April 13, 2018

Mayo Clinic searching for answers as heart disease increases in younger women

By Karl Oestreich

by Jen Wahl

Heart attacks are the number one killer in both men and women and now doctors are concerned about the increase in heart disease in younger women. Mayo Clinic experts are trying to figure out what's behind the disturbing trend. With 15 Iron Man competitions under her belt at 50 years KPNX-2 NBC Phoenxold, Angie Anderson's heart was still a ticking time bomb. "You look on the outside and somebody can look totally heathy and have what I have and their arteries are literally clogging as they're going through daily life and they don't know," Anderson said. Anderson is like thousands of women across the nation right now. She was walking around with a silent killer. Mayo Clinic's Dr. Regis Fernandes said one in four women die of heart disease in the U.S., making it the leading cause of death. "They'll be more likely to die from heart disease than from cancer, from all cancers combined," Dr. Fernandes said. "That's how important heart disease is in women."

Reach:  KPNX-2 is the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. It's online news site receives mores than 603,000 unique visitors each month.

Context:  Regis Fernandes, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic cardiologist.

Contact:  Jim McVeigh


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