June 15, 2018

Burns, bites and blisters: Avoiding and treating summer health hazards

By Karl Oestreich

by Rachel Nania

The best way to treat a sunburn is to prevent one, said Dr. Scott Litin, editor of the fifth edition of the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book. But if you find your skin is pink and painful at the end of the day, there are WTOP-FM Logosome things you can do to alleviate the burn. Litin recommends applying a cold compress directly to the affected area (a washcloth soaked in cool water works just fine) and keeping the burn hydrated with aloe vera. And as tempting as it may be to peel the skin away as it blisters, Litin said leave it alone. “That blistered skin is there for a purpose; it’s there for protection,” he added.

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Context: Since its initial publication in 1990, the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book has become a classic home medical reference, selling more than 1.5 million copies. Now in its fifth edition – the first since 2009 – this revised and illustrated volume offers the latest in medical knowledge and strongly emphasizes self-care. The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book is based on the expertise of hundreds of Mayo Clinic health care providers and the advice they give their patients daily. From infancy to old age, from prevention to treatment, from standard practices to integrative medicine, the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book provides easy-to-understand information. You can read more on the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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