September 14, 2018

Medical professionals convene in Rochester to discuss individualized care

By Karl Oestreich

by Holden Krusemark

Advancing the world of individualized medicine is the goal for Mayo Clinic and is a reason they've hosted a conference for 7 years, getting some of the best minds together to learn and grow. About 1,000 medical professionals from all over the United States and the globe gathered at the Mayo KTTC-10-Rochester logoCivic Center to learn the latest advancements in treatment to provide the best care to patients…"This is a remarkably fast moving field, almost a month, never a month goes by without something new being introduced. We've heard experts from around the world every year, including this year, who are really state of the art investigators in their field. So we think it's done both a job of introducing Mayo Clinic to the world, as well as bringing them to help and advise and engage us," said Dr. Keith Stewart, Mayo Clinic Center of Individualized Medicine Director.

Reach:  KTTC-TV Channel 10 is the Rochester, Minnesota-based NBC affiliate.  Its website has more than 160,00 unique visitors each month.

Context: Individualized medicine is tapping the human genome in new ways to attack health care disorders, predict risk of disease, make an earlier diagnosis and identify precise therapies. Individualized medicine, also called precision medicine, uses people's information about their genetic blueprints, lifestyles and environments to shape health care. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Keith Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., Carlson and Nelson Endowed Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine, presented six ways precision medicine has further advanced into patient care over the past year. Dr. Stewart shared these innovations today in his opening welcome to the 2018 "Individualizing Medicine Conference: Advancing Care Through Genomics" in Rochester. You can read more on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact:  Susan Buckles

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