December 14, 2018

Coming up: An exit interview with Mayo Clinic’s CEO

By Karl Oestreich

by Angela Davis, Julie Siple, Manda Lillie

Dr. John Noseworthy retires from the top post at Mayo Clinic this month after setting some major changes in motion. Noseworthy has been Mayo's president and CEO since 2009. During his tenure, he helped seal MPR News Logothe deal on the so-called Destination Medical Center — a $5.6 billion project to expand Mayo and redevelop large parts of the city of Rochester. It's also been an era of turbulence for the health care and health insurance industries. Mayo operates as a global powerhouse, with medical campuses in Florida, Arizona, but also as a regional provider with clinics in rural Minnesota. Noseworthy talks with MPR News host Angela Davis about his time leading the clinic and about Mayo's role in the future of medical care in Minnesota — and around the world.

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Context:  John Noseworthy, M.D. is Mayo Clinic President and CEO. Dr. Noseworthy announced his retirement in February 2018. This decision comes after one of Mayo Clinic’s strongest years in terms of quality and safety; advancement in research, education and the clinical practice; and the completion of a $3.76 billion, eight-year philanthropic campaign.  Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., (jan-REE-koh fa-ROO-jah), vice president, Mayo Clinic, and CEO of Mayo Clinic in Florida will succeed Dr. Noseworthy as president and CEO, Mayo Clinic. Dr. Noseworthy remains president and CEO, Mayo Clinic, through his retirement at the end of the year.

Contacts:  Kelley LucksteinDuska Anastasijevic


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