December 6, 2018

Mayo Clinic nurses are in the middle of a campaign to protect infants’ heads

By Karl Oestreich

by Anne Halliwell

Mayo Clinic nurses are in the middle of a campaign to protect infants’ heads — in more ways than one. In November and December, Mayo’s Family Birth Center and Neonatal ICU have given out an additional, purple cap along with the normal pink or blue one that all families receive. Rochester Post-Bulletin LogoThat cap represents peak crying time for infants — and cautions parents and other caregivers against using force to quiet their children…Making more than 40 of the caps allowed Pam Geving, a nurse in the Family Birth Center, to give back to the families she helps every day. “I’ve been an OB (obstetrics and gynecology nurse) for a long time, and it’s a gift to be part of the pregnancy and birth experience,” Geving said.

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Context: At Mayo Clinic Children's Center, more than 200 medical providers in 40 medical and surgical specialties offer integrated care to over 50,000 children and teenagers every year, inspiring hope and providing healing.

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