July 13, 2018

New Effort for Lyme Disease Vaccine Draws Early Fire

By Kelley Luckstein

Wall Street Journal
by Sumathi Reddy

Efforts to bring a vaccine for Lyme disease to the market have run aground amid heated debate over the years. Now, a European company is in the early stages of creating a vaccine for the increasingly common tick-borne disease. Lyme disease patient-advocacy groups—who disagree with the protocols used by most doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease—are already raising concerns. ...

Gregory Poland, director of the vaccine research group at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., published a 2011 study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases detailing what happened with the previous Lyme vaccine and lessons learned from it.  Lymerix, he says, “was actually very effective” but multiple factors led to its withdrawal. “In this country you can protect your dog with a vaccine for Lyme disease but you can’t protect yourself or your child,” says Dr. Poland. “We have a public health problem in this country with a disease that has short-, mid- and long-term consequences and for which all other prevention methods are wholly inadequate.”

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Context: Sumathi Reddy has a strong relationship with Traci Klein who points on national media outreach for Mayo Clinic. Sumathi has visited Mayo in person, which has helped strengthen our relationship, and she has sought out Mayo Clinic experts periodically for her stories. For this request, she sought out Dr. Poland to comment on a recently published study.

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