May 31, 2018

Additional surgical procedure beneficial for many heart patients — but not all

By Karl Oestreich

by Anne Halliwell

As we near the end of stroke month, Mayo Clinic researchers reported that a common surgical procedure — closing the left atrial appendage — is Logo for Post-Bulletin newspaperstill the correct choice for many patients…Mayo Clinic looked at the de-identified administrative claims data for nearly 76,000 adult patients between January 2009 and March 2017. The patients had undergone a coronary artery bypass or heart valve surgery. Of these patients, about 6 percent had the left atrial appendage closed during surgery.

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Context: Each year in the U.S., more than 300,000 people have heart surgery. To reduce risk of stroke for their patients, surgeons often will close the left atrial appendage, which is a small sac in the left side of the heart where many blood clots form, during these surgeries. Mayo Clinic researchers report today in JAMA that adding this procedure is likely the right choice for certain patients but not all. You can read more about the study on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact:  Elizabeth Zimmerman


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