomberg News Discussing Apple going head-to-head with Google in by introducing new iPad for Bloomberg News logoeducation…James Rogers Chair of Business Development Mayo Clinic Discussing why unlikely partnerships will spark the health-care revolution. Jim Rogers interview starts at about 13 minutes.

Reach:  Bloomberg has 2,300 media professionals in 146 bureaus across 72 countries. Bloomberg delivers its content across more than 400 publications, over 310 million households worldwide through Bloomberg Television and 500,000 in the New York metro area and 18.5 million subscribers through satellite radio.

Context:  Jim Rogers is chair of Mayo Clinic Ventures. Some of the medical advancements most widely used throughout the world have been developed at Mayo Clinic. Nearly every MRI machine contains Mayo Clinic technology. Mayo Clinic holds the patent for the assay-of-choice to diagnose vitamin D deficiency and monitor treatment results. Mayo Clinic was awarded a Nobel Prize for discoveries that led to the isolation and first use of cortisone.

ContactsTraci KleinDuska Anastasijevic

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