January 31, 2019

Minnesota’s extreme cold: What you need to know

By Karl Oestreich

by Angela Davis

It's been dangerously cold in Minnesota this week. Low temperatures on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings are likely to range from about MPR News Logo25 below in southern Minnesota to around 40 below in the north. And that's not even counting wind chill, which could be record-breaking at times. MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with three guests about how to stay safe in the cold — and when the arctic temperatures will end…Dr. Neha Raukar, emergency medicine physician at Mayo Clinic.

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Context: Neha Raukar, M.D. is a Mayo Clinic emergency medicine physician.  In Minnesota, 54 physicians provide care through the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, which has Trauma Level I accreditation, the highest level of emergency care possible. The department operates a 51-bed facility. You can find safety tips for exercising in cold weather on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contacts:  Kelley Luckstein,, Rick Thiesse, Dan Lea, Amanda Dyslin

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