March 30, 2018

Mayo Clinic CEO: Some health-care middlemen create a lot of ‘waste’ in US system

By Karl Oestreich

by Berkeley Lovelace Jr

There's a lot of "waste" in the U.S. health-care system that could be simplified, Mayo Clinic President and CEO Dr. John Noseworthy told CNBC CNBC logoon Wednesday. Noseworthy said on "Squawk Box" that he spoke with the joint health-care venture that teams up Jeff Bezos' Amazon, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and Jamie Dimon's J.P. Morgan Chase. He said he expects the group to look at how to "remove the intermediary steps that add so much cost and add no value."

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Context: John Noseworthy, M.D. is president and CEO of Mayo Clinic. Dr. Noseworthy plans to retire from Mayo Clinic at the end of 2018. This decision comes after one of Mayo Clinic’s strongest years in terms of quality and safety; advancement in research, education and the clinical practice; and the completion of a $3.76 billion, eight-year philanthropic campaign. “I am honored that the Board of Trustees asked me to serve another year, through the end of 2018,” says Dr. Noseworthy. “2017 was an extraordinary year for Mayo Clinic, and I look forward to working with our leadership team throughout 2018 to continue to strengthen Mayo Clinic and advance our humanitarian mission. I am truly humbled to serve as president and CEO of this amazing and dynamic organization. Every day, I continue to be inspired by the work of Mayo’s staff and how they embody our shared values to care for our patients and advance the field of medicine.” You can read more about this announcement, including an interview with Dr. Noseworthy, on Mayo Clinic News Network.

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