October 26, 2018

What does your gut say? How ‘the bugs inside us’ affect overall health

By Karl Oestreich

Star Tribune
by Connie Nelson

Dr. Joseph Murray takes the adage “You are what you to eat” to a whole new level — a lower level. As a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Murray studies “anything that ails you from your mouth to the Star Tribune newspaper logoother end.” In addition to being an expert in Celiac disease and swallowing disorders, he has a “keen interest in what we feed ourselves and the bugs inside us.” We talked to Murray about the increasing interest in the gut, good bugs vs. bad bugs, food vs. supplements, the possible dangers of elimination diets and how “brugs” may be the next frontier in treating autoimmune diseases.’

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Context: Joseph Murray, M.D, is a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and hepatologist. Dr. Murray's research is in two distinct areas:  celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and enteropathy; and esophageal disorders.

Contact:  Kelley Luckstein

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