July 5, 2018

Final steel girder ‘tops’ off Discovery One building

By Karl Oestreich

by Jeff Kiger

A small crowd, braving oppressive warm temperatures, watched Thursday as a white steel girder covered in signatures and topped with a small Logo for Post-Bulletin newspapertree was put in place on top of the four-story Discovery One Square building. The ceremonial “topping” was hosted by the building’s developer, Minneapolis-based M.A. Mortenson Co. The 89,000-square-foot One Discovery Square is under construction at the corner of Fourth Street Southwest and Second Avenue Southwest. One Discovery Square is the first building to go up in Mayo Clinic’s 16-block Discovery Square subdistrict of the Destination Medical Center initiative.

Reach: The Rochester Post-Bulletin is a daily newspaper that serves Rochester, Austin and its surrounding cities. The newspaper has a daily circulation of more than 30,000 and has more than 440,00 unique visitors to its website each month.

Context: The Discovery Square redevelopment district, about 30 percent of which is owned by Mayo Clinic, is envisioned to do a couple of things: First, to accommodate in some planned fashion the residential and commercial growth expected in Rochester in the next couple of decades. And second, to translate the medical and commercial innovations coming out of Mayo Clinic into commercial medical developments that benefit the Rochester economy and Mayo’s patients. You can read more about Discovery Square in Discovery's Edge.

Contact: Bob Nellis

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