February 15, 2019

Mayo tool to predict risk of more kidney stones

By Karl Oestreich

by Anne Halliwell

A statistical tool may be able to predict your next kidney stone. In a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers looked at data from Rochester Post-Bulletin Logokidney stone patients between 1984 and 2017 to determine which characteristics were associated with recurring stones…The risk of recurrence is always variable, but a family history of stones, a previous suspected stone or, if the patient gets a CT scan, other visible stones in the results, will probably mean higher odds of the problem returning, said Dr. John Lieske. “Stones are kind of an unpredictable thing,” Lieske said. “Some people have them often — others not so much.”

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Context: Kidney stones are a common and painful condition, with many sufferers experiencing recurrent episodes. Most people who pass an initial stone want to know their chances of future episodes, but this has not always been easy to predict. Now Mayo Clinic researchers are tracking the familiar characteristics of kidney stone formers in an online prediction tool that could help sufferers anticipate if they'll experience future episodes. The study was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. You can read more about the study on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Contact: Emily Blahnik

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