June 22, 2018

Paralyzed ER doctor returns to work — just don’t call him inspirational

By Karl Oestreich

NBC News
by Avichai Scher and Lauren Dunn

For Dr. Daniel Grossman and his close friend Ron Garber, biking has been their bond. It was their escape — their time to talk about life, love, even death. But during a NBC News Logomountain biking trip last Labor Day weekend, all of that changed in an instant. On their final run in a northern Minnesota park, on a trail called Easy Street, Grossman took a fall, slamming him to the ground. He has no memory of how it happened…A helicopter whisked Grossman away to the ER, where a scan revealed a shattered vertebrae, causing irreparable damage to his spinal cord. Grossman was devastated. He knew he would never walk again.

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Context: Daniel Grossman, M.D., was in command and control mode, assessing a 36-year-old who'd fallen off his mountain bike on the Cuyuna Trail in northern Minnesota. No one had seen the fall, which cracked the man's helmet and left him unable to feel or move his legs. Having worked for a decade as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Grossman understood the gravity of the situation. But it was also completely new to him. Because this time, Dr. Grossman wasn't only the physician. He was also the patient. You can read more about Dr. Grossman's story in this Mayo Clinic in the Loop story.

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